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If Remilia was my ojousama things would be different around here.

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Oh dear, poor Remilia have started talking to herself.

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pedoria made me lusting after little girls ;__;

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there's a new one out?

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I wish there was.

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This picture has made me aware of the fact that I don't have nearly enough Remi doujinshi.

Time to go hunting.

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I can't stand it anymore

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[French letter] ぺどりあS

but who translated it?

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This is not a suitable style for something like this.

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head is somehow off. I can't fap to it

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I'm a lolicon pig who can't do anything on his own and get aroused by little girls!, let me lose my virginity with your little pussy, Remilia-sama!

the little pussy part was unnecessary

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it's one of those uguu-faces.

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Boy she'd better ask for some neck from Akiha

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(._. ) she is fine, it's just the way she is shrugging

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I'll cut you wide fucking open

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Remilia would never, ever, wear those clothes.

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you've never seen cautionary tales of swords then

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I thought pedobear was only into 3D girls, making so frustrating that it happens to be the other way around for me. Anyways, he just makes zero sense in this context.

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He only goes for 3D, bro.

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What a sad world. Pedobear lusts after 3D girls he will never be able to hold, and I'm a 3D pig lusting after perfect 2D loli's. That feel; pedobear knows it.

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HE only goes for 3D. But I go for 2D :P

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Take your shitty memes and emoticons back to /b/.

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Holy Christ, people still use that ? Shit's almost as old and overused as Chuck Norris jokes.

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wasn't pedobear always related with Kodomo no jinkan?

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Perhaps the same could be said of all memes.

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Won't ever get old.
At least untill faggots, such as /jp/ers remain.

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Your words are as empty as your stage, gensokyo ill needs a boss such as you

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