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Would you classify Utsuho as cute or sexy?

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I'unno about specifics but your pic makes me decide as the latter.

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Bird brain moe, when clothed.

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Depends on the artist.

But more often than not, cute.

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As hot as a thousand suns when not.

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What's the word you use to describe girls you want to have sex with?

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On /jp/, slutty.

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What would Aya-tan think?!

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Always cute. I never found her sexy.

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She's hot as hell.

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The only Touhou I can find sexy is Yuugi, so cute.

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She has at least medium sized breasts. Therefore she can be beautiful or sexy, but not cute.

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It's okay to be attracted to other girls. It's not okay to act upon those desires, in my case... what with me being in a super serious relationship and such.

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Like a thousand suns bursting at once into the sky like the splendor of the mighty one.

... and curiously cute at the same time.

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She's one of the few Touhous that ZUN has drawn notable breasts on, not on her SA Stage 6 portait by the way.

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I find her cute and sexy.

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Why is Okuu so Hotate-like in appearance?

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I'm seeing a lot of different Utsuho hairstyles here. I think >>6870795 is the closest to what it should be, and therefore it is ugly.

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I'd graze her suns, if you catch my drift

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So, sexiness is now mutually exclusive with cuteness? Seriously, what's wrong with you?

No, he didn't. Sauron eye does not count as breasts. It also takes over all of her chest, there's literally no room for breasts left.

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source on this?


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Japanese mythology tends to count corvids as the same species.

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Just think about her plump tits and smooth midriff drives me a little crazy.

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Utsuho can pull off a lot of things. Cute, sexy, intimidating, cool. She's awesome

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I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I know I've said that sometimes I wish Sanae was my sister and my girlfriend but I don't know if Okuu would do the trick.

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Just a little, Anonymous?

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Utsura Uraraka
Orin wants to be cared for.

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Sorry, I don't know

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Yes he did, who's talking about Sauron eye? Just look at Reimu B ending.

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She reminds me of Saten, who is both, but mostly cute.

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Search for the utsuho tag on Exhentai, the one with Rin on the cover having the same artstyle as that thumb you posted.

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Long, jet-black hair - Sexy

Matching wings - Cute

Slender, tall build - Very Sexy

Green, tattered hair bow and short skirt - So Cute

Determined and confident - Hella Sexy

Energetic and cheerful - VERY Cute

Yep, she is all of the above and beyond.

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You're seeing things that aren't there.

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Orin wants to be cared for...by some circle, i forgot the circle

The whole doujin is so disgustingly cute, as in, It should be ilegal to be that cute

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Okay, that tips the balance over to cute.

... no poorly inserted Oppenheimer quote this time.

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Would "ridiculously awesome" fit under sexy?

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Yeah right, I see triangles in there.

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Looks pretty flat bro

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I honestly don't really visit Exhentai that often (read: maybe twice, ever), and attempting to do so now has led me to a rather melancholic looking panda. How might I get past this depressed creature?

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Oh ok, I get it, you're one of those that can't be convinced, even with clear evidence and everything. Dunno about you but I see triangles there, bro.

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classily cute.

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She can do everything, but I prefer hot.

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Delete exhentai's cookie, log on e-hentai and get back to exhentai.

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What I see is possibly some folding on a shirt that could be mistaken for some boobs. If that curve is suppose to be her right breast, she is sorely lacking any indication of a left breast.

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I'd classify her as my greatest and most joyful obsession ever.

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Come back when you've got an over 100GB folder kid.

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Note how the eye ends almost at the edge of her chest. There's not only no breast there, there isn't even a place for one.

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Are you implying that you have over 100GB of Okuu images?

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Over 100GB of Mokou images.

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having more images of her doesn't make her any less shitty of a touhou

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That's a common drawing mark, it's normal for artists to draw the right/left breast depending on the angle the character is, attempting to draw the other one in an unshaded picture would look odd. Not to mention this is ZUN's art we're talking about.

The eye bulges from the middle in an inclined position, I'm sure as you may have seen in fanart, the posibility of it acting as an inbetween-cleavage object is quite possible.

Also note that the Soku breast chart done by Alphes himself didn't seem to bother ZUN in the slightest, although of course this may just be letting him take care of the bust size aspect.

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Sanae and Koishi are shittier Touhou.

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>the Soku breast chart done by Alphes himself didn't seem to bother ZUN in the slightest

The what now?

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>Also note that the Soku breast chart done by Alphes himself didn't seem to bother ZUN in the slightest, although of course this may just be letting him take care of the bust size aspect.
Alphes also drew this but that doesn't mean Yuugi looks like this.

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Too bad the majority of them are probably shit.

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Her Soku portrait is extremely funny, because once we assume there are actually breasts there, the size and position of the eye means there's only about 1/3 at the sides left of them.

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You really don't want to see what's under her shirt.

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Her breasts may be forced and shifted to the side somewhat because of it. That's what it looks like to me anyway.

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Actually, I do.

I'll love her still no matter how her torso looks like.

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Look at her right side, there's actually a fold of the shirt that would normally signal an outline for a breast - and it goes how it would naturally do, until it just ends at the eye.

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You're a good man, Anonymous. Now, tell me more about your feelings for this lovely girl. I'm very interested.

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>Delete entire cookie history
>Try to access exhentai
>Browser crashes
>Upon relaunching the browser, get the same sad panda picture


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Actually, ZUN confirmed that Yuugi was busty in the Caramel SA interview.

I don't have the link of it>>6871259
anymore olololo

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Switch browsers, you needed to make an account on E-hentai before entering EX mode (EX has lolicon and it's ad-free, unlike the other one).

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you want cute and sexy?


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This is a perfect mix of both aspects.

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I wish that would get subbed.

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>Open IE
>Delete ALL browsing history, cookies, form data, passwords, the works
>Go to exhentai
>Same sad panda

You know what, it's probably not even worth figuring this shit out. Thanks for the help anyway, though

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Are you log out of e-hentai, log back in, and try again.

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add a step 3 called "log into e-hentai"

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It seems I misread the instructions. Rereading them, I have corrected my error and successfully accessed exhentai. You both have the patience of saints, thank you ;_;

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Someday, someone will hopefully scan and translate the Wi-Z garage OkuuAya doujin (sample shown in pic).

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That's the worst drawing of Okuu I've ever seen.

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Her head... what's wrong with her head?

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that body

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I love this artist, the expressions he makes are very detailed without losing charm.

Though, anyone know what happens here? Can't read moons.

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Jesus Christ.

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Oh god, her head is the size of one breast.

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Arnold Utsuhorzenegger

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Indeed. Not even Omachi goes there.

Okay, maybe a little.

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That's the guy who did Cho-Marisa? It'd explain this barbaric anatomy somehwat.

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Omachi tier is exempt from the normal rules

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Breasts-the-size-of-heads is fine. It's heads-the-size-of-breasts which is troublesome.

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It's such a shame. That body on Utsuho is a fantastic idea and the head and face go and completely ruin it.

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Well... might be the rest of the body at fault. Omachi may ridiculously huge blessings of Inari, but she still is around seven heads tall.

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Fruit drops?
Grave of the Fireflies?

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Same artist.

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Unless this Omachi guy has only several pictures to his name I can't find out who you're talking about on Danbooru.

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I feel dreadful knowing a professional artist draws worse anatomy than I do myself.

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This is Omachi.

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Wi-Z garage likes to draw manly muscly men, that's why all of his works are Ahnuld-style Touhous.

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Can't she be both?

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I'm trying to think of artists that specialize in drawing Okuu besides this one (Makino) and a couple others. Can anyone think of any?

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Oh snap

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a war machine