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Yes, another thread.

Netplay anyone?

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Host and I'll play.

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Stop playing this. It doesn't make you look cool.

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Remember to report. If you report these kind of people they can get identified and banned.

It only takes a few seconds!

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Why is there no netplay thread on the main page? Bump.

I can host when I figure out why my display device keeps failing.

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/r/ download to SWR

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Seedan now.

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Hosting. Beginner Reimu at this point.

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demo or full version?

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Here's the megaupload of the game that I said I was gonna post in the morning

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Hosting; beginner.

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Did you get the 1.01 patch?

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So how do I work this netplay?

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Get this first.

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Have the patch, default port.
Some delay though.
Also GGs, to whoever that was.

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is that SWR or the spider man one?

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What was the defauilt port? I had to change it last night because of some idiot.

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That's SWR. I forgot to change the filename so it's still in japanese and you won't be able to search for it on /rs/. Sorry

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Thanks, you too.

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Sorry, I was gonna try SA now but I guess I can host a bit more.

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Beginner Sakuya/Remilia/Aya.

>> No.686874

say if you're from EC, WC or EU when hosting. (or asia, lol.)

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Why is it that I cant connect to anyone? Did you guys even update the game?

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Just starting Aya and the dragons

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Hosting again. Also Australia, hence delay.

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Don't you have work tommorow?

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Who opened all cards?

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>> No.686976

Updated game.

Hope this works.

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oh you

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Question: how do you break guards in this game?

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>break guards

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Oh god...

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You are not in the game. Get lost.

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Thank you, hadn't laughed in a while.

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Ahaha oh wow that was awesome. ggs.

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Does anyone have pictures of tthe new touhous besides fruithat?

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And again.
That game was awesome, guy.

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Whoever connected; good game. I still suck and my graphics are still cutting out here and there, unfortunately. Thanks anyway.

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Beginner Sakuya/Remilia/Aya, EU.

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Why is my D+move not letting me dash?

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This is serious

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Very gg whit who ever i played was really fun! Gotta go sry ;_;

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Yeah, I had fun.

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EU patchy/yukari

>> No.687233

Now you can dash and fly with A button.

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Aya rape

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Oh, cool.

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Bump, anybody hosting?

>> No.687582

If I figure out how to dash without double tapping I'll host.

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I tried loading up SWR but it says "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_33.dll was not found."

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Oh, that happened to me too. Just go to profile and change the buttons again (doesn't matter what you change them to, you can even change them to the same button) then press/hold down the button you assigned D to.

If that doesn't work then I dunno.

>> No.687609

Thanks, I'll try it.

>> No.687614

google that dll, download it and put it in the root directory of the game

>> No.687657

Might not work, but give it a go. Tell me if it doesn't.

Played it once, noob, etc.

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Raisin, beginner

>> No.687682

Doesn't work.

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Does anyone have that picture that shows you how to set up netplay?

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Doesn't work

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Also, remember to patch the game and change the port in your address.txt

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I did click on 'Host a match'. Clicked yes a bunch of times to get to the last window (I'm presuming it says 'waiting' or something). My ports are open too. What could I be doing wrong?
I'm >>687657

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Are there any goddamn FAQs for playing this game? I keep getting my ass kicked.

>> No.687745

Tell me more about this patch

>> No.687749

Shitty Aya.

>> No.687754


Noob Reisen.

>> No.687755


The 1.01 patch is here: http://tasofro.net/touhou105/index.html

>> No.687765

This just came out. I'm more concerned about getting translation for all the spell cards, particularly the system ones.

>> No.687767

Thanks for being helpful Anon. Also, there are two patches, what's the 82MB one, and what do both of them do?

>> No.687768


http://swr.mizuumi.net/index.php/Spellcards has some info on spellcards


The 82mb file is the demo. You want the 1.32mb one that says "Update File Ver1.01"

>> No.687780

Well I've installed it, so if that's supposed to make it work, try again:

>> No.687784

My first attempt at netplay


>> No.687787

Good matches, anon

>> No.687791

ggs, that Marisa vs. Reimu match was really fun.

>> No.687797

Whose fucking genius idea was it to make a no melee weather.
Or how about a super armor weather.
I am in awe.

Also, full character unlock for SP and MP at http://stuff.mizuumi.net/swr/score.dat
A lot of spellcards too, all of Suikas.
However, missing 2 or 3 of everyone else's, completely don't feel like grinding that shit out for everyone now.
Someone else do it.

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Why are Kanoko clone's moves so Roa like in appearance?

>> No.687806
EU Sakuya/Remilia/Aya/Reimu/Komachi/Iku

Hope it works.

>> No.687807

Yeah, I thought my controls got messed up when I pressed A and I was grazing

>> No.687809

Ow I got raped

>> No.687810

Shit yes, I'm slowly learning to not suck.

Go go Aya!

The crow move was a bit of a bitch to master though.

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>> No.687814

who is the final boss?

>> No.687816

Fuck, and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, either.

>> No.687818

Let's try again...

These controls are messing with my head.

Noob Reisen.

>> No.687821

Install >>687755
Open ports too.

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Hatsune Miku confirmed for Brawl

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>> No.687829

Ah, ok.

>> No.687830

Whos the Boss?
and what kind of drunken Oni plot do we get tis time?

>> No.687833

Tell me when you're done, I need an opponent.

>> No.687836

Just so I know, are custom decks permitted or are you expected to use the default deck?

>> No.687838

I noticed that too.

>> No.687839

Allowed, why wouldn't they be?

>> No.687844


I can't imagine why they'd be banned, and there would be no way to enforce it anyway.

>> No.687859

Suika again

>> No.687864

Someone host.

>> No.687871

How does the new card/deck system work? I'm just playing with the default because I don't know what anything does.

>> No.687872


It really should work this time, I managed to view someone else's game.

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Normally I can't host for anything, but let's try it anyway.

Intermediate Reimu/Low-level Komachi

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>> No.687889


Nope. Connecting to and being connected to are completely different. It still doesn't work. shitsux.

>> No.687893


>> No.687896

In that case, someone else host.

>> No.687898

SOMEONE HOST! Damnit, anyone know any other places to lurk for a game?

>> No.687902

Is there something wrong with the BGM selection? When I play through arcade mode, there seems to be like 2 different BGMs, not including the boss stages.

>> No.687904

The IRC channel.

>> No.687932

Bump. Host needed.

>> No.687938 hosting. Beginner Sakuya.

>> No.687948

If you've got the ability to host, please do so.

>> No.687950

I know how to do moves, but I can't pull them off fast enough for them to be useful over regular attacks

>> No.687951

Why can't you?

>> No.687966

I've always sucked at fighting games.

>> No.687974

I tried several times for MB, IaMP, and PoFV, not to mention other games, but my ports are somehow shut tight. None of the advice from anyone has let me open them.

>> No.687986

Same here. I'd love to host but shit never works for me.

>> No.687989

can people put where they're from when they post ip so i dont join a really laggy game

>> No.688052

ggs whoever played me.

>> No.688083

I assume you have a router? Try activating your DMZ, that will temporarily turn off the router firewall entirely.

>> No.688097

It's already disabled. Still nothing.

>> No.688100

Someone host gdamn

>> No.688108

Ready to go again

>> No.688142

Hosting again,

>> No.688147

Is there a way to select your character color?

>> No.688148

It's probably the game's networking code that's shit. I host lots of games that aren't Touhou, and I know my way with computers, but this crap doesn't work most of the time.

>> No.688152

So uh, is the built-in netplay not shitty this time around or am I gonna need a Caster?

>> No.688176

Hosting(USA), semi-beginner Reisen

>> No.688180

Didn't work for any of the other games I mentioned, either.
It's decent. The connecting player doesn't get a fuckton of lag.

>> No.688196


It depends on who you connect to. I've gotten netplay games that played like slideshows and others play fine.

>> No.688200

You sure got me with Sakuya's CHECKMATE DA

>> No.688204


Sorry, lag was unplayable.

>> No.688222

Nice slideshow you've got going there.

>> No.688225

Location is Alberta, Canada

>> No.688230


Christ, I thought you were from Australia or something with that lag. I got pissed when my commands were being dropped.

>> No.688232

My bad, I had a torrent going

>> No.688246


Host again and we'll see how it goes.

>> No.688260


>> No.688261

Why'd you leave? It wasn't so laggy

>> No.688265

Um yes it was. And I didn't leave, it booted me.

>> No.688267

So after activating a spell card

How do I use it? Is it the same as in IaMP? I don't have a controller handy to try everything out, messing everything on a keyboard right now

>> No.688274

>>688267 So after activating a spell card
>How do I use it?

So after using a spell card
How do I activate it?

>> No.688278

Somebody opened all spellcards?

>> No.688279


By default S cycles through your available spell cards, D activates them. Hold A to dash. Rest should be self-explanatory (except the deck crap, which I've only partially figured out.)

>> No.688281

No, but I know Suika is confirmed for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4.

>> No.688285

There are three types of card: System, Skill and Spell.

A System card can be used by any character. These have various effects, which take effect right as you declare it.

A Skill card improves one of your moves when used - once used, the associated move will be slightly more powerful for the rest of the match.

A Spell card is a super move, and may require additional available cards to use (A spellcard with 1 cost consumes only itself, while a 3-cost spellcard consumes two others, and a 5-cost spellcard consumes all five of your cards.) Once you activate it, the move happens immediately.

>> No.688288

Hosting again

>> No.688294


ahh ok thanks, that explained everything. just tried it out too in practice

>> No.688295

>>688285 A System card can be used by any character. These have various effects, which take effect right as you declare it.
What the hell does the "blue rings card" and "red obelisk mist" card do?

>> No.688297


Addendum to the Skill Cards note: you can also get new moves, but they'll generally take the place of one of your existing moves, so they're often not worth it, but should still be experimented with.

>> No.688304


If you unequip, say, the default Hadouken motion skill cards, and equip a different skill card with the same motion, will you have that move available from the start or do you still have to actually activate the card to change it?

>> No.688305

>>688297 so they're often not worth it
Suika's Genkidama is always worth it.

>> No.688317

One more try
Canadian beginner

>> No.688319


Still have to activate it, which really sucks.

>> No.688335

Intermediate Remilia, looking for host.

>> No.688338


That's really lame. I thought it was cool that it gave you movelist customization like that, but that makes it so much less useful.

>> No.688340

Can you have several skill cards equipped?

>> No.688346

You can have up to 4 of each kind
To be fair, they do seem a bit more powerful than the default moves.

>> No.688370

GGs, first time fighting a customized Reisen. The misdirection games with Komachi and Reisen were fun.

>> No.688374

Awake and Rehosting

>> No.688376

Thanks for showing me how much practice I need. I think I won like one game? lol.

>> No.688393


>> No.688415

Can't connect to either of these.

>> No.688422

What does the big ball that Reisen gets with a dragonpunch B/C do?

>> No.688423

Was in a match, but then it froze.


>> No.688429


>> No.688433

Yukari is broken in Arcade mode, jesus fuck

>> No.688434

She becomes transparent when your opponent enters the ball, but beyond that I have no idea.

>> No.688435

I think as long as she's in it, she can't be hit. Not really sure. I managed to hit >>688376 while in it.

Intermediate Reimu/Low level Komachi, looking for a host.

>> No.688436
Beginner, West coast US.

>> No.688439


When you're inside the Ball with Reisen I believe she becomes invisible for a bit, seeing how she'll be transparent

>> No.688444

I think as long as she's in it, she can't be hit. Not really sure. I managed to hit >>688376 while in it.

Intermediate Reimu/Low level Komachi, looking for a host.

>> No.688446


If you're having trouble with arcade mode, you're not spamming projectiles enough.

>> No.688447

I'll give this another shot from 2 hours ago. If it doesn't work, I'm gonna bust some niggers.

>> No.688451

Get ready to bust some nigs

>> No.688459

try the 07500 port instead

>> No.688477

How do I changed port? (to be connected to, that is)

Gonna bust me some niggers

>> No.688483
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Spectating...maybe that Reimu was spamming projectiles on purpose, but Gensou Tensei needs melee hits to activate.

>> No.688486

I forgot to close some torrents.

>> No.688488

Oh god I hate that special.

>> No.688490

Nope... Stupid weather.

>> No.688495

Melee wasn't allowed.

>> No.688503


Triple hivemind.

>> No.688505

When you host the game ask for a port instead of 10800 put 07500

>> No.688507

Yeah, I thought it was Souten weather that was taking effect, but somehow it didn't do what it normally does (spellcard cost -1). Even so, Super-Armor Weather + Gensou Tensei = lol

>> No.688510

That's not a hivemind newfag

>> No.688512


Easily the most annoying thing when fighting, no melee=harder combos

>> No.688519

We have a disturbing lack of hosts in this thread...

>> No.688524

Rehosting after closing some stuff down. Also, going to the bathroom.

>> No.688527

Lets try this again, Hosting US East:

>> No.688540


Doesn't work, are you people making sure to patch your games?

>> No.688548

Damn I suck.

>> No.688549


ya mine's patched to 1.01, guess I just can't host

>> No.688554
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Let's try this one more time.

Intermediate Reimu/Low-level Komachi

>> No.688555

Yes. The ISPs around the world are clearly conspiring against us and dropping Touhou packets just so we can't have our fun.

>> No.688562


>> No.688563


Try the default port.

>> No.688564

Hosting, GMT -5

>> No.688567


No go for me

>> No.688572


Nope. Make sure you've patched to 1.01 and opened the ports if you have a router.

>> No.688576

Most of us do. Isn't it great?

>> No.688579


His works, I've joined his games before.

>> No.688583 EC.

>> No.688584
File: 75 KB, 640x480, 1211749381318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who has those weird lines in front of the characters every now and then? This doesn't appear everytime, but still, it's very annoying.

>> No.688587

Anybody have a list of how to unlock all the spellcards?

>> No.688589

Make sure to add a 0 in there on the port number.

>> No.688590




>> No.688595

Original character, do not steal.

>> No.688602

I get the same thing

>> No.688643


>> No.688646

how can i get my gamepad to work on here?

>> No.688651

GGs Zemu. G2G

>> No.688672

Okay, this time it has to work. I even ran two instances and made them connect to each other over public IP (and not the network one). Here goes, final shot:

>> No.688675

Let me try hosting.

Sakuya beginner GMT+0

>> No.688684

Well it works now. Play someone from your region though.

>> No.688690

Well at least I know it works. Sorry for the lag, I'm on a deserted island, far, far away from the rest of you.

>> No.688698


GGs, rehosting

>> No.688705

dunno but that doesn't work

>> No.688720


yeah that was like unplayable

>> No.688721


>> No.688726


>> No.688729 US East

>> No.688747

I can host and observe, but I havn't been able to join.

Canada Beginner

>> No.688755
East Coast Hostan
Beginner Yukari

>> No.688778


forgot to add port: 10800

US Central

>> No.688782


>> No.688787

gg really. I need to improve at close range.

>> No.688796

Wtf..I can't even join. Yes, I do have version 1.01. halp.

>> No.688818


GGs, Zepp

>> No.688822


>> No.688828
West Coast US

>> No.688836

God damnit, every time I try and join theres already someone joining.

How many people camp these?

>> No.688841

Lol i've the same problem

>> No.688845

GGs, I got raped towards the beginning. There's just something about barely significant delay that just fucks me over.

>> No.688846

GGs. Also, Patchy's weather is terrible.

>> No.688847

Trying to host one more time, if this doesn't work, I give up.

>> No.688849 10800

us central

lets try this again..

>> No.688862

Don't work...
But don't give up, try harder

>> No.688878

Doesn't work your too

>> No.688882

Ok, hosting (and I hope this works):

>> No.688895


>> No.688904


gg pal were some fun matches

>> No.688955

Hosting again, GMT -5

>> No.688971

Okay, how many of you are:

This one went in about 5 seconds

>> No.688974


>> No.688975

To be honest, I am. If I could host, I'd do it all the time.

>> No.688981



>> No.688982

Hosting again.

>> No.688989

How do I select a profile to play on?

>> No.688990

I'd host, but I'm in Australia and it lags pretty poorly. Worst country ever for internet.

>> No.688995

I can still give it a try, West Coast US. Maybe it won't be THAT unbearable.

>> No.688997


GGs, dinner, hope we can play again sometime

>> No.689010

Sorry to quit so soon, have to go.

>> No.689013

Give it a go, I've had one that actually played well, maybe we'll get lucky.

>> No.689017

Its fine.

I was doing horrible anyway

>> No.689039

I need some fucking detailed step-by-step "how to host for fucktards" cause nothing works.

>> No.689053



Or is it a problem with ports?

>> No.689065

That didn't take quite as long as I thought it would.
Rehosting, trying to make a decent character of Reisen.

>> No.689080

Wasn't there a translation of the profile menus during the demo?

>> No.689157
Decent with some chars, but I'm playing random

Because its more fun that way

>> No.689191

Whoever was just playing me
My controller wasnt working so wtf
I'll try to fix it, one min

>> No.689197

Too late someone get my place :(

>> No.689326


>> No.689355 US West

>> No.689356


Hosting again

>> No.689381


>> No.689395

Whoever played me from >>689013

Great games, those were. I hope the lag wasn't too bad.

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