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Why aren't we playing Mahjong again?

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Link for our Tenhou room

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Because you stopped playing with us, KoG. We felt lonely and heartbroken, and thus we all stopped, waiting for your return.

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Because all the good people
Aoa, bzzzara, xin, vgamet, No name, and a few others I can't remember must have died or something, all that is left was KoG and nrwyfag...and playing with them is like playing jenga with a bunch of blind 8 year olds.

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>Good people
Sure sure.

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Hopefully there are some people still around, as I could use some hint here.
I recently started to play mahjong, and for now prefer to stay offline. But in my last game I got a situation I cannot understand (pic attached).
Previous move, N discards 6 pins, so I was expecting to ron and be done with it. But system only allowed me to pon. Why exactly? With 6 pin from what I understand I should have a winning hand, 2,3,4 pin form earlier chi, 1,2,3 pin and 3x6 sou on hand, 3x6 pin from discard and 2x3 pin as paid. 4 melds and a pair.
So, what am I missing?

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>So, what am I missing?
You're actually missing a yaku. Your hand has no value. This flowchart tells the thruth.

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Thank you.
Clearly i is faget.

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>Kurosawa in OPs pic

The pain has not yet healed...

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what's the name of that mahjong client? I could really use an offline client to brush up on my skills; I'm not used to Japanese-rules mahjong.

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>待機 5人
Why isnt anyone playing?

>Aoa, bzzzara, xin, vgamet, No name, and a few others I can't remember must have died or something
Hey soap, are you still alive or did you get banned for spamming saten?

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People are busy grinding on tenhou.

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I queued for 15 minutes, nothing happened, so I left for lobby 0.

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Let's go.

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1 more for 3p.

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Why does she only have 9 tiles?

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Black Magic.

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because i can only play hold'em

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Bump for more players.

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Two more for 4p

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Ahh come on, no one wants to play Mahjong?
I find that hard to believe!

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Okay then.

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Yay! That was fun!

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Why wouldn't you even try to get Yakuman in the last hand?

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>3 hanemans in a row

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>This image is hosted at mangafox.com

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Apparently spending the entire weekend watching Saki paid off since I'm a lot better at scoring hands so I can discard weak ones, now that I know what the heck they are.

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I, for one, aimed for baiman.

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How would Saki teach you about mahjong? It's yuri slice of life

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What did this picture advertise?

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Seconding this.

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The subs had scoring rules and explanations for the hands.

I'm terrible with scoring since
a) I've only played Japanese video games for Mahjong
b) The Mahjong books in my area only deal with Chinese or American Mahjong. The scoring for Chinese is different and American just has too many different tiles and points rulings.

So I'm terrible with scoring but I'm not that bad of a player, I just inadvertently go for cheap hands because I don't know that they're cheap.

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Great, now you have me looking up Tohou Unreal Mahjong just to have another mahjong game to play.

I don't know why my computer hates Saikyo no Mahjong 3D, but it just does

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A 3 player Mahjong tournament, which called sanma. Sanma is also the name for a grilled fish dish.

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Well done!

I couldn't find my "Mystery Solved" macro image...

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You will never be mindfucked by Akagi.


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abunee abunee

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bampu pantsu

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1 more for 3p

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S-sort of want.

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>待機 8人
Hey KISAMA, get in the fucking queue.

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You jerks need to stop playing 3p games.

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If you fucks want slow 4p, just go play in real life.

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I don't know anyone irl who plays mahjong. So ronery.

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Damnit I could've made a comeback but noooo, you had to tsumo on everyone and ruin my hand. My luck after that just tanked too. Curse you toitoiww!
I wasn't going to win anyway seeing as I was in furiten and a 3,6 pin wait was futile.

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Forgot my pic

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You must be new here.

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Game bored me to sleep waiting for you to toss your tiles. No good hands came so I fence sat for the whole game.

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I hate slow players the most, makes me want to open tanyao their ass.

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play on the tenhou.net, Luke

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>Implying 3p is not the best kind of mahjong

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Too busy getting a kozae yakuman in real life. That and the jp mahjong always happens when I'm taking a nap.

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Can anyone recommend me some good mahjong games for the DS?

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I think the Akagi one was good but the tiles are tiny as hell.

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Yeah this one. Don't forget your magnifying glass.

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Buy a PSP theres quite a few mahjong games on it. Also you can play with out a magnifying glass.

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But I love my DS, also I think that these kind of games should work really well with a stylus.

Also, there seems to be many Mahjong games for the DS, I'll read few other reviews on amazon from other games to get a better impression. But damn, I love Akagi.

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Also, picture of said tiny tiles. At least there's Washizu Mahjong.

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Is there something like a free play mode with standard Mahjong without to have go through the story and just enjoy a game?

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Yeah, there's a free mode as well. Which includes both normal and Washizu mahjong, depending on what you're up for.

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I kinda like to tend to avoid the stylus in games like this, especially what happened a few weeks ago (my Riichi Tsumo Junchan Sanshoku...)

From the same makers as the mahjong game that I played on the game gear as a kid (I think, well at least they're annoying as the game gear game "Hurry up!")

Cosplay Mahjong, voiced by AKB48 (doubles as an alarm clock, I think they also say what your hand is, like Izumo (riichi ippatsu tsumo), toi toi (hou), and dora dora. They also highlight the dora tile)

I only reason I'd ever play Saki portable (forever powerless) (the tiles are a bit small but still readable)

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Wow, Saki Portable really looks sweet.

I'd probably feel a little bit awkward buying a PSP only to play some Mahjong.

Is there a specific Mahjong game with moe characters for the DS? I like cute games and I don't like AKB48.

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Tenhou Painyan Remix Delux, although thats battle mahjong.
1500 DS spirits vol. 1, probably, maybe, not really, I don't know I don't play Mahjong on the DS.
Although some of the AKB48 voices are mismatched a bit, it is still good as a mahjong game.

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Just google for saki/toloveru mahjong if you want some H mahjong.

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Anyone know any good anime like prefered but just plain Mahjong is okay too for iPhone4?

I hear it fucking can't handle Tenhou....

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Let's go.

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I'm sorry but I don't understand your post, Croatia.

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nooo my golden yakuhai…

p.s. loss made me stronger!

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What's the matter, can't play using web clients?

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1 more for 3p. Or 2 for 4p.

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2 more for 4p.

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To the guys wanted a mahjong game for the DS, Mahjong Fight Club is BY FAR your best bet. PS3 version is good as well

I don't really play anymore, but mahjong is just fucking awesome

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Come on guys, I'm waiting there for someone for 3p or 4p.

Join in!

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