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Well, /jp? Aren't you going to give Auntie Yukari a kiss?

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No, too old.

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Yukari-sama! I am forever yours!!

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Aunt? She always seemed more like a cousin.

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>too old

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Nice hat.

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She does have the greatest hat in Gensokyo

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Suwako has a better hat

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Does she only have half a tongue?

I wonder how the bony part of her mouth would taste?

Though I've had these thoughts since I learned what the classical representation of Hel was.

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Yukari's feet ;_;

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Why is nail-polish so hot?

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>forever 17

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you fucking didn't

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I give up. You are literally 500% autistic. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with your head.

Fuck this.

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Well, well, well, well, it didn't take you long to throw in the towel. Yer a regular Ironman, autistic control.

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He's been around for a while, why would you give a shit ?
If anyone's autistic here, it'd be you for getting angry at the internet.

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He's been sperging for quite some time, you were really foolish to think you could contend with him.

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And another /a/sshole leaves.

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That's the problem, though. How can someone have such a severe case of asperger's that they can keep this up for several months without pause. Does he not eat? Does he not sleep?

Regardless, the new janitors can't come soon enough.

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You are ridiculous if you think he is a problem.

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You dare compare Eiki to that bitch?!

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Let me rephrase it :

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The problem is that he's not banned yet.


Then why don't you just ignore me too durka durka

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He'll probably become a janitor though and he'll delete fun threads about which toohoos we want to fuck/marry/kill or whatever.

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He said he would stop using the trip and wouldn't delete those threads because they do not violate rules during the meido shitstorm a month ago.
It's something really insignificant, only retards such as yourself get upset over it. AoC said so, don't bother him about it.

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The crawling chaos certainly has a huge hat in that pic.

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Your resolve is weak, you will never become a jedi.

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Yukari can have whatever size hat she wishes.

Who's going to stop her? You?

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Since when was anyone upset? Shit, if anything I feel sorry for the guy that his life is so empty he needs to dedicate this much time to establish some false authority on an imageboard. I wish him the best of luck in life, I really do.

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He uses a trip, so he's easily filtered. If you'd do so I'd gladly filter you as well.

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I might, had I not merely been making an observation.

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>Dude, I ain't angry bout him, I just feel all sad that some low life LOSER like him actually does that. I mean, seriously, who DOES that? Constantly post the same line in all the threads he doesn't like. He's such a damn autistic sperglording pathetic person, I just feel sorry for him, that's all. Honest!

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You should apply to be a meido, Helen. You seem like a pretty fair person.

Better than some dickass like Arc getting it.

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Fuck you.

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>I-it's not like I l-like him or anything! Baka!

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>some dickass like Arc getting it.

Then, a day later, Arc committed suicide after having to delete the umpteenth AUTISM/SHITPOST CENTRAL/Daily Dose/NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER/loldongs/HURP CIRNO WAIFU threadspam.


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if you hate it so much, why stay?

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For a second I thought Quality Control was Lancer.

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I usually don't spend all my time staring at /jp/. Even small exposures are bad enough for your health as it is.

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I ask myself the same question.

This board fucking sucks.

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Fine, but it's going to be on your cheek and I'm going to wipe my mouth with a paper towel when you aren't looking.