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Depression thread

I'm curious how much of /jp/ is really depressed and seriously planing or considering on leaving to Gensokyo and how many are just looking for attention and thread to complain about their autism.

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I don't think you know how depression works.

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Then maybe inform me?

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I've been nothing more than a shitstain ever since I lost my job(almost half a year ago too wolololol). Been thinking of becoming a cop and passing my resentment onto the scum of the world. Friend of mine can get me into LAPD, which is pretty much suicide for someone like me.

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At least you'll die a hero Don't show that young officer getting brutally shot down by the crazy Vietnam veteran with an m14 please

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It's starting to get to the point where I'll be driving, and have to resist the urge to crash into a concrete barrier or drive over the edge of a bridge. I've considered just taking a bath with a gallon of bleach and ammonia.

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It was an M1 Carbine.

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Bath with bleach and ammonia would make you an hero. You would deserve praise from /jp/ for years and eternal glory as an hero.
you wouldn't die so quickly but you will agonize few weeks to point where you will try to end it by killing yourself even with spoon

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under-age /a/ woke up time to bump good threads

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You missed.

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