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Not so genki now, are we?

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You can't be genki in a situation like that.

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Then watch out! plays and Kenichi goes and reveals his ubermensch.

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Why do you remind so much of Peppermint Patty?

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He is one hell of a versatile kid. How old is he anyway?

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At least 18 years old.

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I like this little bow pose.

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Kanon is so cute.

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Ushio is so cute.

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OP source humbly requested.

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Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

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Wheel Country

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Thank you!

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Is that even a bow? I thought it was just bad posture/being lanky.

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Oh? I always imagined them putting their hands on their thighs in order to get their face closer to the MC. It's a pretty clever form of boy language when you think about it: the face gets closer, so you get a more personal feeling about her; her eyes are upturned to meet your gaze, what gives of the sensation that she is smaller and more frail than she would seem upright; bending could also give off a feeling of submissiveness.

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That upturned look you are referring to is historically referred to as lecherous- supposedly, it revealed the most devilish aspects of women, and it was taken to be a way of luring men into traps of lust. Women were occasionally severely punished for such looks.

Is the reasoning true? I sure don't think it is. But I do know one thing, and that is that I would do anything they asked with that face. It's. CUTE. AS. FUCK.

I wish more studios made sprites with more unique body poses, rather than the "cool and interesting" randomly selected arm placements. I also liked Haru's "disappear within the hair" sprite - it was pretty interesting.

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>Haru's "disappear within the hair" sprite

I hated that, it looked shitty.

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Yeah, I love different sprites as well. Remember11 creeped the shit out of me with those moving mouths, though.

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What would happen if Gonzou met Houzuki?

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Man sex.

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They'd form a friendly business relationship.

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Who's the bottom?

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Can you imagine those manly voices moaning?

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"G-Gonzou-san! I-I'm going to bite down!"
"So messy, Gonzou-san!"

I'll stop there.

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Would Houzuki use "-san", though?

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Special High Class Individuals can kill Yakuza Bosses. Discuss.

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...and the wheel will continue to turn.

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No, but when I wrote it, I wrote it as if they were little girls.