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Ok /jp/
I can't take it any more ;_; I'm depressed and each Gensokyo portal thread is making it even worse. My real-life things are getting worse and there isn't any way that I could fix it. I spend most of my time on sleeping or reading /jp/ and listening to Touhou music. I'm too depressed to pull even real an hero attempt like jumping of high building or something like that (it would require breaking in to some high apartment) and I live in no-gun country. ;_;

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Whatever, but when i found out that death won't fix anything - only will give you answers - i don't have suicidal thoughts anymore.

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Just a while ago, I realized my life was so shitty that I wish I could just wake up and realize it was all a dream. And then I did. Now I can't shake the feeling that my life is fake that was created this morning with the memory of my previous life being a dream.

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Welcome to my philosophy and worldview. Enjoy the ride, don't trip over the penis stranglevines.

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You made me smile. thanks!
Now I remember that I was going to ask if jp could recommend something to get food poisoning so I could go to Gensokyo while taking it easy

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I know of some ways to kill yourself but I'm not going to tell you.

Instead, you should make a superhero costume and run around your city trying to "fight crime" until someone kills you. Much more creative.

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I kinda had this same kind of dream, I was minding my own buisness just walking around, when suddenly. I wake up, I look at around and im in a forest. Then I relize, Im a bearauwuarwaruawrrawurh

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Its no gun country - you can go even during night to "worst part of city" and nothing will happen expect few drunk old people asking you for coins for next drink.

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No country is safe as long as there are immigrants and knives. I live in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and you still hear shit about people getting beaten and stabbed for absolutely no reason all the time.

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>there isn't any way that I could fix it

>I spend most of my time on sleeping or reading /jp/ and listening to Touhou music
>I spend most of my time on sleeping or reading /jp/ and listening to Touhou music
>I spend most of my time on sleeping or reading /jp/ and listening to Touhou music
>I spend most of my time on sleeping or reading /jp/ and listening to Touhou music

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then you're living in goddamn fucking paradise motherfucker. You know where I live motherfucker? Right next to one of the most violent cities in the world. You have it real fucking easy, you don't even have to worry about stray bullets or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To be fair, I've even gotten graze points.

Harden the fuck up, it's not that hard.

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>there isn't any way that I could fix it.

Yes, there is. You have to force your will in your body and then manifest it into movement so you essentially start moving against your own self. Then start doing something.

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just explain for op how to teleport to gensokyo and lets take it easy.

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You have to choke on dick hair and die if you want to reach Gensokyo.

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did you try it already?

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No such thing as a no bleach country, OP.

I'll be over before you know it, say hi to Komachi for me~

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Yup. It works 100%, I'm posting from Reimu's shrine.

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Oh, you live in Rio de Janeiro too? We should meet up and do dat graze together.

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and how does it taste ?
I'm not going to try bleach. Do you realize how terrible it is?

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Komachi may be hard to find, but I will try to tell her about you. First I need to get into Gensokyo.

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In order to enter Gensokyo one must pass through danmaku training. Such training is located at Rio de Janeiro, where you can keep living normally but you practice your grazing daily.

Shooting is not required since causing problems in Gensokyo can be dangerous for not only you but also the native population.

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Since when Rio de Janeiro is related to gensokyo?

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Bullets, bullets everywhere. Like I said it's mere training, not a portal or anything, silly.

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You can get training in Gensokyo, hardest part is to get there.

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That's like saying you can study when taking the actual test.

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We had whole thread what to do when you get into Gensokyo. Now we discuss how to get into it.

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>Rio de Janeiro
>Not Ciudad Juarez


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I don't think you can survive in Gensokyo by just talking to a few people and having no practice at all.

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If you are unhappy about your life just change something or change yourself.
Do this until you are happy.If you can't do it you are faggot who doesn't deserves to be happy