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Ran is the most beautiful and wife-worthy animal-inspired touhou.

Do you think Yukari loves Ran as a life partner, with love and respect, or is Ran just some filthy animal servant to Yukari?

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>Ran just some animal servant to Yukari
It's canon

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Yukari is asleep most of the time. Ran is her servant to do all the stuff she would do if she were awake.

So yeah, she is basically just "some animal servant"

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servant, but hey.. don't you love your dogs/cats/hamsters?

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Ran is just an animal to other people.

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domestic fox

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Ran is a fox. A highly intelligent, near-omniscient and equally near-immortal fox, but yet a fox.

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if your pets were sentient and able to talk, you would get used to them and get to make them part of your life... and supposedly, Yukari and Tails have been together for thousand of years, so... I can't conceive the idea of they not having a deep relationship.

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There are other master/servant, boss/subordinate, mistress/best friend and various relationships that have lasted for hundreds or even thousands of years in Gensokyo.

...but out of all of them in Gensokyo, Ran and Yukari are the only two who share their last names and aren't blood related.

Yukari gave Ran the Yakumo family name for a reason. Whether it's respect, love, or just formality, Ran has the Yakumo name but Chen doesn't.

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"Mommy has the same last name as Daddy Yukari because Mommies take Daddy's name when they get get married, Silly!"

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I'd much rather have a petto dogloli or catloli than a real live human being. Most people probably actually want a pet, not a real person. Something that took care of itself while you were busy, but came at your beck and call and cuddled as soon as you wanted it.
Imagine all of the social responsibilities involved in taking care of a real person. Are you going to be able to take her to school and activities everyday? Provide proper nutrition? Medical care? Ensure her legal rights and processes?
What I want is a girl that is loyal, obedient, warm, easy to please and low ambition. She only needs enough skill to operate appliances like turning on the washing machine and dryer, can clean a little bit, has enough motor skills to play games and vidya and is intelligent enough to enjoy movies, music, and make small talk. She doesn't need a college degree. I have degrees already. I'd rather sit and watch Discovery channel with her on my lap, her enjoying the exotic sights and sounds of fantasy, while I enjoy the science. I don't need critical analysis. I have that. I need levity. I need someone to look at the world through clean unjaded eyes that still see the wonders of the world and remind me of them.
I would raise her in an environment of low expectations, where she would be free and able to assign her self worth based not on societal expectations of marrying up, landing a career, and being a frigid bitch who must control her husband, but just taking it easy. I'd be happier coming home to her proudly showing me something she could do in a video game than some woman who spends 10 hours a day at home, 8 asleep getting a promotion so she can spend less time at home. At the most base, I am a selfish person; I seek recreational companionship. Sound familiar?
Simple, low maintenance, warm bodied companionship that I can scratch behind the ears, if you know what I am saying. That's all I want. Who's with me?

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Guard dog.

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Perhaps in the first 500 years or so, ran was a little more than a beast, pissing in yukari's couch , biting her master, etc.

Then yukari turned her into a fine lady

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>their have been a change
Gods damnit. It takes all the immersion away.

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The thing is that we don't know how their relationship started.

Sure it's possible Yukari could have adopted Ran at some point when she was feral. But it's also possible that Ran was already strong when they met.

Looking at the way Zun describes Yukari in her profile, you're supposed to be impressed that she's managed to enslave the strongest of the youkai beasts.

If Ran was raised as a child by Yukari, it wouldn't be that much of an accomplishment would it?

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I'd rather be that lolipet, honestly.

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Should take into account though how the standards of Gensokyo are quite different from those of the outside world. Ran lives openly as a forest animal disguised with human form, rather than hiding and pretending to be something else.

Perhaps Yukari is quite a lot more open and tolerant than she is usually considered.

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At least Ran brushes her teeth.

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Oh god that image.

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If two-legged Ran does have fangs, presumably she also has a nice rough tongue.

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Download link?

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You should stimulate the habit of people checking filenames instead of mouth feeding them like that.

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Unlike a certain someone else, Ran is indeed qualified to repair the M3 tactical helmet.

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so you want a retarded moe lolifox to take care of your chores and shit... cool.

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Apparently that thing they say about men in robes isn't always true.

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Can someone post some motherly Ran erolit or something? These pictures are pretty disgusting to me. Too fat, and not in the good way.

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Ran is always as healthy as she wants to be.

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Ran is Yukari's computer.

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Chen and her two moms


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So Ran is where Yukari keeps all her porn, then?

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Ran IS the porn

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