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All right here's the deal NEETs....

You're all going to stop by figurines for the next 3 or so months. You're going to need that money for an airplane ticket to Japan. Why? Because seeing Miku in concert is going to be better than cumming on a plastic model of her.

Start saving dudes, this is your best interests speaking to you.

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Delete this thread.
Sober up.
Make this thread again, if you'll still feel like it.
"stop by figurines", there should be a limit of how much can you fail at typing.

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>waste money on crappy one off event

Nah. I'd rather go to the next Comiket.

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I say let's wait till Miku has a concert in the us or in europe,it's cheaper and more likely to attend that one

also pretty certain since Miku dominates the world slowly with each passing day

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Nah, I'll take a trip to my bro in Hungary or Canada with that money.

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I dont like concerts, they are way too crowded and loud. I can hardly hear the music. Its not like I'll get to meet Miku either.

I've only been to one concert, and it was a Dragonforce concert with tickets I won on the radio. I got a CD signed, but thats all I really got out of it. Too much shoving and pushing going on to enjoy the music.

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But I'm not a fan of Miku, I like Yuuki. If I can't see her perform, I'm not leaving my room.

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On the bright side, you can see that opera singing loli perform.

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Dragonforce has to be insane in concert, their music is oozing with energy/

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Hasn't Miku already had a concert in the US? (Pretty sure it was in Los Angeles, can't recall for sure.)

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But I don't like Miku at all?

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I'd love to go, really.

Not going to japan just for the sake of a concert, but if I'm going to japan I might as well try go there when Miku's having a concert. Also Reitaisai happens around the same time, right? If it's for two events like that, I'd go. Too bad I can't, for a variety of reasons, at least not this year. Oh well. It's Miku. She'll have more concerts, right?

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if you don't like pushing and shoving then rock and metal concerts are not for you
actually, you can still go to those, but you should stay out of the crowd. stick to the edges.
as far as clearly hearing music, try being farther away. personally i've never had trouble being able to clearly hear music while in the crowd whether it is front and center in near the vocalist or right in front of a speaker stack on the side but if you hear distortion then you might be too close for your own hearing abilities.

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>complaining that he can't enjoy the music at a power metal concert
Never change, /jp/.

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Or get the best of both worlds and go cum on miku in concert.

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yeah, in frisco. so mad i couldn't make that but damn if i can afford tickets to tokyo...

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What the

Pics, info, whatever? I never heard of this

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I understand why some people like big spectacles but I prefer my live music in a more intimate setting.

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they've all been showings of the 39's giving day concert. one was a full showing in september in san francisco, and two were partial one hour edits of the same concert in san francisco and new york, both in october.

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also note that same 39's giving day concert has been floating around on the internet
basically you'd be watching that but with a bunch of fans around you

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go to smaller venues then
if it's a popular artist/band they'll be put in bigger venues because of the public demand

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I can't go this year either.... anyways I hope she has one between quarters... I have class obligations...

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I can't believe it's already been a year since the last concert. Feels like a few months ago.

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>cumming on a plastic model of her.

Speaking of, did OP deliver?

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No thanks, I despise crowds.

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There's a negi in this pic :3


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That image says "Miku [...] Live in Tokyo". Live? I don't think so.

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God speed to the /jp/edo that does this...

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But Sudo, the truth is, you aremy hero.

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sudo make me a sandwich

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You're too late, I just finished eating.

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Where do I sign up

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