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Ok /jp/
I'm 100% convinced there is gensokyo. Even my internet browser decided to randomly open Yukaris theme to remind me that I have to prepare teleport ;_;

Yukari+teleport thread.

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Fucking kill yourself once and for all and stop making these threads.

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>prepare teleport

You mean "planeshift," dumbass.

And bring some supplies, because it's a lot easier getting INTO Gensokyo then it is getting out.

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but it's on the same plane as japan, it's right next to japan, in fact.

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Seeing as all you have to do to get out is to go to Reimu, how easy is it to get in, exactly?

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Implying one would want to get out once he's inside.

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you cannot into demiplanes.

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/jp/ just keeps getting shittier and shittier.

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I'm going to be like "iluvop - post in suicide threads and then get tripcode and look for attention or wait... it was something else but I don't remember why I'm still alive.

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That should help.

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and thats the same one I do everyday and Im still here ;_;

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No one wants to contribute to thread with best youkai ever?

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New classes starting tomorrow.

Great and mighty Inari for the good fortune.

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Oh, it's THAT kind of thread. I read Gensokyo and teleport and thought it was another suicide thread.

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Sorry to burst your bubble OP, but for all you know there might just be a Yukari out there. She could of scraped Gensokyo years ago and started with a new world.

Zun was prolly a survivor of it and is telling the story of the past.

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Too lewd and I don't think you did understand thread subject.

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meanwhile at yakumo household

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Learned from the best, learned from MacGyver.

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Could this turn into a Yukari power level thread?

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I wonder if Ran's summoning of shikigami is supposed to lead up to portal powers or if it's something that you learn or are born with.

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Fact: Yukari always wins.
Also fact: If Yukari for whatever reason does not win, see above.

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This is thread dedicated to our great youkai Yukari who helps us to teleport to gensokyo. Each time you inhale bleach you can summon Yukari ;_;

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What about SSiB?
inb4 Yukari fanboy RAGE

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Yukari is a Chaos God.

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>Fact: Yukari always wins.
try again
pic related

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What if she destroys her boundary between Yama and mortal?

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Well, who can argue with that kind of logic?

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I don't really come from Gensokyo.

It's a condition of mental divergence. I find myself on the border of Gensokyo; part of a powerful elite, preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on the Moon.

But even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way... nevertheless Gensokyo is actually a construct of my psyche. I am mentally divergent, in that I am escaping certain unnamed realities that plague my life here.

When I stop going to there, I will be well.

Are you also divergent, friend?

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Siki would beat her to the punch somehow. Yukari is on canon record as not wanting to deal with Siki to the point of actively avoiding her.

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I'm not doubting that Siki isn't extremely powerful and most Youkai and mortals would fear her( and for good reason!). But her powers are also limited, the nature of border manipulation inherently gives Yukari control over just about anything. Including Eiki.

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Yukari's powers are also limited, she doesn't have complete control over boundaries. What she can do with them is pretty fucking impressive, but she has her limits.

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I little risque but w/e

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>Implying everything has borders.
>Implying Yukari's power is not overexaggerated by retarded fanon.

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I would guess that there are two sides to magic - the specifics of the effects, and the degree of control. Yukari's power, as described, is basically the most broken thing in Gensokyo, but it's entirely possible that Siki is simply the more powerful magical being, and thus can resist any Yukari attempt to undo her somehow, like how Yukari could see through Keine's history-screw in IN.

Whatever the circumstances, we have a canon documented case of Yukari wandering around with someone (possibly Yuyuko - I'm not 100% certain who it is, but if it's Yuyuko that should serve to highlight Siki's influence even further), noticing where she was, going "WE CAN'T STOP HERE, THIS IS YAMA COUNTRY" and effectively running away. I would say that speaks a lot toward Yukari vs. Siki arguments.

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"Thus, the ability to manipulate boundaries is an ability of logical creation and destruction.
It essentially creates a new being, or denies the existence of a being. Among the abilities youkai are known to possess, this is one of the most dangerous, being comparable even to the power of gods."

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"So, you came to destroy another world? ONORE, YUKARI!"

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>"being comparable even to the power of gods."
Sounds very impressive, but Gensokyo has actual gods.
Yukari's incredibly powerful, but she's just one of many playing their little games.

And anyway, she's a lot more fun when you don't treat her as a some infallible, omnipotent entity, but a cunning one that uses her powers judiciously to further her schemes.

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It was Yukari, Yuyuko, AND Reimu. And Yukari claimed that all three of them wouldn't be able to take the Yama on in a fight.

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But Akyu is a notorious liar so yeah...

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>being comparable even to the power of gods
comparable not exceeding
also "god" is very vague term here
Suwako and Kanako are gods but not so powerfull as Shiki. She's one of the 10 Yamas and stands above "gods'' as Kanako ect.

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Exactly, and she's repeatedly shown to be that way, anyway. Although part of it is her laziness too, but That's Gensokyo.

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In fairness, "comparable to the gods" can be be a very misleading term. Cirno's power is "comparable to the gods" in the sense that she could probably take Minoriko in a fight, for one thing.

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Shiki should have great power in theory, but her use of it is limited by the celestial bureaucracy. Yukari doesn't have that kind of restriction.

It may not be fear so much not wanting to be lectured.

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[citation needed]

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>Touhou power level argument

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Honestly I think Yukari is probably the most powerful only because her power is so broken. The reason her and Eiki generally avoid each other is because they just don't want to deal with the other.

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in my suicidal thread...
its always like that. apparently there are all day long suicide threads and when I make one it turns into something else ;_;

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Well you did say "Yukari+"

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Logical creation and destruction sure sound limitless..

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Yukari avoids Eiki not the other way
also sage for retarded Yukari fanbois and power lvl shit

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Can you imagine the list of sins Yukari has accumulated? No wonder she avoids the Yama.

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Could Toyohime and Yorihime beat Eiki?

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>also sage for

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Shes uses morality as her back yard. Besides, morality is meaningless to youkai. They're not human.

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no u

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ok... Next time it will be just suicidal thread, but now it can be Yukari thread. (but I hope some one will post something related ;_;)

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So if you do magically get into Ginny-Tokyo, what in the hell do you plan to do? Do you honestly think you have the social prowess to chat up one of the girls and stay with them or would you stay outside and eventually starve to death?

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Eirin gives out free drugs so I'm sure you can get magical SSRIs from her.

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I honestly have always planned to become Yukari's human pet.

Failing that, try meeting Koishi and proposing the idea of owning a human as her pet, seeing as I don't think she has any pets.

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nice troll attempt, but not everyone wants to have "waifu" in gensokyo, some prefer to get dress and hat on their own, some are just not interested in being lewd and some are just not enough autistic and know that touhous in gensokyo wouldnt have any real reason to do anything for some stranger from outside world.

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That picture in op ;_;
It looks scary no matter how long I look on it

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Yukari won SSiB.

Well, think about it. Avoiding situations that result in your loss is a perfectly valid tactic to always win. That's simple logic. Well, simple enough for Yukari.

Not only that, she's also Yukari's friend.

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GTFO, you should at least give painless way, like cyanide.

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everyone knows Yukari does exist

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Get lost.

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No fucking way, Eiki is a little whiny brat and Yukari just doesn't want to deal with her shite.
Pic related, it's my perception of Eiki.

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cyanide is hard to get in some places.
I remember some one stolen it from working place and it was on even news