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we soon get some 'customers' coming our way

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You can't break through an eight layered divine-tier barrier system, etc, etc, pissant ritual for idiot greenspells etc

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Not sure why this is posted but I like it and bump it.
This way you can finish with coma or retardation without chance to do real portal. Dont do it! Im serious!

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To give them new hats and dresses!
Im really curious how many touhous from /jp/ there are already...

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Thanks OP, portal worked great no Alliance forces (:

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hey! I wasn't op! You are supposed to answer just in my threads!

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>Gul Derek
Fukken lol.
also, warcraft 2 fuck yeah.

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Nameless youkai who is going to to teleport to gensokyo since few days here (had 2 threads in last days)

This post gave me new hope that I should try this method again ;_; I'm sure its Yukari posting to cheer me and prove that I shouldn't give up.

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You gonna get exterminated

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>(had 2 threads in last days)


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fuck you. really. srsly. I'm not in mood.

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I have been not in the mood multiple times over the last few weeks.

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So... is /jp/ usually like this? You get many threads from batshit suicidal posters, or...?

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Just a shitposter daily dose thing.

If they were serious, we wouldn't see this thread all the time.

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there're not uncommon.

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yes. a lot of them.
You can come to gensokyo with me. It will be easier for two youkais instead one.

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>killing yourself with an M92

That's just not the way to go.

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I would kill myself with spoon if it was working, so he/she is lucky about having gun.

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Just use portal. Guns dont work this way

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Ok. So how does teleport works like?

You just feel pain of teleporting for few minutes, close eyes, and in next second you wake up in gensokyo on green grass as youkai girl/fairy/manly man (depends on your dream) isn't it right?

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Just eat a gram of DXM.

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You fall asleep. Forever.

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I know its impossible to return to this world (maybe with help of Yukari but I doubt). When you wake up you are in gensokyo right?

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You're so adorable.

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>its impossible to return to this world
Not true at all.
Many people that have stumbled into Gensokyo in the past and have been granted passage in the past by simply visiting the Hakurei shrine. In fact, it's usually rare for outsiders to settle down in Gensokyo.
Go read Perfect Memento in Strict Sense if you don't believe me.

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That's terrible ;_;
I want to wear silly hat and play danmaku without danger of leaving, but thanks I will know which places I should avoid now. its not like stupid maiden would let youkai close to shrine

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It's not like going to the shrine instantly takes you home. You go there, pay your respects, and ask Reimu to show you the way out. A donation would be nice, too. Even if you don't want to return, it would be nice to visit the shrine anyhow.
Though it's said the path to the shrine has gotten more perilous as of late...

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I hope it wont be so bad... After all I would need some one to ask for things like where to find house, how to use my new youkai powers and such and Reimu wont attack me so quickly ;_;

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House? I'm not sure I understand. If you mean looking for the village, hope you can find someone, you could end up almost anywhere. If you're unlucky enough, you just might end up blindly wandering the land, or even stumlbe into trouble.

>my new youkai powers
>Implying you'll be reborn as a youkai
It's possible, I guess. But hey, be prepared just in case you aren't.

DO NOT go to the shrine maiden to figure out your powers. You do that on your own.
Also according to (http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Article_and_Interview:_Reimu)), near the bottom, her occupation is to "conquer youkai commiting a crime and to drink tea in the veranda". So if you wish to avoid her wrath, just don't cause trouble. Simple as that.

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Oops. Well, you know what I meant.

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Thanks for advices!
I will try to remember them. I hope I wont have problems and will wake up close to some nice place.

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Can I have the source of the picture, please?

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Sorry, I don't know where it's from.

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I'm actually going to Gensokyo tomorrow. Got any tips?

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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Don't drop the soap.

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>Get to the village ASAP.
>Avoid getting eaten.
>Prepare for the unexpected.
>Get used to losing many of your luxuries.
>Hard work and guts.
That's all.

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and which method are you going to use?
we can discuss it since I have some practical experience ;_;

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I was going to inject my brain with a magic bullet. It seems like a pretty safe method.

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I think it doesn't turn you into youkai, but you can try it if you like. I think you would need to put some effort into your portal.

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If I ever go, I'll do it the regular way: getting lost and stumbling in by pure luck.

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I don't have to be a youkai. If I can get in as a normal human I'll be fine. I'll warm their hearts by showing them the power of humanity.

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Here's to hoping that maybe someone else knows.

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Good luck.
I still have to try find method for me;_;

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It's from Charming Border of Life by Ennui Akadako

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Mustard + Milk? [x]
Bleach + Orange Juice? [x]
Apap + water? [x]
OD of coffee? [x]
Bleach Portal? [x]

anything left to try?

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after all really most of /jp/ seems to be kidding with teleporting... ;_;

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Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to teleport to Gensokyo world!

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Thank you very much, anon. much appreciated.

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You can find it in google

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OD of coffee doesn't work? I wanted to try that one..

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You could probably eat like 5 packets of caffinee pills, would work better.

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doesn't work. And really as much as I would like to suicide I wouldn't recommend it to any one ;_;
It was nearly as bad as bleach portal thing.

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I think I scared him ;_;