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Don't mind me, just being the best MMORPG ever created.

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That's not Asheron's Call.

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too heavy to my poor pc

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>Korean MMO

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how is that? I played for a year or two at a relative's house, way before they even had the first expansion...I think.

I remember how annoying it was to find that there was fall damage. Back then, back then.

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The only thing worse than a graficswhore is a soundwhore.

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It's excellent, or was, anyway. The graphics are really outdated now, because it came out at the end of 1999. It's still the best overall though, IMO. It has an original storyline and universe, complete customization of how your character progresses, etc. I don't play it anymore, but it consumed my life from 2000-2004.

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You've got to have pretty low standards if you call this graphic whoring.

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Honestly Kitsu Saga is pretty much the best eastern MMO I've played.

A ton of shit to do minus all the asinine HARDCORE GAYMER grinds and obnoxious other timesinks.

Character customization system is decent too.

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Back to your shitty FFXIV please

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No idea what is it, i hope its' not a generic grind game again

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Yeah, I remember how fun it was back then. The story was pretty cool from what I can remember, but I don't remember much about the customization. I do remember how fun it was travelling, sometimes you run into random mobs that will completely dominate you, and you had to make several choices really quickly. Sometimes I survived and got really cool shit, sometimes I ran, sometimes I just died. It was fun.

those goddamn mines.

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Runescape was the best MMORTPG ever.

Everyone had the same shitty interface and slow gameplay and everybody loved that.

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Best western MMORPG was Ultima Online. Best eastern MMORPG was Ragnarok Online.

No discussions. If you disagree, you are wrong.

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being able to select whatever skills you want doesn't make it a good MMO.

Jesus fuck its pathetic when you idiots are hung up on that so hard.

Examples of why PICK YER OWN SKILLZ doesn't work:
Eternal Realms

Its never balanced for PVP or PVE and it leads to a ton of buildfaggotry and rerolling timesinks.

Specialization trees like in every other GOOD MMO are the same shit with a different coat of paint that is 500% easier to balance

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That's not PlanetSide.

Or EverQuest if you care about PvE

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>Most OVERRATED western MMORPG was Ultima >Online. Most OVERRATED eastern MMORPG was >Ragnarok Online.

>No discussions. If you disagree, you are wrong.

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Kingdom of Loathing is the best MMORPG

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>Good PvE

I'm sorry but grindfests and shitty raids made that entire game a really shitty timesink.

EQ is bad for the same reasons WoW is bad except EQ amplifies those factors significantly

If you have to grind excessively or spend hours upon hours in raids mashing the same button combinations and facing bosses in boring dungeons that take HOURS upon HOURS to clear.

Any system like this is just the devs being lazy so they force artificial timesinks instead of producing real content.

Go read up on most MMO's business model.

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Your SS intrigues me.
Going to the website though I don't really see anything that resembles that. Which race? How's the game itself?

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but RO was actually fun

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Your /v/ is showing.

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Yes and no.

Having an awesome built PICK YER OWN SKILLS character is much more satisfying than a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-nothing-too-lazy-for-re-rolling character.

It is frustrating, but it´s exciting in it´s own way.

Try it.

Runescape got it´s old PvP back without the Bounty Hunter bullshit and stuff.

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Lineage 2 was like crack to me. I cant wait to play tera.

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lineage2 was retarded as fuck

you cant even solo monsters

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You need to see the video.

Those HIPS

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That's not Ragnarok

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>you cant even solo monsters
Yea imagine that needing to play an MMO with other people.

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I feel bad for people who actually have the capacity to play grindfest games, mostly because I used to be one of those people.

Tip for enjoying MMOs: If you see one you're interested in, ask how long the grind is to max level, and what fun things you can do while getting to max level.

This is what ruins games like Darkfall, the game really starts ONCE you get to max level, otherwise there's not much of shit to do.

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>being able to select whatever skills you want doesn't make it a good MMO.
Yes, it does. Having complete control of how your character develops and progresses is a good thing. It doesn't upset balance at all if the developers are competent and know how to design content properly.

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But, that´s....

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That concept only works if people have incentives to help each other out. (It should be fun and give you a bonus)

Examples of good group play:
Public Quests in major leveling areas

Examples of bad group play:
A bunch of quests that are in the middle of fucking nowhere and require the help of friends who have to spend some time traveling out to the middle of nowhere to help with something they will see no reward from.

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No stop being a fanboy.


I can see right through your post. I played UO for years and it was a bunch of silly manchildren prancing around and "PWNING NOOBZ" all day long.

Either you joined some obnoxious PvP idiots who talked like AdolfHitler when he's arguing about World of Tanks or you got your ass raped.

Open, anarchic PVP is great, except when only the neckbeardiest of assholes control it entirely, making it annoying and frustrating to participate.

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Oh I agree totally. That is why i never like official l2. When you would grind for a week straight and only see like 20% exp more on your bar i hated it. The rates were there to keep you paying for the game.

Private servers were fun for the fact you could do 15x server and have fun leveling because you could acutely level. But sadly private servers have huge downfalls like over powered donations, bugs, corrupt GM's, and shitty communities.

For me it was all about the art, setting, and pvp. The story line quests and classes are what made me stay as well. Classes felt hyper specialized and i loved. Most MMO's these days have classes that are more jack of all trades. And i hate that.

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Being the best MMORPG is like being the biggest shit in the shit pile.

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By the way min/maxing isn't hard in MMOs, so I'm not saying that was the issue. Its the ATTITUDE of people who do said min/maxing.
(Well it is hard for WoW players, show them concrete formulas on why your method is better and they'll go cite the nearest top raiding guild leader who didn't pass high school algebra's napkin math)

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>with other people

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>being the best MMORPG ever created.
That's not a particularily hard task. Either you go by numbers of addict which means that you are wrong and something like WoW wins or you go by the worth of the content where every MMORPG fails by definition because all the content is there to keep the audience which includes the majority of retards.

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Tera should go OB in Korea sometime in spring.
The english localization won't be finished until sometime after summer.

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best post in this thread

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If you think all MMOs are asinine grindfests you obviously haven't played enough MMOs.

Examples of MMOs where grinding is not a main focus and there is plenty of fun and interesting content (on par with normal games) on the way to max level:
1.) World of Tanks
2.) Global Agenda
3.) All Points Bulletin
4.) Lord of the Rings Online
5.) Freejack
6.) Dynasty Warriors
7.) I could go on....

I didn't include F2P FPSes because generally speaking you could just buy an FPS like BFBC2 for $15 and unlock everything without paying a dime further.

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>english localization
They are not transferring any story or quests from the Korean version. They are all going to be made by en-mass. That includes NPC's names and items as well. Everything is going to be written by them.

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you guys should just play world of tanks like a normal /jp/ citizen and shut the fuck up.

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I'll be honest, I'll play it for a month or two.
Never touch it again.

Just like every other MMO except RO.

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I don't want to play another MMO, but those hips...

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Ah another private server user, you are the smart one!

Lineage 2 has a great art style and PvP, the problem was the grind, which is why it doesn't surprise me high rate PSes showed up.

Same thing with WoW, a lot of great private server concepts but sadly a lot of childish and petty drama happens and scamming by the admins is frequent.

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>world of tanks
Everyone knows this a Saten is just a trolling technique. I doubt anyone actually plays World of Tanks.

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Oh, an English translation has been confirmed?
Any word on how are they going to handle it stateside? F2P with Item Shop? Subscription based?

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can't wait to play this with other /jp/ loli

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I came

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Honestly is a good game.

Stemming mainly from the fact that you can continually swap tanks.

Oh you died in one match? Just quit and load up another tank, get right into a battle and you'll still get exp and credits from the battle you died in when it ends.

You can play competitively at any tier level in the game, so players just starting out can have just as much fun at players at endgame, because they're engaging in similar combat.

Some of the exp you earn at any tier level can be used to advance through the ranks of higher tiers, and all the credits can be used to purchase items for your higher end tanks.

I'll just sum it up:
1.) Instant action in large scale battles
2.) Very very very little downtime between battles due to being able to use another tank while one is dead in another battle
3.) Relatively similar gameplay regardless of the player's advancement in the game

That said if you don't enjoy tank combat well then you're not going to enjoy WoT, just like any other MMO with gameplay mechanics you don't enjoy.

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>world of tanks
If i wanted customization i'd buy barbie dolls instead.

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Sounds like Team Fortress 2.

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The only issue with official l2 is the rates. The problem with private servers are most of them use l2j as the server. And that is the reason why they suck. l2j should have never been invented for one reason and that is geodata. In official lineage 2 they use server side geodata that syncs all the clients and monsters together. It affects everything from items dropped to monster pathing. You can notice it the strongest down in the catacombs polarming mobs. If you try to do it on an l2j server the monsters will never follow you. They will run though walls or attack you behind walls. On official they run your path because of the geodata and will stack in corners properly and never glitch into walls.

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It's funny you say that, because the Saten and K-ON! spammers of autistic levels are both playing World of Tanks. Maybe we should be grateful.

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What is this, another korean shitty mmo-

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Oh god, the fuck is wrong with the arm of that left girl?

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It's sad how I'm easily sold
I'll take 50

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No item shop with subscription. I think f2p lets in the filth and wrecks mmos i avoid theme like the plague.

As far as translation from korean releases read this.

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Take my money

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Honestly F2P is not F2P if you're playing any sort of seriously.

Most people I know who have significant time invested in F2P games pay $30+ each month.

If you ask me optional subscription based is the best.

For example in LoTRO you can pay a monthly fee and access ALL of the games content OR use the cash shop to buy it peacemeal. LoTRO doesn't surprise me as having the best model as Turbine is the best MMO company out there, hands down.

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so what is this game about ?
MMORPG with mice only like transformice ?

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Thanks for the link.

And yea, I fully agree. You just need to take a look at the communities of other F2P MMOs if you want an example.

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It's made of moe.

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>fast paced action RPG combat
>ass n' tits

Sign me u-

>korean grindfest

err.... I guess not.

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Fuck you. I didn't even notice it before

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Depends on the F2P MMO. Sorry to plug this game again but I'm enjoying it a lot. Been playing Kitsu Saga a lot and the community is helpful, not elitist, and though foreigners are present they aren't obnoxious.

I think to some extent people want to hate F2P communities because of the horror stories. Its like any MMO (subscription or not), you need to find your own niche and ignore the rest of the dumbfucks.

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It's actually not a grindfest

People are saying that getting to the cap is too easy

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>Most people I know who have significant time invested in F2P games pay $30+ each month.
I would rather pay $15 a month and have everyone on even ground than have some asshole pay $30 to be the king of the server. And LoTRO is unplayable shit because of that fact.

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Somebody should make a MMORPG with Demon's Souls gameplay.

Shit would be so cash.

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Too bad lotro tripled their revenue after being f2p. It's probably going to be a popular business model from now on.

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LoTRO = pay for a sub ($15) get all content
LoTRO = pay in the cash shop to get pieces of content

The only thing that you can buy in the cash shop item wise is some petty consumables.

Its the very antithesis of Pay 2 Win.

Whatchu smokin?

The MMOs where you're spending $30+ are like... NeoSteam, Karos Online, Fiesta, Maple Story, Dungeon Fighter Online shit like that.

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> Been playing Kitsu Saga a lot
Just went to the site and clicked item mall and it is the reason why i will never even try the game. You could have the most amazing community but the item shops will always wreck it 100% of the time.

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Vindickus much?

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Oh man, them's some thighs.

My favorite western MMO was Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Game is pretty much dead now though.

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NOW I know why this game appeals to me so much.

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Sorry to break it to you, but I'm pretty up on MMO game development and you can't combine massive player interaction, demon's souls gameplay, and modern gen graphics.

Its the reason games like Global Agenda and APB are restricted to small player servers because it takes way more bandwidth than is economical, and takes way more system resources than even high end computers can handle.

300 people interacting on the Unreal 3 engine will make your computer and their servers explode

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Did you even really inspect the item mall?
Its completely unnecessary to gameplay.

Its just for people who want to be lazy and shell out money for faster leveling or easier crafting.

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RO's a bad game and you wouldn't like it if it didn't have easily accessed private servers and anime graphics.

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Not even close.
All I did was mash when I played vindictus.

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RO did a lot of things right, problem was the grind.

>fast paced combat
>great conquest PvP system
>low system requirements
>cute art style
>fast, simple, intuitive UI

Private servers largely fixed that. I wasn't a big RO player but I won't deny it was a solid MMO and deserved the popularity it got.

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Played on privates first, then switched to official servers. Shit was so cash, really. It was honestly fun leveling up, since I was used to everyone dealing 999k dmg and that was a bit lame. The fun is being able to do that without over 9000x rates.

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Disregard that I suck cocks.

Upon closer inspection of the item mall that is pretty insane.

>Buy gear
>Buy pots
>Play loot lottery
>Buy +drop rate items
>Buy +exp items

Reminds me of shitty WoW private servers.

This is a real shame. Honestly the game is pretty fun and has a great art style and community. Sad they killed it with CASH SHOPPAN

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I agree with that. What Trickster Online tried was to create an RO but fix the grind by creating repeatable quests and story missions that made leveling enjoyable with a level cap that was impossible to reach anyway.

What it got wrong was PVP and it got that VERY VERY wrong.

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>Did you even really inspect the item mall?
When i read stuff on here it talks about item upgrades. And if you give away items that make upgrades 100% then your game is broken.
Even worse is this page where you can buy the upgrades themselves.
Or how about here where they sell healing items that i bet make gameplay broken as well.

>Its just for people who want to be lazy and shell out money for faster leveling or easier crafting.
No its for people with deep pockets that want to be king of the server no matter what.

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woe was fucking awesome

>> No.6787080

y' know they gotta get money someway or another.

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Vindictus would be cool but its all instanced.

What's the point of an MMO if there's never any MASSIVE gameplay?

We had games like AC/UO/EQ1/DAOC which at least got the part about MASSIVE correct. WAR was pretty awesome at launch too but they fucked up a lot of things on the execution, and EA forced them to rush it out the door, releasing it before WoTLK. Honestly WAR is one of those games I WISH did a lot better than it did, I WISH they waited and balanced and polished until a month or two after WoTLK came out and people realized WoW was the same old shit and went to WAR.

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No surprise. The staff has some of the most incompetent people I have ever seen.

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Makes me sad ;_;, I REAAAALLY was having fun and I'm sure when it hit cap its all going to be douchebags who want to waste more money on a video game than I feel like. Oh well. Off to find another MMO ;_;

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I haven't played Maple Story in years but Maple Story had the best system when I was playing.

Shit ton of awesome ass cosmetic items purchasable through $$$.

I think every MMO could stand to make some serious cash by realizing that putting their CG people and concept artists to work making a bunch of great cosmetic stuff can earn some decent revenue.

The issue is they get greedy, and then release cash shop items for all styles of play... including basic features.

Want to make a guild?
Pay up.
Want to customize your character with cool gear?
Pay up.
Want to get the best endgame items?
Pay up.

The issue becomes, as I said earlier, you're paying far more than a AAA mmo title that costs $15/month.

>> No.6787105

There's a difference between fucking over your playerbase for insanely high profit margins and making decent money.

Much as I like capitalism it annoys me heavily at times.

What F2P used to be:
Cosmetic items and some consumables for cash
What F2P now is:
You must buy all content that is enjoyable and/or pay 2 win.

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This race won't be in the NA version, will it?

I read this >>6786973 and it seems that they are tailoring it for a Western audience
>Most importantly, we want to stress that TERA will be different in the west

I haven't really been following news for this game so I don't know if they still have races they want to announce or what, but I don't see that particular one on the NA site. Most likely not going to include it to avoid criticism?

>> No.6787116

>This race won't be in the NA version, will it?
They will be in the NA version. The only things that will change is storyline and quests.

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I can easily see Tera causing a fucking shitstorm over that race from conservatives and feminists just because its F2P and all the hype. (Aika had even worse lolis... hell it had loli pets, but it was F2P and relatively unknown)

>> No.6787131


I can see a shitstorm over the loli race because this is a subscription based game and a major MMO release.

Don't doubt the power of obnoxious conservative and feminists.

>> No.6787135

>those pictures

Just release the game and take my money, goddom.

On a side, less important, note: I hope the PVP is fun and the fights don't get too repetitive. Need more pictures of the slut elves too.

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How about dat Perfect World.

>> No.6787146

Right on their official forums dear anon.
>Popori & Elin Discuss the Popori and Elin races.

>> No.6787147


Combat isn't your traditional bullshit EQ-clone MMO faire.

Its more like God of War, or Vindictus, or DMC, etc.

I mean maybe not exactly as involved, but its more focused on action combat, not hurr durr hotbarz n' targetz (aka glorified turn based).

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Did you ever try PVP in Trickster? It was stupid.

>> No.6787157


I wonder if they'll be illegal over in britland and ausland.

>> No.6787160

This is more of a glorified hotbarz n targetz. The combat is really slow and you only spam one skill really.

>> No.6787169

>I wonder if they'll be illegal over in britland and ausland.
They could be. That one is being made by a different company. But he NA version is going to be considered the international version and will have no IP locks on it. So if they want their loli in their MMO they can.

>> No.6787170

>listing up games with lobbies and instant rooms

so is black cops and UT99 also mmos now?

>> No.6787174


No? Is it qualified as trolling these days to just say something completely false? 0/10

>> No.6787190


Sadly we don't have MMOs any more in the traditional sense.

I can't name a modern MMO where you have massive interaction at one point in time.

MMOs now are online games where you play with a massive amount of people over time.

Cowadooty and Bad Company 2 are really very basic MMOs by today's standards.

Honestly even the MMOs that SUPPORT massive interaction... it never occurs.

There are a few, but they're all pretty shit:
1.) Darkfall
2.) WAR
3.) WoW

Oh right that's about it... every other open world MMO you'd be hard pressed to be actually participating in an activity with more than 10 people at one time. (Doing nothing in a major city does not count)

>> No.6787198

that's not WoW op...

>> No.6787227

This will be another disappointment, just like Aion. Also the lolis in Aion were better.

>> No.6787242


What was wrong with Aion (I never played it)

All I heard was GRINDGRINDGRINDGRIND, imbalanced 3 faction system.

>> No.6787251

/v/ has a thread as well, if anyone is interested.

>> No.6787252

What was wrong is just that it was /jp/'s FOTMMMO, then everyone left because in the end, it was just another Corean MMO, despite having some delicious loli models.

>> No.6787258

Wait, Aion had loli models?

>> No.6787261

Naw Aion was made by NcSoft and administrated like most NcSoft games and that is by the Korean team. Things like balancing and EXP rates are set by the people in Korea to grindfest mode. The NA branch of NcSoft could never make changes.

The people making Tera are the old lineage 2 team that broke off of NcSoft and made their own company. En-Masse enetertaiment is the NA branch that is bringing it over from korea and they have full controll over it. That includes things like pvp balancing and EXP rates. They said it wont be set to grindfest mode in the slightest. And that means the game will be like lineage 2 but without the horrendous grind.

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The character customization was complete enough to make kids.

>> No.6787270

More like midgets, right.

>> No.6787275

>there's no grind!

This loses meaning after the past 15 years in MMO history.

>> No.6787281


What? The American/European Aion release has had level requirements severely dropped compared to the Korean version of the game and I believe drop rates have been increased along with EXP. They also throw in Double EXP weekends pretty commonly, at least they did the few times I've went back to the game to see how it is.

>> No.6787283

>ctrl+f EVE
>no results
You're arguing about expansive game design, well done skill systems, and payment models and nobody says a word about EVE?

>> No.6787286


I don't think anyone on /jp/ is having issues sleeping.

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>> No.6787298

so Tera is good?

Can I play the korean version if I have a valid KSSN but no korean bank account?

>> No.6787304

EvE: Join the big facist corps or go fuck yourself.

Its a thinly veiled grindfest.

EvE is great if you like being someone's bitch to get anywhere in the game!

>> No.6787310


>Working in a company where you are anything but the boss means you are a bitch
>Being anything but a party leader means you are a bitch

Do you not know what the fuck cooperation or leadership is?

>> No.6787323

I think I just won bullshit bingo.

You probably think corporate society isn't a joke too. *rolleyes*

Playing EvE and getting anywhere is akin to working in a cube. Other people abuse your time for their own profit and fun.

EvE is a monopolistic society without anti-trust laws.

Join the existing corps and be a cube worker or go fuck yourself.

>> No.6787345

OP, are you in the KOBT?

If so, roll Mystel (미스텔 ). I'll be playing a male castanic though.

>> No.6787368

Is there a version in a language I understand (Japanese, most Germanic and Romance languages)?

>> No.6787389

The grounds seems so empty if i compare it to Tes:Oblivion, but the landscapes is awesome

>> No.6787390

oh, you need a korean phone number for the kobt?
Weighing the option of either asking a favor from a friend of mine, or just buying an open beta account for $10.

just finished all the cata normal raids anyway so I'm out of mmo to play.

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>The people making Tera are the old lineage 2 team that broke off of NcSoft and made their own company. En-Masse enetertaiment is the NA branch that is bringing it over from korea and they have full controll over it. That includes things like pvp balancing and EXP rates. They said it wont be set to grindfest mode in the slightest. And that means the game will be like lineage 2 but without the horrendous grind.

I played Lineage 2 for years. I've checked some videos about TERA's gameplay but it looks unplayable, how are you supposed to aim, use skills, and move at the same time?. What you are saying in interesting but will the gameplay be as good as in Lineage 2?

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What's the cutest MMO in available in English?

>> No.6787721

Tibia Online is all you need if you want a MMORPG.

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>What's the cutest MMO in available in English?
World of Warcraft

>> No.6787851

I can only take it easy playing casual games.

Point-and-Click MMORPGs always seem to subject themselves to grinding and in the long run won't keep me interested more than a few weeks. I want more MMORPGs to be like Vindictus where you have to immerse yourself to play. I'm hoping much better stuff comes out soon. I was thinking about playing an MMOFPS but the free ones always seem to have chammers. I was thinking about playing Heroes in the Sky again but there is no one to play with.

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>foot size
selling footjobs msg me

>> No.6787900

Is this game in the OP another Korean grind fest whos only positive is being able to roll a loli and whose charm will wear off immediately after i fap to said loli?

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The quest descriptions can be cute sometimes...

>> No.6787975

>im not thinking!
I loved that part. Also it would have been creepy as fuck if it was any other npc giving out the quest.

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>how are you supposed to aim, use skills, and move at the same time?

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Cutest raid boss.

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Does /jp/ play wow? I'd like to start playing again on a server without the idiocy of the general population, and no hotglue bullshit please.