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What's wrong with her? Half the scenes it looks like she needs to sleep, there are bags under her eyes...

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This was funny and I enjoyed it so don't post it here.

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>I enjoyed it

You should stop posting here altogether.

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Can't wait for the BL loving Class President to get introduced she in the anime. She made the manga a lot better.

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I too get upset when people like things that I don't.

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The fact that you like Anime is bad enough. The fact that you like the "Sion" kind of Anime is just overkill.

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You're going to be hard pressed to find someone who reads eroge and doesn't watch (or watched at one point) anime.

Seems like you're trying a tad hard to fit in, especially considering the circumstances behind /jp/'s creation.

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Threads like this belong in /a/. They encourage spoliers. I like to watch anime at my own pace on some spoiler posting aspies pace. Confine this shit to /a/. I do not go to /a/ because to the spoilers. Do not make me have to give up /jp/ too. You can bet your ass I report all anime threads. /jp/ and /a/ were split for a reason. Fuck you if you don't get it.

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Fuck you. Keep this shit in /a/. I want to enjoy anime at my one pace not some spoiler posting aspies pace. These threads encourge spoilering. anime goes in /a/

/a/ and /jp/ were split for a reason. If you were not here too fucking bad I was. Keep this shit in /a/. You can bet your ass all anime threads get reported by me.

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Believe it or not, a lot of /jp/ actually likes some anime.

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I hate people who only hear about these things because of the anime

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What things? The source material?

Doesn't get more elitist than that, anon.

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What's the best Anime of the season, Sion?

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You and Sion is not "a lot".

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There isn't enough fat in this anime for Sion to like it.

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If you don't like Milky Holmes you're not really a human anyway. More like some kind of subhuman being feigning taste.

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I think he's parroting Sion's name because he sees it posted in the other anime threads. It's kind of silly.

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Sion is the one that posts all of /jp/'s shitty anime screencap threads, so it's a fair cop.

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My body is ready.

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Is that you Patrick?

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She had that one coming

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I'd like to meet Sion. I bet he is a pretty cool guy.

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This is Sion.

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He looks mean!

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Add 100 pounds and it's Sion.

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Sion likes bitchy girls. He also likes girls with fat all over them.

Why doesn't he post mitsudomoe screenshots?


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*1000 pounds

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Sion would only like the evil boss.

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Sion doesn't like good anime, obviously.

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According to BOOF that really is Sion-kun

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Tripfags meeting tripfags IRL?

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>According to BOOF

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