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what is the most depressing touhou related doujin you've ever read?
for some reason this one always gets me down, not the most depressing but still.

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None of them.

All of them.

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most rocket fuel 21 ones.

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Sakura Kotoba
That one doujin where Remilia kills Reimu. by >>6768239

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Probably all of the yukkuri abuse ones.
inb4 yukkuri abuse thread

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That one where Reimu is an unfeeling invulnerable bitch. I stay away from grimdarksad mostly, though.

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god damn.

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did anyone read the Marisa/Alice doujin by TTT

That one was pretty powerful

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Well half of the time they deserve it anyways.

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Oh.. dear.
I don't really read much in the way of Touhou doujinshi, but I guess I'd say Germanium

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Huh, I can't read it.

The screen is all blurry...

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OP, have some morphine to cheer you up.

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I'll admit, I cried. What an ending.

Top 10, for sure.

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That ending made me feel horrible. What a turn of events!

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Earl Gray's arrange of 東方緋想天 started playing at the Marisa part, it was awesome.