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Why Hatate is shown like this? So dark...
What was her canon personality anyway?

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I feel bad for her.
She never got a chance to have any fans of her own. Just trolls and meme-spouting faggots.
What a waste.

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Canon: Preppy, annoying. Not really a standout, hardly even appears in porn.

Fanon1: Preppy, annoying. Not really a standout, hardly even appears in porn.

Fanon2: Goth, annoying. Not really a standout, hardly even appears in porn.

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You tell me you didn't play the game?

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Where does this dark fanon thing come from then?

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Depressed goth Hatate is unacceptable. I am so upset that it's catching on.

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Lots of touhou have vaguely defined personalities. Marisa and Reimu and even Alice for example.

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Because Hot Topic outfit.

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Hot topic touhou

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Yeah i did, but i've not been so enthuastic about it.

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Look at this? It is like people prefer to see her as miserable as possible than some happy go lucky.

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She's called ''Hata-tan'', some guy started drawing her like that because he thought ''purple + black = goth''.

Pixiv tag: はたたん

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Her personality is "teenage girl tengu". If you really want to know then read all of these.


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I like this version of her. How many (fanon) emo Touhous were there before Hatate came along?

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Ayafag here. I can't help but feel partially responsible for this shit.

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My impression on Hatate is confused.

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"These are those really flashy leaves again.
Seeing cherry blossoms dance is pretty, but falling leaves are
kinda sad. Autumn can be really depressing" Yeah... I think im getting it...

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Shit tier touhou

Those who like her are grimdark 12 year old secondaries

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She should be your favorite then.

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I actually like her more cheerful non-emo depictions.

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The fanon emo hatate
It was all started by this guy who goes by name ako96 on danbooru, originally from pixiv.

She's an m

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Aya ;_;

and maybe some artists are trying to force that shit on her from the beginning, and then she will be marked forever as the gothic-emo tengu, just because of this >>6763803

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Don't give him attention.

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Please cry more because I insulted your touhou wife you faggot

i'll slit your throat dead, don't disrespect me

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You're sort of a douche. You should probably calm down.

No sort of about it.

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Look at what you have done!

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I'm not sure how to deal with depressed Hatate.

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Peter Steele's youkai girl.

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>the feel so mental collapse
I know that feel.

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The begining

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canon Hatate is sort of naive.

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Centuries of living in Aya's shadow.

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Touhou and personality. The forever question.
Usually it matters how one is shown in the most works.

In most works Aya is usually being a bitch to Hatate while she takes it.

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Black Tewi tells me Hatate is jealous of Aya's larger breasts, and that they otherwise have a natural rivalry grounded purely in business. None of this wrist-slitting or sadist Aya shit.

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...is she ok?

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You just check it out by yourself.
And she at least got you into rehab.

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I'll kill you motherfucker.

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Me too

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She's probably just young, immature, and horrendously confused.

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you forgot Fanon3: BAKKOI, annoying. Not really a standout, hardly even appears in porn.

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I want to fuck Hatate while telling her how much of a failure she is, how no one loves her and how she should be grateful I'm even willing to put my dick inside her.

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This sounds hot. Is she crying? It's only good if she cries.

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she's called hata-tan because she's cute.

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Not only is she crying, she is also struggling to push out the words "thank you for using my worthless body" after I stop and demand that she says that before I continue.

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Silly Anon. Didn't you state for a fact back in 2007 a woman needs only spread her legs and the dicks magically come flying through the air?

I am glad to see your theory being expanded on.

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It's true.

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That's horrible. You're horrible.

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"When pigs fly" comes to mind.

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That goes for 3D. 2D is completely different. It's the same for lonely and shy but attractive 2D girls. When you consider it by 3D standards, she'd could easily get a gentle man to fall in love with her and make her open up, but that doesn't mean we should be allowed attractive girls with the loneliness appeal in the 2D world. Similarly, people who have a fetish for girls who are grateful that you are simply willing to fuck her should also be allowed girls who can satisfy that fetish.

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>thank you for using my worthless body

suddenly, I have a new fetish.

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I messed up a negative there. Should be
>but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed attractive girls with the loneliness appeal in the 2D world.

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You are now aware that Hatate is not actually a depressed emotional wreck and would never put up with bullshit like that.

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Why is that?

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You put your arm around Hatate's waist as she kicks off her shoes and sits in your lap. She says nothing as she leans in and kisses you. She tosses her phone off to the side and wraps her arms around you.

Your run your other hand up her leg, under her skirt, and rest it on her upper thigh. She breaks off the kiss and blushes. "W-What are you doing?" she asks. Straining to keep her from noticing your rapidly growing erection, you blurt out something stupid and immediately cringe in embarrassment.

Unfazed, she kisses you again, your tongues locking in a deep embrace. Out of nowhere, you feel Hatate's chest heave ever so slightly. She lets out a noise that sounds vaguely like gagging, and then a warm, thick fluid trickles into your mouth. Surprised at first, you try to break away from her kiss, but she holds the back of your head and continues to let the fluid flow into your mouth. Sickened and expecting it to taste like vomit, you are pleasantly surprised when it tastes like melted chocolate. You tentatively swallow some of it, and Hatate pushes even more of it into your mouth with her tongue. Continuing to kiss her, you swallow more and more of the chocolate, and Hatate moans with growing excitement.

After you've consumed all of it, she pulls away and giggles. "No human has ever let me feed them like that before..." She reaches down into your pants and tugs on your erect dick. "I suppose I should finish what I've started here, hmm?"

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Oh, this is so appropriate.

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And I think that makes the one hundredth fetish that /jp/ has given me.

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Hatate chocolate puke? I dunno if I like this, Aya seemed more appropriate for it.

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So, continue...

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How do birds feed their young?
What animal are tengu based upon?
What was the last thing that she ate?

In case you can't figure that out that's the equivalent of being breast fed chocolate from a bird woman

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Thats all of it, theres no part 2.

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Hatate wouldn't share her chocolate.

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Sheesh, what is with people acting like they've never seen Aya Chocolate Puke before?

actually there is a part 2 that someone wrote involving chocolate blowjob and cloaca nakadashi. Look in the archive, I'm sure its there somewhere.

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I like my grimdark addict hatate.

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Why would she need to be goth? She managed to defeat Aya.

This sort of shit is what gives shitty "Meme" personalities to characters. For example, Cirno, who just gets overconfident at times in canon, but gets portrayed as a complete autist in fanon. Fucking IOSHIT.

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aha! Success!

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I Don't Wanna be me
I Don't Wanna be me
I Don't Wanna be me anymore

R.I.P Steele, you handsome dead guy...

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I like this Hatate. It makes her stand out in the sea of smilling faces that is Gensokyo.

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Some things just catch on. I don't mind, as long as they focus on the potential moe appeal of this personaity rather than going "lol, she's slitting her wrists, look at that goth xD".

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Why such doom and gloom?

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>Why would she need to be goth? She managed to defeat Aya.

Winner's Remorse.

She could also be manic-depressive. Or it could be the classic trope of the winner being superior and lonely while the loser has their -friends-.

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Someone has been learning from the best, so to speak...

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Troubled touhous thread

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Gothsokyo = Zun on delirium

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Did someone say troubled Touhous.......?

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Bet you can't say it 10 times quickly.

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Nichts ist unmöglich für die Liebe!

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Everything but this word.

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Every time I look at Hatate I can't help but think "missing texture".

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...You are right, maybe Zun got idea for her design from that.

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bitte geh weg. du machst mir angst.

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Final stop when it comes to Touhous and issues.

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You got something against Hata-tan?
I find her a lot hotter like this.

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All tengu are slightly wrong in the head.
Old news.

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anon does not lie about these things. There is indeed a part 2 of Aya Chocolate puke, it's just very obscure.

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saving touhou related thread from spam

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I remember when Arc created the Aya chocolate puke.
Fapped so hard to that shit.

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>cloaca fucking
I was better off not knowing.

I prefer a normal rectum on my tengu... a little fluff of feathers down there is ok too.

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Well, i dont actually hate. But it is quite interesting how things got turned this way.

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Fairly sure that goth Hatate, "Hata-tan" is mostly just a single artist who likes it.

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I wouldnt be so sure.

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