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>A swathe of the US eastern seaboard is braced for an intensifying winter storm that is dumping heavy snow as it sweeps north.

Letty Whiterock's obese backside is firmly parked on my suburb. Somebody do something!

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I hope you freeze to death Arc.

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Breaking news: Northeast US gets cold in the winter!

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A very Letty winter indeed!

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I am shokku.

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I like smoking a lot when there's a huge snow storm. Feels cozy with a slight amount of excitement. I'd be looking forward to it if I were you arc.

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>Letty Whiterock's obese backside
How rude.

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I am already deploying my vaporizer.

I'm frustrated that I'll have to dig my car out thanks to Letty's meddling, but that won't be an issue until Monday.

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So where's the Nurumaya fantasy that goes with this picture

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Letty thread?
Letty thread.

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There's 7 feet of snow outside of my place in minnesota.

It snowed 17" in one day the other week.

You are small time.

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I'll take Letty off your hands for you. She's visiting here more than usual but I want to finish my song for her.

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I love the cold. All the black people stay inside.

I can finally meet white bitches at the club.

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What? I thought you lived in Florida.....?

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Letty refuses to visit Texas.

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For the winter, yes.

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You.... Wow. I didn't know you had a second place. Is it a family place, or do you own it? The only pictures I have ever seen are of your FL place, with the LOL TROPICAL theme.

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Boof makes money hand over fist.

he has everything.

If you care about that stuff

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Letty has never visited me.

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Here I come Arc-kun!~♪

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I wish I could take it easy like that
Instead I'm going to have to commit suicide next year when my parents kick me out

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>Has two houses
>Has lots of money
>He also works out and is quite buff

All of our waifus would leave us for him. I'm going to go sit outside now in the cold darkness of my porch and smoke. I hope I die.

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Oh I know... It's quite impressive really.

Not sure why he was expressing trepidation yesterday in the doll thread though; he should just up and buy one.

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Aw, don't be jelly. He's entitled to his success.
I can't speak for the guy, but I'm guessing he wants us to succeed too, at least by our own measure.

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Good thing Letty hates Australia, I don't have your snow problems ever. I wonder if it's the spiders or maybe the incredible heat that she dislikes.
However it did snow once a year ago, perhaps she tried to bring snow back then.