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( ˃ ヮ˂)

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Wanko is shit, eh?
I'll have to note that for future reference

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She could pass for a good trap.

The fuck is wrong with me.

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I support any VN whose protagonist is actually a character. Even if it's a porn game about fucking your dog.

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read cross channel, become one of us, one of us

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Cross Channel?! Come on, Nitori's Faceless-kun.

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yeah I really enjoyed it, far too many people get hung up on Taichi's silliness (which is a facade btw)
but I guess no-one read Tower Of Friends or bothered with the bad ends to see what happens when the facade cracks
also it's funny how no-one ever notices the trip saying FRIEND

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The bad ends were sad as fuck. Especially where miki goes insane from loneliness and depression.

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sad is good though
my favourite ending in anything is Akiha True

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