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Hey /jp/ What's your favorite Touhou Character and why?...

Mine is Alice Margatroid, because is so cute and quiet

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Nazrin, because she is mai waifu. Mystia is a close second.

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I like Flandre because she is an eternal prepubescent and because I like both And Then There Were None and Norse mythology.

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Yamame because she's an underground idol with legitimate reasons to be ill and a bucket entourage.

Pic unrelated, but awesome.

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Marisa because she is so cool and cute

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I like Koishi for her charming personality and interesting power. Also she's cute.

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Suika, very very closely followed by Keine, I can't make up my mind honestly.

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Marisa, because she da man.

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Orin, she warned people about her friend going mad with power then tries to stop Reimu and Marissa despite already losing four (maybe five?) fights.

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Marisa because I like her personality and she is cute.

I frozen up in the middle of writing this because I realized that I will never meet her.

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Favorite design, favorite theme, radical power, love the egotism. Not my waifu, more of a bestfriendu.
Koishi's my waifu, always and forever. But she's like, my third or fourth favorite touhou. Not sure how that works out.

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Byakuren because she is very beautiful, non-aging young woman with very kind-hearted personality and she always tries to help other people.

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She tries so hard but she's such an adorable failure that you just want to hug her and never let go.

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Rumia reminds me of myself combined with a little innocent girl.

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The chillest and frillest Touhou.

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This is going to sound lame, but Reimu is always the character I choose to play as first in pretty much every Touhou game.

And some of the doujins I've read... oh my.

I will never meet her. foreveralone.jpg

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HELL them all! my HAREM!~~

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I like them all, but my favorite is Suika. I love how she acts.

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All I know is that to me, she looks like she's lots of fun
open up her loving arms
She spins me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

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Kisume, its a loli in a bucket, what else would i want.

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Marisa is my absolute favourite. Her sparking personality combinated with her magician appeareance is awesome. Also she is very cute, but not too cute(not like loli). My dream girl needs to be a bit harsh.

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Youmu, because she is the softest.

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Messy hair, zettai ryouiki and that tight black dress. She's also my waifu.

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is that so?
Personaly, I like her because she can't get pregnant

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Nitori because she likes cucumber, if you get my meaning

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I got ya. Cucumbers are really fucking delicious. I recently popped open a new jar, and it is fucking divine. The smell of a fresh one. The taste as I rip into it. The satisfying crunch as my teeth penetrate their hard exterior. Fuck, gonna go grab one right now.

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Tewi because she's a bitch

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Mokou, because she is so warm.

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But she helps people who get lost in the bamboo forest and stuff.

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Ah, you're surely mistaken. That was Mokou cosplaying as Tewi.

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Iku because I like to put fish sticks in my mouth, if you get my meaning

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probably has one of the coolest powers in all of fiction + mysterious as hell

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thanks capitcha

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Hong, she stays so positive and cheerful even while dealing with bratty spoiled bosses and bitchy middle management.

Fuck the establishment

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Marisa because canonically, she's the only one who works hard for her power as opposed to having it inherently. Reimu is a lazy bitch.

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how can i draw like this

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If I knew, I'd be doing it myself.

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Yukarin, because she is the one who cares the most about Gensokyo and it's inhabitants even though she doesn't want to be credited for it.

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I do believe the same goes for Alice.

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IIRC, her Grimoire is essential to her power and youkai-like status. The hardest she seems to work is in making her dolls.
Marisa spends much of the time that she's not harassing other Touhous farming magical mushrooms, doing magical research, and actually training herself magically and physically. It's one of the points ZUN used to contrast Marisa and Reimu in character profiles in early Touhou games--Reimu has massive inherent power but hates to train; Marisa is just your average witch but works exceedingly hard just to be able to stand side-by-side with the Miko of Paradise. She's the only Touhou that has a learning curve--starting from SoEW you can see her spells change and evolve as she learns (and steals).

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Why, that'd be Yuka. Because she's such a snappy dresser.

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Because she's classy, charismatic and has that sadistic edge that's so hard to find.

Not to mention a Vampire with all that entails.

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At first I always liked Patchy, given how I could relate with bookworm status. But later I realized that is not who I really was. In every form of escapism I use (D&D, WoW, LotRO, EQ, Runescape, etc.) I always play as a happy go lucky Mage, ninja drops, act like a dick, and people still think I'm charming enough to still group with me. I guess that would be the real me, free from all the limitations I have in the real world. I feel that really coincides with Marisa.

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Wizard ghost girl.

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Sakuya cause she's a maid that will listen to you plus she's good looking and can stop time. pads or not i'll still love her. cirno come second then youmu

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Eirin, she's a canon sadist, and I want my punishment

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>good looking
she has no time for you

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Dem toob legs.

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poor sakuya ;_;

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I've always been fond of Yuuka but, she doesn't have quite the same personality.

More Chaotic Evil then Lawful Evil, she seems more of a Demon than a Devil.

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Yukari because shes beautiful, elegant but also manipulative and mysterious.

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I love non-loli Remillia pictures

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This may or may not be to your liking.

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Cause, baba boobies.

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Fully converting San Andreas was difficult but, ever so worth it,

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In that case we must fight to the death.

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En garde!

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Hey, you're not >>6652509 !

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Rinnosuke, because he's not the little girl.

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Sakuya! Because she is so beautiful, elegant, cool and extremely sexy!
With other words: she is a perfect maid!

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Hard to get less Chaotic than chilling in a garden for most of your life. She's one of the most Lawful of the bunch, what with being a big fan of ritual combat and all.

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>Ritual combat
So, viking pit fights between Bearded Yuuka and bearded Reimu?

Oh, and Momiji, because she is absolutely perfect.

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ITT shrinemaiden

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You too, can be one of us, my friend.

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I suppose you have me, there.

Even in the canon magna she only attacks those who are strong enough to nab her attention but, she admits in PoFV she likes ''teasing'' and has done it to many a being and by teasing I would guess Torture as Shiki doesn't seem to pleased.

Not that I mind.

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I don't think I could pin "favorite" on any particular Touhou, but the majority of the pics on my Touhou folder are Keine pictures.

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I have a three-way tie, and this is be an odd combination. Aya, Yuyuko and Patchouli. Aya is carefree, business oriented, clever and charismatic. Yuyuko because of her elegance, good humor, and fashion. Patchouli because she is an ailing magician, and I would love to be her adjutant and help take care of her. She appears cute and quiet, but is very logical and can be terse. Which are qualities I can appreciate.

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How strange for you to have the same Top 3 as me.

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Dem swords, man.

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Komachi, because she has one of the most relaxing jobs in the universe and STILL manages to slack off.

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Sakuya or Marisa, No wait Mokou. Maybe even Yuka.

Nah, it's Alice.

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To be fair, does Shikieiki ever seem pleased?

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When she is taking it up the ass.

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Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu. My top 3Y's
Among the three, my favorite is Yukari, but I have more Youmu images.

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That's what she gets for using an alignment system consisting of only 2 instead of 9 options.

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She is the most beautiful.
She is the classiest dressed.
She has servants so its like I have servants too.
She is the embodiment of the 3 Faces of Eve (Child, Maiden, Crone.)
She is brilliant.
She is ridiculously powerful.
She could transport me in and out of Gensokyo as I pleased.
Threesome with Ran. we'd make Chen watch

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This lady right here. She steals an entire season out of curiosity, beats a celestial and then tells her to keep going so that she can play in the snow, and has excellent taste in food. Yuyuko is the literal incarnation of taking it easy.

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Even in most anime, I prefer the secondary heroines who would deserve more love, but don't get it. She kinda falls into that category in Touhou.

Her music in PCB was very good, got me into listening to Touhou music. Now I have gigs of it, derp.
It's so easy to make her happy.
Best doujins.
Shanghai is so cute!
I'm not really fond of her design, clothing or abilities. I just like her (non canon) role and personality.

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Source on image plz

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wtf... I could swear I posted a message almost identical to yours.

captcha + quick reply = fuck.

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All of them because they are cute, like you are OP.