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So, since Raymoo is the main character, is she a well liked protagonist amongst Touhoufags?

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Special note: Marisa's the only one who genuinely LIKES Reimu.

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Reimu is pretty well crafted to be universally palatable.

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She kills people here and there... yeah shes quite nice i guess. Wish she was less UBER.

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Reimu is pretty cool guy. eh kills youkais and is afraid of nothing

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Always felt she was dull. Maybe it's due to her Main Character Plot Hax and Armor.

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well the japs vote her pretty high, usually 1-2 so...yeah i guess

her personality, like most touhoues, vary from doujins to doujins so who cares

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i personally love Reimu. i'd totally visit her shrine.

if you know what i mean

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My roomate likes her. Then again, he likes any and all shrine maidens.

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Like this?

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she won both western & japanese popularity contests last time around, she's more popular than you guys think.

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Well that because shit like animusuky vote. OH LOOK SHES A MIKO OH MY GOD MIKO MIKO SO KAWAII ~___~ moe~~~~ moe~~~

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She didn't get MY vote, I assure you.

Pic related

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I would like to see the results of such contests.

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