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Has anyone here bought anything from dl.getchu with a credit card? Is it discreet when it comes to the credit card statement? Thanks.

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Please, people. I don't want to take any risks here.

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Thanks. I won't go into details, but it would be best if there were no way of anyone else even guessing what it is I bought.

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protip: no one cares if you have a disgusting otaku hobby/fetish, you will still be alone your whole life.

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Okay, fuck you guys. I should know better than to ask /jp/ for any kind of help.

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He's using his father's credit card. Just imagine the disappoint.

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I think he's trying to say that you should just state what you're buying. It's not like you'll shock anyone.

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It depends where you live.

I wouldn't recommend shipping anything loli related through the mail, credit card questions aside.

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>>buying anything that isn't a fig

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No, I have a carefully maintained facade of normality which I need because I'm from a traditional family that doesn't believe in things like pornography or social anxiety. If some of my hard drive contents were found out I'd probably be disowned.

It's a download-only thing, so that's thankfully not an issue. Maybe the whole thing is too risky anyway. Not like it matters that much.

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Oh, still so young.

What are you doing on /jp/, you still have a chance.

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Yep, better to just pirate than have a chance to be branded a pedophile. Even if you want to support them, it's not a good gamble.

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Once he does move out on his own he can then buy it and then support the artist

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