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I brown touhous, but I'm not very good.

Here's an almost-lewd satori I was working on.

Tell me /jp/, what touhou do you want to see brown?

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No niggers allowed.

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Brown Tewi is the only acceptable brown Touhou.

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allright then

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I tried giving her black ears but that looked stupid, so I made them caramel

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Mmm... am I invited to this thread?...

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Brown unzan

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Make her into ganguro!

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they were made white for a reason, keep their shit colored skin at /h/

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no way bro, I'm not nearly talented enough for that.

Plus I have an older version of photoshop with a completely useless magnetic lasso, I have to lasso this stuff in manually, but at least it's lassoed in correctly (the first time I go over the outline).

They're just tan

Browning doesn't usually work so well with non-skin characters

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Oh well... might as well post a few previous tannings done...

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If you want proper niggers you should change the facial features too. It looks like a bad body paint, not a tan or naturally dark skin.

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Oh, I was going through my brown folder and found a pic of Lunasa I did ages ago

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and a much darker version as well

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I am brown and I am disgusted by brown Touhou characters. Reported.

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Why the self hate, friend?

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Everybody knows that being dark is a shame. White=light, purity. Black=darkness, dirtiness.

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what´s the problem? if you´re brown, you´re probably some mixed-bastard - you ain´t even black, therefore you got no right to pull the "colored man is displeased"-card.

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Indeed, and both sides have always been regarded as each other's equals. The Yin-Yang philosophy of light, dark, hard, soft, male, and female, comes to mind, here.

Each negates the other, and so provide balance. Nothing to be afraid of.

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>brown touhous

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Asian bullshit right there. I was thinking about good/evil from a Judeo-Christian standpoint, where bad people are to burn forever.

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This I can believe in.

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>believes in Hell
Good luck with that. When you get to God's doorstep, are you gonna beg forgiveness like a pussy or man up and take your eternal punishment?

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It's no use to beg once you're dead. If your name isn't in the Book of life, you're not going to the New Jerusalem.

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Silence, sinner. Repent now and you may still have a chance to escape eternal damnation.

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You complain about Asian bullshit and then bring on the Hebrew bullshit?

come ON

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You fags can have it. I sinned, and enjoyed every minute of it. I'll never ask for forgiveness. If God has a problem with that, He's free to do what he likes, just as He made me to be.

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You are clearly a Nazi and anti-semite.

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Asians weren't visited by God, their religions are invalid.

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No, the texts about hell predate the Catholic church.

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You're right, I am a Nazi.

I am pondering the FINAL SOLUTION ......

...to the NEET problem.

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So if they invented it, that means it exists, right?

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ITT Grendel and Beowulf exist.

This thread is now awesome.

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A glorious cleansing fire.

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Everything that was once defined exists in some form or other.

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Not really disputing that.
Just disputing the sense that things defined have a hard literal existence rather than an imaginary existence.

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don´t come up with the fucking jews man. they´re even higher on the racism-tier list than america and their bullshit.

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All I wanted was to make some brown touhous

/jp/ can't help but shit on the floor over every little thing these days.

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