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So, what sort of a tought would Satori read from your mind the moment you meet?

me, "Ok try not to think about fapping to her quite a lot"

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Oh god, that lewd body. Why is she so lewd?

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what a kawaii 5th grade loli.

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That eye is looking at my sluttily

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Why did I read your post in a Brooklyn accent?

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what kinda fucking parent dresses their kid up like that

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"Holy shit I must be dead, because I'm in Gensokyo"

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her mind would be just filled with pictures of me having furious sex whit her on missionary position. duuh

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that eye is trolling me

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>"Holy shit I must be dead, because I'm in HELL"

Kindly remember where Satori lives.

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"Need to reach Kirisame household!, this is not the loli I'm looking for!"

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Dem hips.

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I just think of goatse, tubgirl etc and see if her face changes

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An awesome one
thats fucking who

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"Satorin is so cute that living becomes painful..."

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Most of the time she wouldn't be able to understand since most your thoughts are in language foreign to her.

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She can still receive mental imagery.

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I'd probably be so worried about accidentally thinking about my most embarrassing sexual fantasies that in my effort to not think about them, I would end up going through them one by one. Within a few seconds, she would hardly be able to see me as a man.

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>Thinking in images

What? I thought everyone thought in text format and just read it along?

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She wouldn't read anything embarassing from me. I'm autistic and pure of heart

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Are thoughts mere concepts or language based? Can we think without a language?

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Different people think in different patterns.

Left brain/right brain dominance has an influence.

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>"I wonder if I can get a pizza in gensokyo. I mean, the base materials are easy enough. Actually, if no one else has, I could totally open up a shop in the human village that sells them. Quick, easy, tasty, and I'd bet none of them know what they are. It could be a delicacy! I could rip 'em off harder than-- shit, she can read my mind. Fuck, now I need a Gensokyo Patent Office and get there before her!"

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What's with the eye?

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I would say no, but only because a language-naive brain develops an internal "language" which may not necessarily be images OR words. It would consist largely of emotions and general sensory input.

Of course, if you don't interact with anybody, there's no need for describing complex concepts, so thoughts would be pretty simple.

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Satori is a special type of youkai known as a satori. (Yes, her name is Satori Komeiji and her species type is satori. Blame her parents.) They have an eye attached by veins/wires of some sort that allows them to read the minds of humans and youkai.

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"Oh god its that fucking cat that fucks me over every stage...."

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Oh god, not another little girl. I wonder what her hax is.

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She's a powerful telepath who can mimic the most terrifying attacks you've seen by copying your memory.

So her powerlevel is randomized. If you've had a run in with Yukari Yakumo, she's as strong as Yukari Yakumo.

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How do you be polite to a satori? Reign in your thoughts, or not? Should you even bother speaking?

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Suddenly a bunch of newfags.

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I know what her power is. That's what I'd be thinking if I met her and didn't.

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>What the hell? She's real? Am I dreaming?

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What would Koishi see in your mind?

In before 3 variations on dicks.

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My current obsession to be her human pet, which is so strong that it permeates my dreams.

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Nothing because she can't read minds.

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I think he meant when that autistic nutjob cracks open your skull and looks inside for delicious candy.

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She slinks into your self conscious.

What she does there is a mystery.

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She can read and manipulate the subconscious. That's mind-reading.

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>Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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She acts really really creepy and makes you forget things and teleports all over the place by making you forget her.

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That's actually pretty deep. My experience would be that pattern recognition and visualizing 3d objects happen without language. When I'm trying to figure out a route to take to someplace, I connect waypoints in my mind to form a route without thinking about the names of places or using language.

I guess having used language to think all my life makes it difficult to suddenly stop using it though. I wonder what kind of inner life feral children have.

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>"Don't think about dicks....fuck."

And she never thought any different.
I wonder what her sister would think of my sick mind?

Probably indifferent.

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No, it's not.

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>Stick to the plan.

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It's close enough.

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Not really. Subconscious is instincts and reflexes and things you don't thinking about. Like breathing and stuff.

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I need some context on how I'm meeting her. Are we at one of our homes, Was this a planned meeting, or did I just run in to her somewhere, etc.

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I don't think Koishi can make you stop breathing. That stuff is hardwired. Instead, she might be able to do something like give you a massive death wish and make you commit suicide.

But hey, take whatever interpretation you like. Not like ZUN is going to clarify anything.

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Since there is no clear definition of subconscious and the word is mostly just new age crap, she does this how exactly. By introducing an overriding desire to do something you don't really want to but can't quite grasp where the though came from or that it even exists? It sounds a bit silly to say the least.

"I'm gonna stab myself now but heavens know why."

Does Koishi cause us to do all those stupid things that "seemed like a good idea at the time"?

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Maybe. She might mess with emotions too. Most people have no idea why they feel what they do, so making someone kill themselves would be as simple as putting them in the right emotional state.

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Or break down into a sobbing mess, allowing her to imprint herself upon you so you want her to be your owner and master...

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Fuck yeah. I hope she makes me love her too.

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I would break down laughing hysterically because all the shit she would see in my mind would be some funny ass shit

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I don't trust Koishi with power over emotions, since... you know... she kinda gave them up to get that power.

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Damn, now what was the name of that doujin where Satorin is walking through town and seeing everyone she passes fantasizing about having sex with/raping her?

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That's horrible.

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It's arousing.

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I suppose it's slightly better than actual Satori rape. Slightly.

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this is relevant to my interests.

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FFFFUCK, I used to remember. It was fantastic, and one of the few things I translated for someone else.

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Please remember!!

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Bumping for Satorin mind rape doujin.

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Why does Koishi pervert the pure love between sisters?

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In a row?

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Stop making false sexual claims about my computer speakers!

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That's just fanon. Canon implies Koishi doesn't really think much of her sister. Well she's more impressed with the random stranger who beat her up, her sister, and her sister's pets according to her profile.

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She's attractive.

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Good fanon. Relying on canon too much is bad for you.

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Because Satori vomiting into Koishi's waiting mouth is moe~

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Cause she's voiced by Ilya.

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Why would you mention this!?

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Bashful Satorin is the worst. Stoic Satorin is best.

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is that the kind that stubs her toe and kills herself?

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No, it's the kind that doesn't give a shit what you're thinking.

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I agree. She may choose to show some emotions, but overly timid interpretations of her just ruins it for me.

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Why not both? Usually stoic, but bashful when overwhelmed?

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Glasnost's Koishi is better.

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I prefer psychotic when overwhelmed. You won't shut up your thoughts? She'll MAKE you shut up.

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Glasnost doesn't have a scene where you essentially become Koishi's pet, though I will say I like his Koishi as well.

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Only because half his readers hate her guts. No taste, no taste at all. Things really would have gone much smoother if they'd trusted her more.

His Satori isn't so good though. Too angry.

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One thing to point out. Satori lives in hell, and has done for who-knows-how long.

She's not going to be freaked by your pitiful thoughts.

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You'd rather she go catatonic so you can rape her.. I'm on to you.

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goddamn mindreaders
i have wondered this before and the answer is to overwhelm my mind with static/screaming/uvb-76

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She's lived among the honorable oni and her pets for years, you say? Seems like she's ripe for some human to come along and care the hell out of her to me.

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What!? No! That's not accurate at all!

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>honorable oni
Oni are only honorable insofar as they do not lie.

That is, they speak their thoughts.
Every single one of them.

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Think about nothing but 56K modems.

Best way to troll a satori.

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>who-knows how long
As in, we don't know if she lived there when it was actually hell. Even besides that, she just stays in her house with her pets all the time.

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What are you implying? Those thoughts are nothing but just.

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I miss that noise.

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Play C&C Tiberian Sun FireStorm.

Or just favorite this, I guess.


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I'll say it again, those hips are sexy as fuck.

Dat lower body in general. Fapfapfapfap.

The artist receives 1 internets.

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Oni are actually just terrible at lying, so they made up a rule that no-one's allowed to lie because it put them at a disadvantage, and then they all got mad because humans wouldn't play by their rules and left. That's why they hate lies, because it's cheating, unlike Oni strength which is just and righteous and totally squishes puny Humans.

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Humans are actually very good fighters when bolstered by faith, capable of taking out an oni. Then humans began having faith in technology and everything went to shit. Onis ran like cowards.

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I wonder how often this happens...

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As an artist, I'm taking notes here.

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When her mind is tangled. You're truly lucky to be able to glimpse her in that state.

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Satori can read thoughts, including memory. Koishi is able to manipulate the subconscious, or what is beneath and affecting the thoughts.

Satori would be like the waves of the sea. Koishi would be like the moon.

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"...I wonder if she's actually german."

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Well, all I seem to have is the untranslated version. Also, the folder name is just mojibake, but the name is 古明地さとりの憂鬱

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Poor Satori ;_;

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Satori will never grant your delusions.

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That backpack. She's just asking for it.

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Of course not. She isn't a slut.

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bumping with sexy satori

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Well, she is a 5th grade loli, what else do you expect?

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Confusion accompanied with "M'druthers'd be Koishi."

>> No.6618568

I expect people who call her using that pun to die a horrible death by her hand.

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Anyways, are their clothes based on some national style?

I somehow think of Austria when I look at Koishi.

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Satorin would never do something cruel like that!

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That's okay, that's my preferred intake method. Thanks for remembering what I forgot. need to add it into my collection again.

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They are the opposite colors of Satori's clothes.

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Koishi is much cuter than Satori.

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They're both cute. And they've got completely different personalities.

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still can't decide who i like better.

guess i'll just love them both.

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same here

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"Have you read your SICP today?"

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Yes, many times mai mistressu~

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Is there any more of this? It was a ... nice read.

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And what if you meet her like this?

>> No.6620465

"Do I talk or do I just think what I'm going to say and cut out all that talking nonsense?"

>> No.6620471

I would play good samaritan and rape her again.

>> No.6620479

No, unfortunately.

The story turned from Koishi Love to "Run Away!"

Really disgusting. I want to be Koishi's.

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No, no, you found her in an alley or something. You haven't raped her.

>> No.6620509

Yeah, I know I haven't raped her yet. I said 'again' because she looks like she's been raped and brutalized just moments ago.

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Oh, ok.
Please don't rape Satori.

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What a shame.

It is a nice setting for her, one which I hadn't thought about.

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I wonder if being one of her pets would be similar

>> No.6620900


I've never really thought much of Koishi, but that made me totally fall in love with her.

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"How does it feel to be the inferior of the two?"

>> No.6621485

maybe if you paid attention to her she wouldn't have to try so hard

making a girl have to do such a lewd thing :<

and now she'll really be traumatized since she knows you think of her as some sort of "broken goods" rape victim

>> No.6621666

I'd pay to see either of the sisters get psychoanalyzed. Watching everything blow up in Freud's face would be amazing.

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Just before I saw this post I said "I haven't seen German Koishi in ages." Thank you.

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That made me feel very happy.

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I don't get it.

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The term "moeshit" is an oxymoron.

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This taste...

>> No.6623769

Want me to suck your cock, bro?

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By the way now she's wearing a swimsuit, your boner just became painfull

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Seductive/sexy Satori doesn't work for me.

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I suggest you contact a penis engine mechanic ASAP.

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Don't get the wrong idea; your picture is good, but the OP just looks slutty.

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Any drawfriends that could change OP's picture into Orin-sama?


>> No.6624282

With the same pose too or just the anatomy?

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Same pose.

Dat lower-half anatomy. Preferably less retarded eyes and armpits are a bonus. I don't care about the arms so much.

>> No.6624313

>less retarded eyes and armpits
....uh, what??

>> No.6624337

The requested picture would have less retarded eyes than OPs picture, and armpits are a bonus (i.e. the requested picture would have naked armpits like Reimu).

I think OP's picture would look better with a more innocent expression.

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"Now I will see what kind of perverted thoughts... What? None? Oh... I'm an ugly little loli, you say? Hey, that's mean! Aren't you even the slightest bit aroused...? No? How cruel! I hate you!"

>> No.6624372

Why didn't he just say so then?
Way to over complicate things! I almost thought I might have something wrong with my eyesight.

>> No.6624415

I can't take it easy with such a gross mischaracterization of Satori around.

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what a good girl

>> No.6624431

Wouldn't she rather get everyone else stoned, rather than her?

>> No.6624460
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it's hard living underground.

>> No.6624483

Would it hurt if I poked that eye out? I bet it would. I wanna poke it now.

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The base for customization at 200% size. (transparent .PNG)

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>> No.6624527

too healthy. i guess it would work for some touhous.

>> No.6624535

OP's pic is so great, that the outline template is also fappable. Dat fucking fat cameltoe. Seriously.

>> No.6624571

I just want to say you've done a damn fine job.

>> No.6624594


Now, if only that becomes a Koishi...

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This NEEDS to be exploited.

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Spaß ist, was ihr draus macht!

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>> No.6624701

I wish I could cry on Koishi's shoulder like that ;_;
Oh well, gonna have to bottle up those suicidal feelings like a boss.

>> No.6624738
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I know, Anonymous. I, too, wish to cry into Koishi's shoulder and enjoy her hugs.

We have our fantasies, at least.
I know I'll be falling asleep pretending to be lying in Koishi's arms tonight.

>> No.6624802
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>So what sort of a thought would Satori read from your mind the moment you meet?

"-may as well have a circle with PUT BOMB HEER on the fucking canopy, Kentucky-windage bullshit, who was the coder who thought WANT TAS? BUY A FUCKING E6B, NIGGER! Fuck that guy. Who the fuck is this. Purple hair and


WHAT THE FUCKING EYE OH FFFUFCKCAzzrrrrRRGH GRIP get a grip still not as weird as the PEOPLE EATING TREE in the garden of the Ghost Princess holy SHIT now that's a good name for a band, like grunge-metal with a flute, we can totally work a flute in there somehow, flute is like PENIS this one time at ba- OH NO I won't even THINK that stupid fucking phrase enough blood has been spilt on it's account and-

-she's looking at me well let her look what're YOU looking at bitch cute hairband at least there's no hat the hats are the worst the hats the hats EAT YOUR MIND to behold them like that bitch with the fruit nailed to her hat seriously fruit? Well British people have hats like that I think I saw one once or twice but they're all insane from eating each other trapped inside because it's dark and rainy all the time serves them fucking right they banned golf, stupid game but golf, seriously, it keeps all the rich fuckwads busy and out of restaurants where they harass CSRs and the fuck is oh shit no way she's talking to me go away seriously I don't do the whole human interaction thing anymore 'but I'm not' YOU'VE GOT ARMS AND LEGS AND EYES AND A HEAD AND SHIT YOU COUNT AS HUMAN FUCK OFF and-

That is literally what it's like.

>> No.6624892

What if someone stabbed that giant eye on her?

>> No.6624956

That's just like my thoughts right before I fall asleep or when I have a high fever.

>> No.6624976
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Well I'm glad I've been bumped up the evolutionary ladder by quite a margin.

>> No.6625002

I'm sure she'd be crying after reading this. I'm not sure whether it'd be out of happiness or pity, but she'd be crying.

>> No.6625029 [SPOILER] 
File: 300 KB, 1400x875, EveryDay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My thoughts upon falling into gensoukyou and meeting satori, there is no return.

>> No.6625046 [SPOILER] 
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Are you sure it isn't this?

>> No.6625056

Koishi will mindrape you for having lewd thoughts about her.

>> No.6625069
File: 96 KB, 708x1000, Psycho_Mantis_IV_by_arok318[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I figure this is the sort of thing she has to deal with regularly.

>> No.6625076

Do we even really know what Koishi's power is, specifically? I mean, going off the translation posted on the Touhou wiki, it seems like even ZUN isn't quite sure, beyond it having something to do with the subconscious.

>> No.6625083

No idea~ Just make some shit up that seems right to you.

We know she can avoid waking up sleeping people, if that helps.

>> No.6625097
File: 42 KB, 400x300, metal_gear_i_feel_asleep--article_image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How useful!

>> No.6625144

Hmm. Checking again, that line says she can remain unnoticed from anybody, not just sleeping people.

So, that's the power to keep things in the subconscious in the subconscious. The rest of her powers (if she has any) should look something like that. For example, she might also have the power to prevent you from STOPPING noticing something. That is, make you fixate on a thought or feeling. That would probably crash your brain.

>> No.6625165

Who the hell?... What the hell is this girl? Is that eye thing real? Hey, she's kind of cute but she keeps staring at me like... like... fuck I don't know. She's creeping me out now. Fuck. Maybe she knows I'm high... Maybe she can read my mind. Are my eyes red? Do I smell like smoke? Awww fuck, what am I getting all paranoid and nervous for. It's not like some random girl on the street is going to give a flying fuck about m- HOLY FUCK IT MOVED! THAT FUCKING EYE THING MOVED WHAT THE FUCK! And how the fuck did I get in this cave? Where the fuck am I? Jesus, when I get back I need to see a doctor. My brain is FUCKED UP and I'm seeing and hearing some crazy shit. Actually, fuck that thought. I want to stay here. This place is trippy and cool. I wonder if I got hit by a car and I'm in a coma and just as something good is about to happen here I'll wake up in a hospital bed hungry as fuck and there will be pizza commercials on the tv but I'll be on an all liquid diet. God this is terrible. I don't want to wake up. Hey, maybe I should say something to this girl before she thinks I'm retarded or something.

>> No.6625172
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>> No.6625247
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Sort of want to read a whole story written like this.

>> No.6625525

"Umineko. Blazblue. Umineko."

She would probably think that I'm completely insane.

>> No.6626291


>> No.6626330

>Satori. Mind-reading. Could read bad thoughts. Don't think lewd. What would she look like naked? Already seen that. No. Got it. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

>> No.6626553

I'd be thinking as if I was talking to her normally.

>> No.6628022
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>> No.6628038
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"hey, her third eye look like a...patapon. PATA PATA PATA PON ! (repeat X time)"

i've been addicted to patapon recently

>> No.6628094


>> No.6628195

"Oh hey, it's Satori!..."

>> No.6628206

"What the fuck..?"

>> No.6628222
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That's a perfect Satori cosplay. I've never thought such a thing could happen.

>> No.6628261

the question is, can she understand spanish throughs?

>> No.6628291

She'll just look at your memories of learning the words, if she can't.

>> No.6628298 [DELETED] 


>> No.6628326

thats pretty awesome

>> No.6629836
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The ratio of bad to good Satori pictures on pixiv is saddening.

>> No.6629910

Actually...yeah, something like this. My mind would be going a mile a minute trying to occupy myself in an attempt to avoid thinking bad thoughts.

Most people's thoughts don't really follow coherent threads, after all...or is that just me?

>> No.6630328
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Why? Seeing bad pictures doesn't sadden me. Besidees, that's what the favorite artist button is for.