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how do you feel about old hags?

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those young whipper snappers should go die somewhere.

you don't need to be old to be a hag, and being old doesn't make you a hag.

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i'm not a pedo, so i like them the best.

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They make me feel happyin my pants.

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Got to like them. Got no other choice.

Just joined the great and magnificent league of Christmas cakes this year. Going to hit 30 in another four. Still a way to go before the hag stamp, but getting there whether I like it or not.
Got to learn liking the hags, or I'm going to have very awkward mornings sometime the next two decades.

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Komachi isn't old, she exists outside of mortal time.

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>ranion nerds.

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You should not call such fine young ladies hags

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Are you calling Komachi a hag?

If so then i seriously must reconsider the pejorative connotation of the word hag.

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I want to stick my penis into their vagina then shoot semen out my urethra

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How graphic.

Keep in mind the possibility your post may be the only hint to the nature of human sexuality as found by the techno-archeologists of our hypothetical evolutionary descendants.

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are there any at least decent touhou hag futa doujins? I've only seen one good doujin, it was Eirin x Kaguya x Reisen

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>ran, yuuka, and yuugi
hahaha no

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How is Ran not? Most mother-like touhou.

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Ran isn't a hag. Yukari is a lazy old hag. Ran is a loving, hard-working mother.

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And yet Yukarin is clearly hotter

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Christmas cake is the best kind of cake when it comes to Touhou.

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None of them are fine, they defiantly are not young, and I'm not too sure they're really ladies.

And I won't call them hags as that would be an insult to hags everywhere.

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Titty grannies are a blight. Tenko is were it is at.

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most old people are mean and just want to feel up your insides