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According to the Aya interview, Ran's powers are pretty much level with Yukari's if Ran is obedient and aligned with her master or some shit.

Do you think that a fully powered Ran could take on Yuka or Flan?

And where do you think that the touhou deities, Komachi, Shiki, Kanako, and Suwako, fall in terms of power levels?

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If Chen were a better shikigami she could be level with Ran who could be level with Yukari.

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>the touhou deities, Komachi, Shiki, Kanako, and Suwako


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Ran can utilize Yukari's power plus her own.

Chen can utilize Ran's power plus her own.

So, in terms of powerlevels, Chen > Ran > Yukari

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Trick question.
Even full powered Yukari wouldn't stand a chance.

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Shinto deities can die can't they?

Because Izanami died.

As a Buddhist deity, I guess Yama is totally indestructible.

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With strange eons, even death may die.

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are normal youkai immortal or just very long lived?

like, so long lived as to be almost immortal but not quite

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While Shikieiki's combat capacity is never directly referenced, at the conclusion of ZUN's "A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years", Yukari Yakumo believes that herself, Yuyuko Saigyouji and Reimu Hakurei to be together "no match for" the Yama.

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Eiki-sama is an enlightened being, so it makes sense that her power is absolute.

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Just filter him please, I wouldn't even know he was in this thread without you pointing it out.

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what's the ultimate magic do

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To argue a fine point - I don't think Komachi and Shikeki are deities like Kanakao and Suwako, even though their powers in their respective fields are comparable.
A deity relies on faith for their power - depending on how much or how little they get their status can vary considerably.

Meanwhile the Shinigami and Yama are tied to the natural order, they're an inseparable part of human existence.

Speaking of the natural order, Yukari has always struck me as the most extreme of those meddling with it. Manipulating Boundaries that were never meant to be manipulated and what not.

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dunno, but it's probably something moe

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something something Ran something something power levels

have a nice picture

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While many youkai mirror aspects of nature, one could argue that for a youkai, simply existing is unnatural.

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Komachi is outside the scale since eventually, she gets everyone.

Not that she wants to or anything.

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Ran would tell her opponent that she has been a very naughty girl and would spank her bottom before sending her off home with a stern lesson.

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Ran is a 9 tailed fox so she's already a pretty high class youkai. Yukari probably picked her out due to her intelligence.

Being a shikigami somehow increases your powers as long as you're in tune with your master. Not sure how that works.

When Ran was an extra boss, we don't really know if she was receiving the benefits of being a shikigami or not. Yukari was sleeping after all.

Ran doesn't seem to really need to worry about her own power level though. When Yukari takes notice of a task that is too much for her to handle, she just does the job herself.

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>Komachi is outside the scale since eventually, she gets everyone.
Confirmed for slut?

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It's not like it's a big deal or anything. Eventually, everyone goes on the Titanic.

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is that so~

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>Exceedingly rare exception

They're two in ten trillion.

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>They're two in ten trillion.
two in approximately one hundred and fifteen billion

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Yes, everyone. Whether they are actually dead or not.

The boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead is a bit fluid in mythology, and the immortals are going to have to go somewhere when the universe checks out.