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How will /jp/ be spending Christmas this year? ;_;

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With my family

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posting on 4chan, I hope

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With my family. Just my parents, my sisters, and me.

My sisters sing in the church choir, so we usually go there to listen to them.

I don't know if I'll make it home this year, your picture made my chest feel strange.

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On /jp/

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The same way I spend Christmas every year, with my family.

I hate holidays.

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Making a Christmas thread on xmas eve. Gonna show my affection to you all! Browse, eat cake while watching mai waifu and maybe drink a bit. Something classy!

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With my family. Going shopping today, for groceries.

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>How will /jp/ be spending Christmas this year?
See pic.

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It's going to be a bit more awkward than usual, as I don't have enough money to buy any gifts. Usually I buy some cheap shit for my closest family, but not this year.
Oh well.
I'll probably cook more stuff than usual in exchange.

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>Server will be down for christmas and new year, spend time with your family, -admin

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With my family if I don't kill myself before then. They all ask for expensive presents every year and my parents can barely afford them. Even my sister who should have moved out years ago. It's sickening. And then my parents feel bad when I say I don't want anything for Christmas. I hate it.

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With all my favorite Touhou Community (forum member's and friends, about 40 people) from all the country at a friend's home. Karaoke, Soku tournaments and another baka dances are planned...

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In Gensokyo. ;_;

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I wonder if they know about Christmas in Gensokyo.

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Gonna drink myself to death while joining in the festivities here.

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Sure they do. Mima as christmas tree.

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of course

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Also, will be sending a present to only one person who I can call my friend even though he lives in a different town and I have never seen him. He cut ties with me, but even so I will give him a nice present to cheer him up. The chances are slim that he will accept it, but I can only hope he does.


I arranged with my mother to be alone for the whole day on 30th so lots of music and untz, some games on Steam and of course Umineko.

And I will get drunk no matter what. That's my main priority.

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I'll be here like every other day.

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Without a sober moment. Without leaving my apartment.

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I'll be spending it with my extended family.

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Does anyone know of an amazing anime/VN with a christmas theme, or that just gives the feeling of Christmas?

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i ll be replaying freelancer and download/watch all the anime that came out this fall

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Freelancer! Hooray! You are the best game ever!

... or... were... so many years ago. I wonder how many hours I spent just choo-chooing around in my dromedary, buying low and selling high, just because I pretty much enjoyed the ambience, the colours of space and the exotic yet earthly-feeling locations more than combat or plot in the game.

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With my family.

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Last episodes of Welcome to The NHK, Toradora! and Kimi Ni Todoke. And many more. But those are good examples. I plan on watching Kimi Ni Todoke's last episodes on December 30th.

Cpatcha: Present propeld

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>gives the feeling of Christmas


youre welcome

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I'm Jewish, so probably like any other day.

Christmas is awesome though. Fuck my people for not being able to distinguish between religion and things that are fun. Funny how non-Jews celebrate a Jewish guy's birthday and we don't.

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Since you are Jewish, you should spend Christmas eating chinese food and going to the movies.

That's what me and all the others Jews do.

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With my immediate family and building one of the various model kits I've had shipped to my home address that my mother insists on wrapping.

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I'll watch more of Toradora!. My friends and I will sing some karaoke (mostly anisongs and the like).

We'll also watch Silent Night, Deadly Night, the best Christmas slasher movie ever:

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I've watched both NHK and Toradora!, and I've had Kimi ni Todoke on my mind for a while so I'll check it out. Thanks!

Ah of course, I should catch up on that, stuck on episode 8 or something.

What's that feeling creeping up on me... nostalgia!

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I'll probably be too high to notice.

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get up. go upstairs. eat bacon and pancakes. open presents. spend the rest of the day normal

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>not Silent Night Deadly Night 2

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> Replaying Freelancer

You have fine tastes and I don't want anyone to tell you otherwise
On topic, I'll spend it with my family, I come back to visit, my sister and her husband come back to visit, so it's quite nice every year..

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What does /jp/ want for Christmas?

I actually have the guts to ask my parents for at least one figurine every year, and I usually get it. But really, opening it in front of everyone on Christmas eve is really embarrassing.

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It's really hard, I don't really need anything but money, however, that's kinda boring for people to give, so I ask for a movie or something.

Saving up for a trip, so maybe money is good after all.

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Isn't that what American Jews do? I'm from Israel.

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>What does /jp/ want for Christmas?

Food. Food would be nice.

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I want a new TV, a nice graphics card, or Donkey Kong Country Returns...


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I'm going to New York City with my family. I don't really want to go though, but I can't really say no.

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A future would be nice, as I don't want to live anymore.

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I just got some shit called Christmas Kush. Shit tastes like a pine tree and gets me torched!

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Japanese language study textbooks. I'm aiming for JLPT 2 next December. I'm also going to get Umineko for the PS3.


The people I'm showing it to haven't seen SNDN 1, and quite a lot of SNDN 2 is flashbacks to the first movie.

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Being dragged away by my fucking family for a whole week.
Since I'm financially dependent on them again, this is an offer I can't refuse.

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in a magical land Disney World

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I'm setting out on Christmas Eve to complete the Amagami Challenge failure punishment.

Shit will feel both good and bad, man.

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masturbating, eating, /jp/ing, playing pretend with my delusions

just a normal day, maybe a little more depressing tho

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This, i might also get drunk with people i used to consider friends. It will start akward, then it will be pleasant as we catch up, but then the alcohol will hit me and i will start yelling at them for beeing superficial and never caring about me, or even each other. I will make them notice that they weren't for me when i didn't leave my home for 5 months, and that they actually hate eachother, putting emphasys in the fact that the only one who ever helped someone else with his or her problems was me. After that, i will end it with a low but audible "fuck you" and leave.
Fun for the whole family!

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While you lucky bastards are home enjoying Christmas with your families, I'll be working.

Shit sucks man.

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At least you have a job.

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I worked last Christmas, it really does. At least there's the bonus.

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I won't be with family, and I won't be home. If I were, I'd be very unlucky indeed.

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Home alone

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Spending time with family, of course. I am not especially fond of them, but family is family and I have to at least see them on Christmas.

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Watching my imouto that I'm in love with get married.

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She could feel the same way and you just don't know it.

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I'll be on /jp/, please be easy on me.

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Don't remind me.

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I'm moving out early after finals to visit family. They're understanding, and not exchanging presents is a tradition for us. I'll probably binge on fruitcake and bourbon.

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>Amagami Challenge
so that sort of ilk reached even /jp/ huh?

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>Freelancer Alpha 1-1. Good Luck out there!

on topic

i ll be alone
i ll be on /jp/

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i´m probably spending christmas at my parents home. There´s no point in spending the day in my students apartment while everyone is gone and i´m all alone.

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Visiting my boyfriend, who lives in another country. He bought the tickets for me.

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>There´s no point in spending the day in my students apartment while everyone is gone and i´m all alone.

you could go on a panty raid

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With my family. It's actually one of the highlights of my year, because I go out to NV with my uncle, and get drunk while troubleshooting his e-commerce program.

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Ah double pay on a government job, I love it!

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I'll be enjoying Christmas with what few of you still happen to be browsing /jp/.

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Planning a /jp/ meet-up in the east coast.

Who's down for this?

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I'll be keeping count of the /jp/edos who kill themselves this Christmas. It's exciting to see who survives.

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I know this is a troll, but I try anyway.

Why are woman like you browsing this board? What is the reason? We talk most of the time about eroge with a male lead fucking a dozen of girls or which touhou is the cutest and how to fuck them, there is no point for a woman, especially not for one with a boyfriend, to browse /jp/.

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like last year, with you losers.

Except, last year was the release of that Galaxy Angel game/patch so it gave me something to do. I don't think I have anything to look forword to this year.

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New England?

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I'll be spending it with my family, but I won't forget about you guys, so I'll be here for some time on Christmas day.

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It's a fairly clever and fun idea.

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Not going to happen.

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>.45 ACP

Cool story, bro.

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Hitting up the neighbourhood park bench will be fun in itself.

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Most likely get severely drunk that could kill me so I can forget about Christmas. Every year I was close of dying from Alcohol poisoning but never happens... ;_;

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There was a thread about a meet-up not to long ago, and someone had brought up Christmas day. Turns out there's a fair amount of /jp/ers living in the east cost, including my self in CT.

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It'd be awful if dating = must give up /jp/ or some internet thing.
I like Touhou and I've been playing erogames for years. I've been on /jp/ since before meeting my boyfriend, and he uses /jp/, too. If I suddenly hated and avoided /jp/ then I might as well be rejecting some of my boyfriend's essential values.

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Playing Blikje Phantasm nonstop while lapping up my hot tears.

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>pissing in the park.

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I actually used to play vn when my ex girlfriend was studying or reading. She would only make fun out of the orgasm voices, wich are, actually, quite laughable at.
To bad she didn't understand my neetness, i had to break up with her because she kept trying to help finish my studies, and leave the house. She still laughs at the eroges when i play around her, but much less since she is still ackward.

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Stop trying to turn people gay.

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Taking my girlfriend to Washington, D.C. As I'm rather sick of it having grown up near there, my trade off is getting to drag her to the next Otakon. Kinda a ong wait, but what the hell.

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Just don't actually force her to go to Otakon. It is a rather major shock for those unprepared to handle the overflowing retardism at cons.

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with my family.

I don't give a fuck about Christmas, the true spirit has been corrupted long time ago.

but they like it, so I'll do whatever makes them happy... they are the reason I haven't killed myself, so...

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As usual