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I hate that stupid princess....

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Don't you have something better to do, Mokou? Like making out with Keine?

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She left for that bitch rinnosuke.

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I feel cheated on.

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Made a child a lived happily ever after. ;_;

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then rape her

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I never made that connection before. I'm going to go kill myself.

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>that last panel

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sad Mokou ITT
lets dump all the goodies, it's about time I made a Moko collection.

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not if Mokou gets raped first
rinnosuke's alpha as fuck

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What a happy couple

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I usually don't save sad pictures of characters I like, unless they are crying with someone else.

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Does this count as sad?
She could be frowning.

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Hime-sama superior!!

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sure thing

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i dont see how anybody can hate mokou she is like one of the hottest characters

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Yeah, anything sad or of the like.
Preferrably cute or deep

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I can't hate any of Touhou's characters. Not even Rinnosuke.

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>Keine chaperoning Mokou on her first date

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hate sex is the best sex

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>sad Moku

I can dig this.

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TL Note: Fuck me harder.

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not exactly sad, but still a good tribute.
polite sage

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S-...stop looking Anonymous

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You know, it occurs to me I have seen far more "sad Moku" art then any other touhou, besides the few who are designated.... no, wait, I've seen more sad Moku then even sad Wriggle.

What gives?

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curse of immortality, eternally unfulfilled revenge, tragic past, still tormented by Kaguya, etc

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Plus she gets beaten up by no less than eight people for literally no reason at all.

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Mokou is frequently represented as a tragic figure in a lot of doujins and has a canonical tragic backstory. Fanon Wriggle, on the other hand, is part of team nine and hangs out with Cirno all the time.

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The most common pairing for Mokou, her and Keine, is doomed to be torn apart because of Mokou's immortality. Meiling/Sakuya gets a lot of similar treatment.

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EIGHT!? Kaguya is a given, but... the rest!?

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The most common pairing for Mokou, her and Keine, is doomed to be torn apart because of Mokou's immortality. Meiling/Sakuya gets a lot of similar treatment.


And these.

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in b4 that one artist I hate so much

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On second thought, replace 'beaten up' with 'killed about 7-8 times.'

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Her life is a punishment that she can never escape from. An endless reality.
Hourai Incarnate, Victim of the Ultimate Sin....

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EIGHT!? Kaguya is a given, but... the rest!?


I guess that makes sense. Plenty of touhous have problems in similar departments, but I can't think of any who have the sheer range and breadth of them that Moku does.

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Erm... Imperishable Night Extra?
I mean, Kaguya had a reason to do it, but the PCs don't. Other than "Kaguya told us to," which doesn't make sense since they just finished beating her up.

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I want to see more young Mokou

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look at the girl with the immortality medicine

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Oh. Right.

Christ, the girl DOES get her ass kicked around a lot, doesn't she? Never really thought about it before...

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Didn't Mokou have black hair when she was young? I wonder how it turned white. Was it because of the medicine?

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sages and prettyboys tend to have white hair
mokou's kind of both

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This is something I've been wondering as well. I haven't yet seen anything definite on what she actually looked like before.

Pretty certain that its just fan speculation that she got the white hair and red eyes along with her fire powers.

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all those things are real. You see her with black hair in her chapter of runagate

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Yeah, there's no official explanation.
One would imagine that's what makes the most sense, since it doesn't appear to be anything related to the Hourai Elixir by itself (re: Kaguya's still-black hair).

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I've been thinking, if Mokou had ever wanted to die, why doesn't she just jump into Mt. Fuji? Wouldn't that destroy the Hourai Elixer that resides in her body?

I mean, that was how the emporer intended to destroy the elixer in the first place, after all.

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Why does Goku's hair turn yellow when he goes super saiyan?

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this is a nice piece of work from KamS

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the elixir can be nullified, but if you drink it before it becomes null, it's too late. I don't think the elixir sustains immortality, but rather just "enlightens" that person who tastes it. Won't matter after.

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I don't think that's how it'd work. ZUN's Hourai elixir isn't quite the same as the legend's, so there's no guarantee that would destroy it in the first place.
As well, while the elixir does remain in the body, you'll still be resurrected if your body is completely destroyed. So it's more of an intrinsic property of the self, than anything physical.

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>The liver must be eaten raw. Burning and roasting will destroy the Hourai's power.

>even if you roast me, I won't die. But it'd be so hot... *sob*

Yuyuko's route, IN extra.
Killing a Hourai immortal is completely impossible.

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commencing Epic Mokou dump.

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How can Mokou be so popular, yet only appear in 2 games?

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There's enough crazy bullshit in Gensokyo alone for someone to find a way. Hell, Eirin probably already knows a way.

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She's not all that popular, and the majority of Touhous only appear in two or three games.

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She's cool.
Great dialogue, Phoenix trademark, and a unique charisma

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Chapter 1 confirmed that she KNOWS that anyone who tastes that medicine will NEVER die. She also says that's why nobody must ever taste it.

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Chapter one of what?
Actually, nevermind. There's a way.

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Think for a second what "immortality" means. To live forever.
Wouldn't be a way to undo it if it's an immortality medicine.

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nice shot of the IN team.

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So create an antidote or something.

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What if she knows an antidote for such a medicine is impossible? That'd make it a true immortality medicine.
She could have made it permanent.
After all, it's not an immortality medicine if death is not completely ommitted, right? If there's any possibility of a cure, death isn't completely ommited. So she must have made it she'd be free from such manipulation.

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Before elixir was made, I bet people had this exact same conversation on weather or not it was possible to make a "true immortality medicine."
"Impossible" is just another word for "I don't know how."

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Before the elixir was made, I'd bet people had this exact same conversation on whether or not it was possible to make a "true immortality medicine."
"Impossible" is just another word for "I don't know how."

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But then, wouldn't that make the first set of people retroactively right?

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So many sad Mokou pics, but at least in canon we do find out she got over the whole Kaguya thing and as been socializing recently within the village, so she probably won't be a sad lonely puppy in the her future.

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One side of them, yeah.

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"impossible" means "it cannot be done, no matter how many steps you take or what methods you use".
It's a just game anyway. Word of God says she can never die. Lets keep at that, and let doujin artists deal with the derivative work.

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She's still secluded in canon.
She also detests Kaguya. But she doesn't take much initiative in the whole conflict between them. She seems a bit passive.

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And how many times has something been deemed impossible throughout history, only to be accomplished at a latter date?
Word of God? Please. Word of our experts, more like.

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OK now you're arguing just to be an argumentative prick.

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>he thinks ZUN isn't a god
>he thinks Touhou a fictional world, abides by real world rules
>he thinks secondaryfags are experts

Also, there are things that have never been proven wrong. They're called theories, bro. Like the theory of relativity.


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Not really.

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yeah you are. By the way, there's no dispute. Eirin's name translate to "Mind of God". It's implied if anyone knows a cure for it, it'd be her. Especially since she made the medicine.

She made it pretty clear that it's impossible.

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secondaries know everything

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secondaries don't know who'll be the next playable character

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And I'm arguing that nothing is impossible. The only impossibility there is is that something can be impossible, with the exception of that impossibility, of course. Maybe.

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more pics of smoking Mokou please!

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You're confusing yourself. Repeat after me.
"It's just a game."

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you do realise you're talking about impossibilities in a universe in which a character that exist that could flip truth and lies right, you know, impossibility and possibility can exchange places if it wants them to

theres a reason why the hag is the only phantasm boss

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>You're confusing yourself.
No, I am not.

It's just a game. What of it?

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Eh, it's not like she's any harder than the rest of the Extra bosses.
Save Mokou.

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It's already been declared Mokou has lived forever. It's in her profile, practically the first sentence too.

Don't start the "lol Yukari boundary can do anything lolz" crap.
Even she said it was impossible. Mokou said it too, when she said she was free from the boundaries of life and death.

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>Even she said it was impossible.
citation needed

>free from the boundaries of life and death.
not the boundary of truth and lies

keep it up

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this artist is clever

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Extra stage. Look it up the dialogue yourself.
Not gonna bother arguing with you, you're clearly trolling at this point.

>> No.6597488

go on, answer me fool

see >>6597478

dont give me any of that "immotality is forever lolz because it cant totally be turned into a lie" bullshit

>> No.6597490

>I cant provide evidence

you're losing credibility by the second

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nice samefagging

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but that baka will melt to death

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Not even worth expending the effort.

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go blow a horse or something faggot

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Take it easy

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He just provided you with the evidence, retard.

>> No.6597501


you're angry

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Guys. Guys. Guys. SHUT UP.

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Mokocirno thread?

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damn you beat me to it

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Is there a name for the way Mokou's sitting in this one?

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or maybe

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Cool and spicy couple~

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Thanks for the dumps guys. My Mokou folder is satisfied. Feel free to contribute anyway, I'll check back on this thread in the morning.