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You've given me a lot this year, so I'm going to give back. How? Well, I was bored today and registered the domain mywaifu.co.cc. With Windows Live Domains, I can issue windows live accounts ________@mywaifu.co.cc. And I did it just for you. You can use it for an alternate email account or a windows live messenger contact, or whatever indiscriminate things you may want to do with it.

So go ahead and post what you want if you want one, and I'll get around to creating it eventually. Not immediately, I'm going to bed right as soon as I post this. But I'll check this thread a few times a day until it 404's and make them for you as soon as I can. You'll be able to log into it from the windows live website (www dot hotmail dot com) with the default password of "qaz741" (no quotes) once it is created.

Please don't attempt a login on every single requested account posted here. That would be stupid of you and you can only have one waifu anyhow.

Merry early Christmas /jp/.

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Thanks in advance

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I want this.

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Get a real domain then we'll talk.

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i'd really like one of these but the truth of the matter is that i'm scared to have an email under an individual who might be able to steal everything i do under that email

what if i play an mmo and use this email or so?
its not like i have friends to use this email with or anything anyways....

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That's why you change the password after you initially log in.

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mostly because of you OP picture offering suggestion

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I'm probably not ever going to actually use this for anything, but why not?

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Would be nice to have an email I don't have filled with spam.

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Bleh, messed up, but you know what I mean. So clumsy...

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What the fuck happened to /jp/ community? Everyone in this thread is reported. Go back to /a/ fucktards.

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Stop trying to fit in /a/ friend, you are the same guy from this thread >>6592120

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Well played, OP.

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OP here. I've made all of them that have been posted so far, with the exception of >>6592117, because that's the one I'm using. You sir, have excellent taste. If you want I could make it YoumuKonpaku@mywaifu.co.cc or Myon or whatever else you might want.

Otherwise, let me know if you're having trouble logging on. And yes, I will eventually put this on /a/ too, the reason I came here first is because the folks here take priority.

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Thanks in advance OP

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Fucking retarded.

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thank you OP!

i would love to have


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But I'm not mai waifu. Why should I have access to mai waifu's email account?

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>this thread
worse than doubles thread

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Hell no. Gmail for life.

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Also, thanks OP.

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Please and thank you.

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OP here, updated.

I have a Google Apps account that lets me register them as Gmail accounts, but that only allows up to 50 free accounts instead of Windows Live's unlimited free accounts, so it's somewhat reserved-ish.

You should share everything with her. Everything. Even ear picks, toilet paper, and menstrual cramps.

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Are you going to put anything on the actual site?
It would be nice if you at least added a redirect to the winlive site if you're not going to us it for anything else.

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I'll have

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Now really, will I now actually try to use msn for once? Oh god, human contact.

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Much obliged, OP.
Have a nice day!

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OP is awesome.

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I guess I can try this out.

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Also, to those that want to still use gmail or whatever but use OP's email addresses, look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_Office_Protocol
Just a little help for those that don't want to use a new interface.

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Many thanks OP

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Nah, no actual website. I just made it for a better windows live messenger contact. Thanks for the redirect idea though, I tried to set it up just now but hotmail.com is having trouble loading through it, maybe because of the certificate (I'm not sure), and the redirect form seems a bit nonfunctional now. I'll keep on it so it'll work soon hopefully.

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Eh, why not.

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Saber is being used by my best friend, so you're safe from human contact unless you want a different address.

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I own jbcs.info domain. I can give you an @jbcs.info email, but only if you don't want one. Post requests in this thread.

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Ok, I'll have sanae@mywaifu.co.cc then! Thanks!

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I should get that one for obvious reasons. Besides, who is stealing my waifu?

Settling for the more appropriate Mir_Teiwaz_Artonelico@mywaifu.co.cc then.

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this is as bad as claim your waifu threads

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I can't believe no one has taken this yet.


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But Cirno is my daughter, not my waifu...

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hello again... "dad"

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Thanks, OP! Hope you have a happy holiday season!

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Thanks for all the email addresses. Have some spam to go with your new accounts.

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Sounds fucking awesome.

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Thanks anon, this way at leasst my mail box won't be empty.


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You're the best OP ever, I forever love you.

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Make that



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Isn't it the same anyway, Anon?

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I feel not capitalizing her name is doing her a disservice.

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no_one_is@mywaifu.co.cc doesn't that sounds wonderful? I think so.

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Thank you, Anon.

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Well if you care that much, then I guess it's okay.
You are a good person.

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but she's all I have ;_;

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HInagiku is love! You shouldn't be ashamed of your waifu, Anon.

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inb4 we all add each other on msn

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I feel like you should have to go through some trial to get these. Simply claiming a waifu leaves a bitter taste.

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Why did i have too change my password?

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I hope none of you bullies steal my account. ;-;

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I was going to do that, I've never had a MSN.

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This is rape. You are raping your waifu.

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We are getting more things to worship our waifus with OP's help, we are not rapists of 2D waifus.

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It's not rape if she wants it.

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Waifus should not be worshipped. That's placing them apart from you, when you should be drawing them close.

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/jp/ is mai waifu.

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how could you do that to me?!

lunachild is mine

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Alternate spellings.

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Love you too, Anon.

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Thank you, OP. ;_;

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I want to change it to Eila@mywaifu.co.cc now

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>Windows Live Domains
dudebro, you better use google apps. It's free as well and it isn't shit like hotmail.
also, since you can change passwords whenever you want right?

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You are too, Anon.
Love you.

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please and thanks

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Signing up all of your emails for spam. Enjoy, guys.

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Thanks, I'll finally have some emails to read.

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At least 98% of all my e-mails are spam, updates about some website or special offers, i don't even know why i'm requesting this.

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It's so everyone can organize a /jp/ meetup.

>> No.6594447

C'mon OP, create my email.
I can't wait to lay my hands on it.

>> No.6594450

Should we do it when this gets 404'd?

>> No.6594451

so whats the point of this? can i do anything cool with this account?

>> No.6594456

You can chat using windows live messenger!

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I might as well. Thanks OP, and see ya'll on msn.

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>> No.6594489

Password doesn't work ;_;

>> No.6594493


my USC waifu~

>> No.6594496

OP didn't make it yet, that's why.

>> No.6594500


Thanks in advance, OP.

>> No.6594513

78 addresses so far, counting the joke ones.

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>> No.6594530

OP, can you set this up so it would work as a vhost on my IRC shell?

I'll give you a free shell account in return!

>> No.6594531

Shouldn't OP let us know whenever we get the accounts?

>> No.6594532


>> No.6594539


I'm surprised that Sudo didn't claim this yet...
I personally prefer Google Apps but this will have to do, something is better than nothing!

>> No.6594544

I hope OP doesn't count mine as a joke. It's not a waifu name, but I have every intention of using it.

>> No.6594548

Ah, on a second thought, change this to AliceMargatroid@mywaifu.co.cc if possible. Thanks again.

>> No.6594549

>I'll check this thread a few times a day until it 404's and make them for you as soon as I can.

Read the op, be patient.

>> No.6594566

I agree.
I plan on using mine to contact all the /jp/ers that want an email here.
So if OP actually does make mine, add me on windows live~

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>> No.6594625

not mai
I'm sorry, but this is just not acceptable for me.

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1. stop making wl threads on 4chan
2. start making wl threads on anontalk

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I don't really understand the purpose of this. It's just to have an email with mywaifu attached to the end? It would be pretty cool if we could set up some /jp/ MSN groups or something though. Maybe. I don't know.

>> No.6594666

That's what several people have been considering and I agree with them, we should use this mails for /jp/.

>> No.6594677

I like the way you think, Anon!
Let's do it!

>> No.6594679

So I was too impatient and made an ismywaifu.co.cc domain. I think I could set up accounts later if anybody wants an account name that is already taken in OP's domain.

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>> No.6594690

Sakuya@ismywaifu.co.cc please!

>> No.6594698

Since there's an opportunity for a shorter login.


>> No.6594702

thank you

>> No.6594704


are you using hotmail as well?

>> No.6594708

Are you okay with me posting the account passwords here? I can send the passwords of each account to email addresses if you wish.

>> No.6594721

give me a min to make a gmail acc

>> No.6594722



>> No.6594724

SuikaIbuki@ismywaifu.co.cc , Please. What would be the default login information?

>> No.6594726

Please send the password to Sakuya@ismywaifu.co.cc to

>> No.6594731

if we give you our emails then what's the point of making another account?
just post the default pass

>> No.6594737


I'll re request my Hinagiku@ismywaifu.co.cc to you, anon

I'm going to bed soon and I'm worried someone will steal it before I wake up.

>> No.6594745

send the pass for suigintou@ismywaifu.co.cc to

>> No.6594755 [DELETED] 

I have to go soon, and I don't want to lose email.
Just make the password 123456, sorry if I'm asking you too much.

>> No.6594756

Working on those. Suigintou and Sakuya can expect to receive the mails in half an hour tops.

>> No.6594771

Thank you very much!

>> No.6594777 [DELETED] 

Alright, send the pass here instateofunrest@gmail.com, it's an email account used for spam and such. Thanks.

>> No.6594778

Remilia, kogasa, SuikaIbuki and Hinagiku are done.

The password is "faggot" (without the quotes).

>> No.6594786



>> No.6594805


>> No.6594806

Thank you.

>> No.6594812

pass to b1774594@prtnx.com


>> No.6594813


Ty OP!

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>>6594071 here

My love for /jp/ has remained unanswered, so could I trouble you for Anonymous@ismywaifu.co.cc?
It flows better anyways.

>> No.6594816

youmu@ismywaifu.co.cc please! thank you!

>> No.6594827

Alright, thanks.

>> No.6594850


I can't thank you enough!

>> No.6594872

I think I should start using my trip now... also, "faggot" will be the default password for all emails from now on... too lazy to send the emails.

Sent mails to suigintou and Sakuya.


>>6594814, >>6594816, >>6594814
Done. Password = faggot

>> No.6594891

>>6594805 also here

Could I get that for @ismywaifu.co.cc please?

>> No.6594892

Ah, by the way, I have no idea if these kind of accounts let you use Hotmail or not. (I think they do)

And before being able to use MSN you'll need to log into live.hotmail.com and set the security questions. Oh, and accept the privacy policy too.

>> No.6594896



>> No.6594898

Done, with default password.

>> No.6594906

yay it worked thanks!

>> No.6594908

mailbox where

>> No.6594909

misaka@ismywaifu.co.cc and athena@ismywaifu.co.cc

One or both, please. Send the pass to b1776114@prtnx.com

>> No.6594911

Well then, guys, add on windows messenger at Sakuya@ismywaifu.co.cc

Also, thanks so much for this email, anon.

>> No.6594913


>> No.6594915 [DELETED] 

Could you create Kotori@ismywaifu.com, please?

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File: 232 KB, 480x359, packy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't believe I'm doing this...

>> No.6594918
File: 858 KB, 1224x1632, youmu socks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you!

>> No.6594919
File: 205 KB, 343x254, gj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6594921

Where do I sign in?

The Windows Live sign-in isn't accepting mine...

>> No.6594925

Or ismywaifu, I ain't particular.

>> No.6594926

OP, you skipped my request for ScarletFlandre@mywaifu.co.cc . BAAAAAW!

>> No.6594927

got it, thanks much

>> No.6594930

On second thought, instead of Hiroari how's about youmukonpaku@whichever?

>> No.6594931


Just clarifying that this isn't a joke request. Thanks in advance, OP.

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Many thanks, good sir.

>> No.6594936

Okay, I'm a bit tired, so that'll be enough for now. Let's hope OP gives us our other addresses. Oh, and my address is in the email field.


I made one for myself and the mailbox works fine.

Has anybody here had the same problem as this anon?

>> No.6594941

I am not OP.

>> No.6594942

Please and thank you!

>> No.6594946

>>6594812 here

Thanks, feel free anyone to add me. If you want.

>> No.6594950

Thanks a lot!

>> No.6594953

Patchouli@mywaifu.co.cc please

>> No.6594955

The mail is fine, but I can't find out where to change the password.

>> No.6594956

Now what?

>> No.6594959

Add everyone on Windows Messenger!

>> No.6594968


then pretend to be little girls?

>> No.6594970

and exchange pics of us on skirt

>> No.6594975

talking to other people in realtime makes me feel uncomfortable

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>> No.6594984

You are not the only one and that's why this is a good idea.

>> No.6594985
File: 54 KB, 418x319, 1290877247261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was just about to say that

>> No.6594988

In the inbox, options, more options, account details.

Feel free to add me on MSN Remilia@ismywaifu.co.cc, I'm not really a talkative person though.
Once again, thanks for the awesome account.

>> No.6594990

profile > privacy > mail > account details.

>> No.6594991


>> No.6594993


>> No.6594995

We are a bunch of people that don't talk too much, so we will be just fine.

>> No.6594996

i don't know how the social thing works in hotmail. where's the friendlist?

>> No.6595000

You get used to it. I got added in this MSN group with a bunch of /v/ browsers and it's actually been fun times. I guess we could make sort of guidelines to follow too.

Things like don't talk about anything 3D. Keep discussion about /jp/ or /jp/ related things. Don't be rude or insulting. You know that kind of thing.

>> No.6595002 [DELETED] 

Just add one Anon at a time and try to talk about stuff. I'm pretty sure most of us has something in common otherwise we wouldn't be here.

>> No.6595008
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>> No.6595029


I don't know why i have the strong feeling you are a girl.

>> No.6595033

I'm pretty sure I have a penis, Anon.

>> No.6595041
File: 32 KB, 150x150, 2zjfayd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bikko here.
Any Scandibros wanna talk?

Hilariously appropriate captcha:
discussing shojo

>> No.6595042

Feel free to add me, if you want.

>> No.6595045
File: 718 KB, 787x1011, 1234680111583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, /jp/, I made an MSN group! Join so we can all be terrified of speaking to each other!


>> No.6595049
File: 527 KB, 1394x1000, Black Gold Saw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6595057

You have style.

>> No.6595063


>> No.6595076


I'm afraid of accepting invitations ;_;

>> No.6595084

Fuck, how do I change my name in this shit?

>> No.6595085


>> No.6595086

Thanks bro.

>> No.6595090

click current name > options > change display name

>> No.6595092

Thank you.

>> No.6595102


Topish right corner

Options - More Options - Account Information

>> No.6595105

FlandreScarlet@mywaifu.co.cc please~

>> No.6595107


>> No.6595114

it says i need to type in a request to join your group. i'm too shy to write anything

>> No.6595117


>> No.6595139

Go ahead and write anything you want, feel free to roll your face into your keyboard and send that! It matters not!

>> No.6595146


>> No.6595150

pass to arcueid@guerrillamailblock.com

>> No.6595156


>> No.6595159


Already taken.

>> No.6595164
File: 3 KB, 174x57, cap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, what!?

>> No.6595188


>> No.6595193

Ok i joined and changed my name. what now?

>> No.6595203


You add people and talk about how moe you are

>> No.6595204


Go to MSN and add everyone.

>> No.6595209

I'm pretty scared to add everyone, what do I do?

>> No.6595211

they are all flanfly/scarletflandre according to ctrl f-ing thiss thread?

>> No.6595215


Just do it you don't have to send a message.

>> No.6595217

Join the group. It makes adding people a less daunting task.

>> No.6595218

but i dont have msn. anyway to do it from a browser without dling anything?

>> No.6595219


>> No.6595221


Join the jp group. It will add everyone in it for you.

>> No.6595224

I just made a throwaway hotmail.

This new windows live shit is terrible. I just want to use a nickname. Why do I have to put a first and last name?

>> No.6595227


No, after you join thew group, you have to add them to your contacts to talk to them, just a couple of clicks, you don't have to type anything.

>> No.6595234


Who stole my Miku?! GIVE IT BACK!
Fuck this, fuck you.

>> No.6595238

Actually, if you install the Messenger application, you can join the actual group chat. There's nothing happening in there though.

>> No.6595240


Well I had everyone automatically added to "group" contacts when I joined

>> No.6595241


Just use a fake one, bro.

>> No.6595242

Is OP still around?

Can't access any of the possible emails.

>> No.6595244


Where's this "/jp/ group"?

>> No.6595246


Read the thread... .

>> No.6595248


>> No.6595252




>> No.6595253

Why don't you all just join the group chat? There's like three people in here.

>> No.6595256

Look at all these people not capitalizing their waifu's names. Shameful.

>> No.6595257

Live Messenger 2011 is shit. Install an older version.

>> No.6595262

So how is it possible for the group chat to just be offline?

>> No.6595265

Or not.
I'll go for Lambdadelta@ismywaifu.co.cc, thank you. Merry Christmas, /jp/.

>> No.6595271

Yuyuko@ismywaifu.co.cc please.

>> No.6595275

I tip my hat to you good sir.

>> No.6595276

I haven't gotten mine either. OP must not have come back since >>6593796

>> No.6595277


>> No.6595278

I'm horrified

>> No.6595279

SanzeninNagi@mywaifu.co.cc if you would please.

>> No.6595281


Thank you.

>> No.6595287

what the hell not even 2 replies are the same

>> No.6595309

Why is the group chat still offline?

It's kind of awkward.

>> No.6595324

Most people probably ctrl+f'd to see if their waifu was already claimed

Then they cried themselves to sleep because they could not get a custom email with their waifu's name.

>> No.6595330



>> No.6595334

are you dead OP ? ;_;

>> No.6595335

Alright the chat works now

>> No.6595337

I ctrl-f'd and silently judged the person's character. He was found worthy.

>> No.6595339
File: 46 KB, 853x480, yunostick_0_ib4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mine doesn't work. Looks like I am doing something wrong/someone took it while I was asleep.

>> No.6595342

Bernkastel@mywaifu.co.cc please~

>> No.6595365

OP didn't make it yet, probably.
Be patient!
OP has stuff to do.

>> No.6595379

anyway to join the group chat from my browser without dling anything?

>> No.6595381

Which chat?

>> No.6595387
File: 65 KB, 957x693, ddddddddddddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6595393

join the group

>> No.6595394


>> No.6595395

What the fuck is this. Explain yourself.

>> No.6595401


it's what's happening right now.

I'm still adding everyone, though.

>> No.6595406

I joined it, but where's the group chat option?

>> No.6595414


>> No.6595419

i can't find it either

it says "messenger social" and theres a bunch of stuff listed there but no chat anywhere

>> No.6595422

Did I just got blocked by zun!bar? Or did I push something I shouldn't have?

>> No.6595423


just right lick the jp group tab and click instant message

>> No.6595428
File: 327 KB, 1051x848, 15034021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6595433

are we talking about http://jaypee.groups.live.com/ ?
because i right clicked everywhere and i dont see any instant message option

>> No.6595436

I don't have anyone blocked, so the latter I guess.

>> No.6595448

Did Monoko@mywaifu.co.cc get activated? Maybe someone else grabbed it...

>> No.6595472
File: 1.65 MB, 1736x1736, 5fe3b7a64ff03daa33b16918a9167450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Reply with pass, I guess.

>> No.6595486


We are talking on msn

>> No.6595500

i joined the group how do i talk with everybody, do i have too install msn, i have aim..

>> No.6595556
File: 147 KB, 1122x978, jp2ohgod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god damn it, /jp/, I just can't draw fast (or good) enough to draw everyone in the /jp/ group, but I'm trying my best.

>> No.6595573

Label them?

>> No.6595578

where is the op ;_;

>> No.6595595

I feel sad that I have to use MSN to talk with other people in the group chat, but I can't.
Oh well, I'm off to sleep.

>> No.6595602


>> No.6595611

Join the MSN group.

>> No.6595630

What happened too the chat?

>> No.6595637

Still alive.

>> No.6595638

It's still up, and has a relatively nice amount of activity. Why?

>> No.6595651

why does it say its /jp/ is currently offline?

>> No.6595658

Try to sign off and sign on. That usually fixes it for me.

>> No.6595672

How do I access to chat?

>> No.6595674

you might just have it blocked.
Try hitting enter on the text box or soemthing.
It gets blocked by itself for some reason

>> No.6595689

Chat just turned into a disco rave

>> No.6595693

Stop showing off.

>> No.6595721 [DELETED] 

Is there any way I can get in the group from an online app?

>> No.6595727
File: 322 KB, 599x986, 1290189079372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw when the chat turned into Gaia.

>> No.6595741
File: 30 KB, 298x403, waiting_skeleton_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6595745
File: 454 KB, 522x330, power rangers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6595761

OK, so now that I'm in the group, what do I do?
I'm so unused to windows stuff other than winXP.

>> No.6595810

Install the Messenger client, run it, sign in, etc

>> No.6595837

For some reason, that pic looks *very* fap-worthy to me. Almost as if she was nagging about something and I was about to force my cock into her mouth to shut her up.


>> No.6595866

Has either MyLittleSisterCantBe@mywaifu.co.cc or Lambdadelta@ismywaifu.co.cc been activated yet? I'd sort of like to join in on this online chat.

>> No.6595877

Lambdadelta@ismywaifu.co.cc is now active.

Password = lolicaek

>> No.6595896
File: 1.01 MB, 800x1131, 63adc4d59136df43502c2e7c8fd62ce4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Can I request this as @ismywaifu.co.cc instead, since OP appears to have magically vanished?

Thanks in advance.

>> No.6595910

Fuck, I want no_one@ismywaifu.co.cc
Would you mind making it for me?

>> No.6595914

I'll take Byakuren@ismywaifu.co.cc too seeing how OP is nowhere to be seen.

>> No.6595915

please, >>6595008

>> No.6595918

Has BlackGoldSaw@mywaifu.co.cc been activated yet?

>> No.6595929

>>6595915, >>6595910, >>6595896
Done. Password = lolicaek

I won't be making more for now because Windows Live Domains has a 500 account limit. I don't want them all spent in a heartbeat; after all, most of those accounts aren't going to be used for longer than a day or two, and I can't check them all for activity.

>> No.6595933


>> No.6595941
File: 60 KB, 500x500, 28138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

waiting warmly

>> No.6595942

By the way, the link to the /jp/ group is

>> No.6595944

Thank you!

>> No.6595960

>>6595941, >>6595933
Password = terminalcancer

Also join this: >>6595942

>> No.6595981

>>6594585 here
can i get one as
IsurugiMio@ismywaifu.co.cc instead?

>> No.6595990


>> No.6595993

I've heard you guys have some chat going on there, how do I join it?

>> No.6596001

No dice does not seem to be working for me.

>> No.6596003

Join the group, install the MSN Messenger client and log in. You should see the group on your contacts list. Click that.

>> No.6596006

three and a half hours and no OP ;_;

will also take sae@ismywaifu.co.cc if possible, please and thank you.

>> No.6596013

Which one is your address?

>> No.6596015


>> No.6596038

Try now with password = faggot

>> No.6596042

Who is who?

>> No.6596061
File: 262 KB, 688x889, 1291380492939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

an invitation would be wonderful.

waiting warmly...

>> No.6596076

Thanks OP. I love you.

>> No.6596085

If you are still making some, I'll take this one.



>> No.6596091
File: 44 KB, 986x586, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6596095
File: 220 KB, 1000x950, 14335595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP here. Sorry about the wait. I had to do stuff involving stuff and stuff. Everybody's accounts should be ready now, and to Fortinbras, thanks for helping out. I appreciate it.

As a reminder since I saw a few ask, all @mywaifu.co.cc accounts will have the default password qaz741 and it's required to change on first login. Because that's the default option and I'm too lazy to uncheck the box every time. See you all in the chat!

>> No.6596096

You put a period at the end of .co.cc
You're not supposed to do that.

>> No.6596109

You're kind of late, someone hijacked your thread and made everyone else an email with ismywaifu.co.cc

>> No.6596110
File: 16 KB, 250x242, 1291853249598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess because i was copy pasting...

>> No.6596124

Thank you.

>> No.6596137


Hello, >>6595414 here. I cannot seem to login using the default password. Any help appreciated.

>> No.6596138

Thank you.

>> No.6596195

Sorry, I seem to have skipped you. It should be there now. Out of interest, there are now approximately 105 accounts.

>> No.6596203

Thanks for all your hard work, OP.

>> No.6596210


Thank you, it's working now.

>> No.6596215

I sent an invitation request to the voice.

Waiting warmly until I am accepted.

>> No.6596216

Thanks for the account, bro!

>> No.6596230

saeko@whateverdomainwe'reusing please

>> No.6596245
File: 138 KB, 500x666, 4669552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, OP

>> No.6596285

Can you join the group chat without installing msn?

>> No.6596292


>> No.6596295

I'm waiting for approval.

>> No.6596380

Are you sure?

>> No.6596395

Does anyone know how to join the group chat using trillian? I somehow managed to accidentally join on the messenger client but when I closed that one it closed my trillian window too.

>> No.6596396

I can't even join it with the client, it's telling me the group is offline and has no members.

>> No.6596407

We had a problem with the group chat so now we use the private one.
What are your emails? We'll invite you.

>> No.6596467

Here is mine. >>6593831

>> No.6596473



>> No.6596516

Am I supposed to be adding people in the group or something? I never use MSN or anything.

>> No.6596534

Huh, I wonder if it's too late.

KirisameMarisa@mywaifu.co.cc or ismywaifu.co.cc

Also, mizuhashiparsee for my friend, since he despises 4tyan and refuses to come on here

If you guys are still here, I thank you on behalf of everyone who hasn't thanked you yet.

>> No.6596558
File: 75 KB, 514x669, 54407c8734eb5d8a27d3180e92c25ded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6596562

qaz741 for both, tell your friend to quit being tsundere, and that we love him. Go ahead and join the group too. Pull him in so he can see we aren't such horrible people after all.

>> No.6596563

So, someone, is there another client besides Windows official Live Messenger that can join the group chat?

My email is Ayatsuji_Tsukasa@ismywaifu.co.cc

>> No.6596574

Damn, I think the mizuhashi one got jacked

>> No.6596579

Invite Yuyuko@mywaifu.co.cc to the private chat.

>> No.6596581

Are you already in the group? If not, get on and I'll invite you.

>> No.6596587

I'm in the group, but don't you need an invite to join the group chat?

I'm online right now.

>> No.6596595

Is there any other way to get into the chat without being invited? Or is that the only way?

>> No.6596598


No, you have to add people to MSN, you can do it on the group page, just 2 clicks.

>> No.6596620


Could you make my request for YowaneHaku with your domain since the other guy seems to have left/stopped? I don't mind either domain.


>> No.6596693

Anyone using pidgin? It works for general MSN stuff but I don't know if it has the group features.

>> No.6596699

When I log in tomorrow, will I have to IM someone for an invite? That's pretty terrifying.

>> No.6596706

Wow, that is pretty scary.
Will I have to start a conversation?
I can only think of it as, ask for an invitation, get one, thank who gave me the invitation, then close the chat.

>> No.6596730

That's pretty much it, don't be so shy, Anon.

>> No.6596752

There's a daily limit on sending buddy invitations? How silly.

>> No.6596767

This isn't really related, but what is the bump limit of a thread?

>> No.6596881

I think it was either 250 or 300.

>> No.6596886

Okay, thanks.

>> No.6596910

400th post! Fuck yeah.

>> No.6597663


Haku is fated to be ignored ;_;

>> No.6597699

After several minutes of hesitation, I did that only to get an error that the other person didn't receive the message. ;_;

>> No.6597830

I just sent my invitation to http://jaypee.groups.live.com/ and waiting warmly to be accepted. I'm kinda excited about this, somehow. I needed a new email address anyway.

>> No.6598037

Last night was fun, but almost everyone is away or offline right now. Feel free to add everyone to your contact list when you get admitted.

>> No.6598110
File: 148 KB, 1000x900, 14402916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

May I please have this one as @ismywaifu.co.cc too?
Thanks in advance.

>> No.6598111

So I went to bed and missed the party? ;_;

I'd add everyone manually but it seems like such a bother. Also, I'm sure there's a bunch who don't want to be social so I'd prefer to just be a part of the jaypee-group.

>> No.6598139

That's what I meant, to add every member of the group.

>> No.6598172

Yes, I know. What I meant was that I hadn't gotten accepted into the group yet and the alternative would be adding everyone from the entire thread manually, but I'm not doing that. Waiting warmly for acceptance into the group instead.

Oh well. Looks like we'll be 404ing any moment now.

>> No.6598172,1 [INTERNAL] 

If you happen to check the archive, I've made your account. Sorry I didn't get around to it sooner, I had gone to sleep by that time, but if you do see this, it's up.

>> No.6598172,2 [INTERNAL] 

Can you do anything useful with a windows live account?
I have one through my university, and all it serves as is an email that irritatingly enough can't be checked by the computer automatically through something like thunderbird and has to be checked manually by browser. And the "sky drive" thing is pretty much worthless, too.

Was the point of this only to get names for your MSN messenger and join a /jp/ chat, or what?

>> No.6598172,3 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know about the rest of /jp/ but I use mine as an extra GFWL account.

>> No.6598172,4 [INTERNAL] 

Is this still alive?