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Why is touhou-project.com so shit? Especially what Hungry Youkai wrote, can't believe that someone would like the shit he wrote.

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Because you touch yourself at night

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> Touhou-Project.com - Touhou Project Image Board / Discussion / Chat / Fanfiction / CYOA
I can't imagine why a place like that would be shitty

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It is a board about faggots you lost reality and wished they were in Gensokyo. They write stories about themselves and talk half the day long how awesome that is.

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So unlike /jp/.

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Yes, we just write little sister incest stories, mostly involving preteen girls.

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Good bye, /jp/

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/jp/ is full of trolls and shitposters who fap to replies and think they trolled the whole board.

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>Touhou-Project.com - Touhou Project Image Board / Discussion / Chat / Fanfiction / CYOA
>Oh boy this looks pretty go-

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Weekly touhou-project thread, already? I think you're a day or two early.

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>reads doujinshi all the time

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If you don't like SDM LA, you have no soul

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doujinshi have, you know, pictures.

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For the values of "read" equal to "look at pictures and fap".

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Am I the only person who actually reads doujinshi and doesn't fap to them? I must be.

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They're still fanfiction and you're still retarded.

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I'm not defending the general faggotry of fanfiction in general, but could you possibly sound any more retarded?

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Hating on something because you cannot do better

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You're an asspained fanfiction author, aren't you

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Just noticed I put 'general' in there twice, hurr. Need to stop posting on no sleep.

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The problem with fanfiction is that 99.5% of it is bad, and the 0.5% of it that isn't bad is not worth sorting through the other crap to find.

But it's not like it's impossible to write decent fanfiction.

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If fanfiction was written on the same level of proficiency as the average doujin comic is drawn, they would be worth reading.

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meant to respond to >>6588306

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fanfiction = light novels poorly written

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>If you don't like SDM LA, you have no soul
It is normal i would say. The worst story that i read on the whole site, which have many, is from /eientei/ by some guy named Teruyo. That was some retarded shit that made me facepalm. It makes me wonder why he still writes.

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There was that one guy who wrote a pretty shitty generic love fanfic, but the main character would always have dreams about some Touhou x Star Trek cross over. That one actually turned out to be pretty awesome.

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I don't ALWAYS fap to them....

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Average doujinshi is pretty shittly drawn, so yeah.

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Good thing people don't upload or translate the shitty ones as often.

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>light novels = poorly written
Sounds about right.

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>fancfics vs doujin
There is no real difference. Both things are thought up by someone and the 2nd one is only drawn the first one is written.
If it is shit it is shit. The only difference is the pictures but that does not save something from being shit.

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yeah, i should have corrected that.

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MInd boggling.
By extension,
>novels = poorly written?

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The only good thing that ever came out of that site is Heavy in Gensokyo and Heavy in Gensokyo 2. Both of which are lost on page 10+ (the board has up to 9 pages).
Oh, and The Game in /general/ is interesting enough. If you're into that kind of thing. Most of it is also on page 10+ too though.

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If only there were places that did that sorting for you... some way to get recommendations...

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I'll use this shitty thread to ask a stupid question.

What's the name of those Touhou comics without porn?, you know those slice of life comics, are they all called "doujins" even if they are not porn?

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The one sdm story with evil Remilia was pretty good too. Forgot the Name.

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Doujins are fan comics, porn or not porn.
Majority of them actually aren't porn at all, but it's the porn ones that get the most attention.

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To stop the trolling for a moment, the real difference is that doujinshi are sold. You need to invest money to release them (which sieves off most of the crap) and then if you're exceptionally good you can expect a decent profit (positive feedback rewarding quality).

And don't even get me started about how fanfiction "communities" encourage mediocrity by circlejerking.

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the term "Doujin" isn't dependent on content.

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Yes? Almost all novels are utter shit. People just ignore them. Pity they can't do the same thing with fanfiction.

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Oh my god, that is a dumb question...

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Right, yes of course

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Doujinshi means more or less "indie publication". You know, things that are actually sold as paper books. Most of them are not porn, actually (around 10-15% for Touhou, although the number is bigger for other franchises and original works).

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>exceptionally good
That is untrue. Even if you write crap and it has something moe or harem in it people will buy the crap. The masses are stupid and with marketing and other things you will get them to buy your shit even if it is mediocre.
Because even when you write something great it does not mean you will have success.

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This shit is worse than a couple (many?) CYOAs.

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Most novels are shit, but there are some good ones, too.

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Are there different sub-cathegories?

Everytime i google Touhou doujins, they are always porn, where can i find "slice of life" touhou doujins?

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People always say this, but when I read the things they say are good they're invariably shit. I guess I have stupid taste.

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Pulp fiction?

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>where can i find "slice of life" touhou doujins?


There are links at Touhou Wiki, too, if I'm not mistaken.

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OP is a faggot from THP trying to troll. Stop that and get out if IRC while you are at it, you dumb bastard.

THP: They write bad stories, and most of them involve sex. It doesn't matter how bad the stories are, you still read it for the sex. Occasionally there are really good stories, and HY is well known for providing most of them.

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It really pissed me off in the original CYOA threads that people would always choose the worst options. Also, the threads moved way too fast for me too keep up.

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Moving too fast is one complaint that THP solves with flying colors.

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>Occasionally there are really good stories, and HY is well known for providing most of them.
Didn't he recently say something like how bad the site is and why people still remember what shit he wrote?
Trying to prove your point with HY will get you nowhere.

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Its feast or famine. The writers never update, and when they do its a flood of updates. This is also from writers lowering the threshold for the winning choice, since they don't like to wait and less people vote now anyways.

As for choosing the obviously wrong option....well trolling happens.

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So how many of their CYOAs actually had endings?

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Why do you argue that the site sucks despite knowing so much about it?

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HY is a writing major, of course he is going to hate on himself. He is writing fan fiction in a CYOA format.

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How could he form an opinion about something without knowing anything about it in the first place?

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What a stupid question, people do that all the time. Researching something just to hate it is rarer. I guess you liked the site at some point?

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I hate Touhou-Project.com too but all the time you spend making threads about it and calling it shit can be used to produce a better site with better content and community.

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First of all I don't go to IRC and know the site because i read much of what was written there. Most of it was crap and now don't ask me why i continued to read. Dropped half of it because it turned into shit and the people were brain dead morons.

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No amount of trying could make such a site.

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Are you sure you're asking the right person? Grammatical persons exist for a reason. Just saying.

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This. Pretty much this.

OP stop trolling. Its obnoxious. Quit wasting your time and update

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I think you're implying it's possible for there to be a good touhou community, and if you are, there is no reaction image for what I'm feeling.

Wait, no, found it.


Seems kind of accurate. Half of it is total shit, 40% is okay, but not really good or great, last 10% is good, insofar you could call something like touhou fanfiction good. Of course, this is all somewhat moot as it isn't like there's any writing going on these days.

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hahahaha no

>> No.6588660

get out YAF

>> No.6588666


It is possible but it takes work. You gotta be really fucking elitist with the registration process.

Take a look at NeoGaf while it's not the best there's a certain level of quality all posts have because their registration and guidelines are strict. That and it's sealed off from the outside.

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>insofar you could call something like touhou fanfiction good
You managed to condense a ton of faggotry into a single phrase. Nice work.

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>it isn't like there's any writing going on these days.
True. So true. Writers are always bitching about no votes but how are you supposed tovote if nothing gets written. Lazy writers need to get off their ass and write more and there will be more votes. Most of them sit in IRC and complain and do shit the whole day long and complain how retarded Anon is and how wrong everything he does is.

I loathe that attitude, the blaming of someone else for their shortcomings and inability to do something.

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>it isn't like there's any writing going on these days.
But there is.

>> No.6588696

>quality of posts


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If you don't mind, could you list some of this 10% and save me some time?

>> No.6588708

Its cyclic though. Writers don't feel motivated if there are only 5 votes, and readers don't bother following stories which don't get updated.

I agree though. The writers just need to suck it up and update with a crappy number of votes.

I however am a supremely lazy faggot, so I never update.

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Why don't you just ask THP what they suggest?

>> No.6588733

Your writing is probably crap anyway if you don't update.

>> No.6588739

I don't trust their opinions. They seem to like shit.

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Anyone who read any of the stories is by default from THP. Even you. No matter who you ask the suggestion from the THP base in one way or another. And since you keep acting like a prick, I guess no one will help you because they don't want you in THP. Its like a self fulfilling prophecy.

>> No.6588758

The people you would be talking to on THP are the same people in this thread.

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i like the /tg/ toehoe fanfictions
they are pretty good and enjoyable in my opinion

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>This thread

I disagree, but respect your opinion

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You can't voice opinions that something is bad on THP because mods will ban you or just delete your posts.
And if you tell a writer something is bad he will be o really? and stop writing or just pout like a little girl.

>> No.6588800


'Sup, random anon. Still being butthurt?

>> No.6588810

I'm pretty sure if you received negative feedback in THP, its probably because you were being an asshole in the way you asked or commented. And if you don't want to post it in THP, suck it up and use the IRC.

>> No.6588815

Plus other people whose opinions I do not want. I can't tell which is which easily there.

>> No.6588846

Sup Anon. Still being butthurt because i insulted your precious Site?

>> No.6588855

>mods delete criticism
1/10 you've clearly never been there


1 because I bothered responding

>> No.6588862

If you phrase your complaints as ways for the writer to improve, they almost always respond favorably.

>> No.6588874

>If you don't mind, could you list some of this 10% and save me some time?
Not the guy who you replied to.
Read what Fell, Owen and HY wrote. Gensokyo Saga and Border House are good too.

Things to stay the hell away from: Whatever YAF, Teruyo, J to the E, Hat and Twitty wrote. That is no, just no.

>> No.6588884

>>trying to help some asshole kid.


>> No.6588908

I am just a helpful guy.

>> No.6588919

Thank you.

>> No.6588980

Limited adventure on /underground/ and DEFT on /shrine/ are pretty good ongoing stories

DEFT is on "Additional DEFT" right now and I can't find half of the first story because the OP didn't name it anything. Probably on the archive.

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Don't they have a whole board dedicated to which writers they need to shit all over?

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I actually finished reading underground LA recently. Guy does a really good Koishi. Wanna open that heart.

>> No.6589049

The Belmont one. The viking one. The timelord one. The School Days one. The RAAN one. The lighthouse one. The ghost procession one. The dude-becomes-a-youkai-and-yuuka-loves-him one.

Those were all pretty good.

>> No.6589050

sure is rowdy in this thread. I think my top 3 favourite stories from TH-P are Palingenesia, The Game and RaAN.
>You'll never get a conclusion in two of those stories

>> No.6589069

It is in the archive. And the stories are still on the board anyways.

>> No.6589072

>The timelord one.
Name, please.

>> No.6589093

It was called Restoring Temporal Sensations or something like that. Writer never updates now but he said he'd come back soon. Anyways time god guy in charge of Gensokyo fucks up and kills Rinnosuke, so he has to take his place and pretty much fucks up the timeline starting with the first Touhou game. Something about taking their powers too. Its sort of confusing but fun.

>> No.6589096

What's the point of having RaAN removed from the story list when I can find a copy in 30 seconds googling?

>> No.6589097

>dude-becomes-a-youkai-and-yuuka-loves-him one
That the one with the off-shoot short story of Reimu becoming a dog girl, then killed, cooked, and served to the dude who moved in with Yuuka?

>> No.6589119

I don't get why Blankfag wanted it removed in the first place, it's not like anyone IRL will know that it was him who wrote the story on some obscure fanfic site.

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More likely to be Zakeri's story. Shame he disappeared.

>> No.6589143

No, thats the spinoff from The Shrine. Stay the fuck away from it.

I'm talking about the one in which a guy goes to sleep in a flower field and wakes up as a youkai in a Gensokyo where all the girls have their own husbandos. Written by Zekari or something like that. Everyone loves it. Too bad the writer left. He was a bro.

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Be nice, kids.

>> No.6589169


Recoil of Myriad Dreams. Hey, I remember the name! Not my favorite, but it was fun.

FoM on /youkai/ is a nice story too, Idea of Alice is good and Ancient Gensokyo is pure awesome material (plus PC-98). A Wizard is you is a funny D&D based story too.

>> No.6589190


Go forth and read. Even all the old stories have been restored, so you don't need to worry about archives.

>> No.6589197


Do the Right Thing is good. Being insane actually makes for a fun protagonist.

The second part of Teruyo's story isn't bad. The first part was awful though. It does seem to be getting worse because of how it is just dragging on and on and on.

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The story filled with SCIENCE that Klaymen wrote in /youkai/ is great. Main character is a member of CERN and the LHC throws him into Gensokyo while the outside world becomes post-apocalyptic. You get your fairy, a kappa waifu, explosions. I really enjoyed it.

>> No.6589207

Is that the one where he's being stalked by Koishi? Cause if he's still updating that I'll have to read through it again.
Confusing at times, but hilarious.

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>Hating on something because you cannot do better

>implying I don't have a right to call an African mud hut shitty architecture just because I am not a stonemason and cannot do better.

>> No.6589210


Yes. He has been pretty consistent with updating it recently, which isn't the standard anymore. ;_;

>> No.6589212

Stay away from my /shrine/, fuckers.

>> No.6589231


go to bed YAF

>> No.6589247

That was enjoyable, though I felt the blackhole-moe at the end was awkward and forced.

>> No.6589248

Read Limited Adventure in /forest/ by Scorn, even if just for the dream sequences as Captain Rex. Air ship battle and manliness everywhere! And don't forget Beer Spider.

>> No.6589254


This guy is YAF. He has a long history of being a "troll" on THP, but the residents eventually found out he was just an attention hungry idiot. And underage. If anything he's one of the top 5 reasons to avoid the site, though he had left some time ago and many hoped he'd never return. Unfortunately, he's come back and continued to deny his attachment to THP while shitting up the boards on a day-by-day schedule.

He's just one of the shitty writers, though. Most of the stuff besides his is readable and, sometimes, enjoyable.

>> No.6589262

Why the hell is everyone trying to hard to recommend good stories to all of these faggots?

>> No.6589287

It's you you're the faggot

>> No.6589299

In weighing the cost benefit analysis, we can never decide if more faggots is worth having more votes. Yet because writers are desperate for votes, they'll accept the faggots.

>> No.6589300

Agreed. It started strong and got slightly worse with each thread. At least it had an ending.

>> No.6589310

Why do writers like votes so much? I'm reading the backlogs now and almost every time a single vote gets spammed with barely any discussion.

>> No.6589314

Or worse, a discussion will form, all the people will forget to vote, then the writer complains about only 1 guy voting despite getting 50 posts.

>> No.6589323


The more votes the better. More people reading what you write means more motivation.

I almost never zombie vote, but it does seem to be growing.

>> No.6589331

God forbid they have to read the posts to figure out what people want.

>> No.6589334

Because all the writers are whores and need to feel like they are appreciated or else they won't want to write. Think about it, if they wanted to write for writing's sake they could write a novel or complete story. But they are writing a CYOA, so they need feedback.

Lies. Discussions get writers off more than anything.

>> No.6589364

That's true, but copypasting the first write-in you see is the lowest form of feedback.

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File: 913 KB, 180x130, 1274374371279.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6589380

>lowest form of feedback.

I agree with you, but its THP. You take what you can get.

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>mfw I'll tell you what I like and don't like about your story if I have read it

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>mfw I don't want to know what you like or do not like about my story because I can't take the pressure

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>>my reaction when YAF won't stop posting.

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>mfw the only way I would not like your story is if you are Twitty (haven't read) or Hartman

If you are Hartman, what the fuck you doing man. Derp.

>> No.6589420

>mfw the update ends on a pointless choice and people start debating it anyway

>> No.6589427
File: 1.60 MB, 350x197, 1282415460804.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I am not YAF, Twitty or Hartman
>mfw I have no idea who Hartman even is

>> No.6589442


The worst updates are probably the ones that end on "Talk to-
[] Remilia
[] Keine
[] Cirno
[] Reimu"

etc. It's fucking boring.

>> No.6589443
File: 293 KB, 600x630, 14980377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6589447

No, those are the worst updates because they never talk to the Touhou I want them to talk to and I get angry and rage.

>> No.6589450


Some French writer. The stories are really fucking weird and he writes in some script format.

>> No.6589452

Whelp, I was not surprised by most of the responses here.

>> No.6589453

[ ] Call out to Tewi
[ ] Don't call out to Tewi

>> No.6589462

The wost updates are the ones that are just two or three lines that end like that.

You wake up in your bed. Its still dark outside so its probably around 11:47pm. The blankets are on the ground.

Do you want to
-Get out of bed and find Eirin
-Go to the kitchen
-Go back to sleep

>> No.6589464
File: 46 KB, 569x571, 1257176191754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck you.

>> No.6589472

Your stories are horrible and you're horrible for writing them.

>> No.6589483

I'm glad that I don't get this reference. It's probably rage-inducing.

>> No.6589486

Your stories are only good for the porn.

>> No.6589489

Aye, thanks.

>> No.6589491

[ ] Do something pointless
[ ] Have a moe moment
[ ] Advance the god damn plot
[ ] Abruptly switch interest to a different girl while totally ignoring the progress you just made with the current one.

>> No.6589505

Plot? What plot?

>> No.6589508

Sorry. You must be dead tired of the joke by now.

>> No.6589517

>The second part of Teruyo's story isn't bad.
Sure, bad in the traditional sense could not be said. So how about just awful. Unrealistic character behavior, stupid choices, Shirou was written poorly and overall it just shows a lack of direction. The writer probably did not spend much time planning and just makes shit up as he goes. I did not expect great literature but to be somehow entertained.
>The first part was awful though. It does seem to be getting worse because of how it is just dragging on and on and on.
Yes, the first part was awful but at least it was a bit entertaining. If you could look past the lololol Alice part and all that shit.

I am not hating or angry it is just that he is unfit to be a writer.

>> No.6589518

[] Try to murder someone while surrounded by their insanely powerful friends

>> No.6589520
File: 56 KB, 400x400, 1279422289534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah. Second CYOA made, fucking ends like that and it's ragey as hell.


>[ ] Abruptly switch interest to a different girl while totally ignoring the progress you just made with the current one.

ugh fuck

Yeah, that is probably the worst one. Fuck Rumia.

>> No.6589522

I hope Taisa continues GH and Ex-Rumia kills Flandre.

>> No.6589538


>overall it just shows a lack of direction.

I think it was fine up to a point, but yeah the lack of planning shows now.


story ruinan
writer killan

rumia general

>> No.6589539

>Ask about here
>Ask about this thing.
>Ask about that thing.
>Ask about that one thing she said that no one would remember if I, the writer, didn't specially place it here in a choice.
>Ask about such-and-such
>Ask about so-and-so.
>Ask about that one person.
>Ask about this other person.

These make me irate. It is inevitable that every single voter will just choose them all (LMAO WALLATXT LOL), so why bother making it a choice at all? Just write it all, dammit, rather than taking a three month break

>> No.6589543

That wasn't abrupt. We were on Rumia route since thread 1; you were just too blind to notice it.

>> No.6589548

>Because all the writers are whores and need to feel like they are appreciated or else they won't want to write. Think about it, if they wanted to write for writing's sake they could write a novel or complete story. But they are writing a CYOA, so they need feedback.
>Because all the writers are whores and need to feel like they are appreciated or else they won't want to write. Think about it, if they wanted to write for writing's sake they could write a novel or complete story. But they are writing a CYOA, so they need feedback.
>Because all the writers are whores and need to feel like they are appreciated or else they won't want to write. Think about it, if they wanted to write for writing's sake they could write a novel or complete story. But they are writing a CYOA, so they need feedback.
>Because all the writers are whores and need to feel like they are appreciated or else they won't want to write. Think about it, if they wanted to write for writing's sake they could write a novel or complete story. But they are writing a CYOA, so they need feedback.
This. A hundred, no a thousand times. If they really cared they would take 3 or 4 votes and be happy about it. But they need to whore around and get more votes and do nothing until they get it.

>> No.6589551
File: 32 KB, 330x357, bad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Patchwork!!L2MGExBJD0 10/10/23(Sat)05:34 No. 6168

Alright, guys. Before I say anything else, my sincerest apologies for having kept you all waiting for so long. While university has been dumping on me much harder than I anticipated, there have been opportunities to write that I have missed out on, and there's no excuse for that.

>> No.6589556

I disagree, CYOA allows for others to participate, whereas when I write, it's my own personal ideas and opinions, it's always nice to write in another direction you normally wouldn't write.

>> No.6589563

Where are the NEET writefags? Where?

>> No.6589565
File: 2 KB, 187x251, 1277022318183.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I fucking love these threads.

>> No.6589566

Hey someone agrees with me. Awesome.

There is also penis envy everywhere, in the form of votes. More votes means more fans which means you are a better writer (even if you aren't and most votes are from gut reaction idiots or trolls.)

Don't hate the writers. Pity them. This is all they have.

>> No.6589574

I would not put it that harsh. Teruyo is not a good writer but he is at least mediocre.

He tries his best to write his little CYOA so we should at least give him that much.

>> No.6589577

Patchwork is still a bro, even if nearly his work is ero and he hardly updates.

>> No.6589583
File: 12 KB, 229x261, ken faking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post this one next time.

>> No.6589590

To elaborate on this, Rumia won like one or two votes in the entire goddamn run. Everyone just wanted her as a little sister; she didn't ruin your precious Flandre route. At all.

Sorry but I finished reading GH a couple weeks ago and I've wanted to post this for a while.

>> No.6589595

Only one mention of Palingenesia? It's practically a novel rather than a CYOA.


READ IT, I'm sure it will update eventually again.
I can feel it in my bones.

>> No.6589598

I am glad i found a person who understands the minds of writers as much as you do. Indeed they love more votes and if they don't get them they are angry and frustrated. If someone has a bigger votecount they start hating and take out their frustration on the voters with no updates and insulting their readerbase as stupid and general lack of iq.

Like you said, if they care they write with what they have and be happy with what they have.

>> No.6589618


>Everyone just wanted her as a little sister

I wish. If that is all that happened then all those shitstorms would never have started.

Halfway through the story tons of Rumiafags come out of the woods and destroyed the direction the CYOA was on then picked it up and placed it somewhere else.

All of the people arguing about it have caused Taisa to stop writing. Not entirely, but enough to make him never update GH again.

>> No.6589625

This didn't happen. You are delusional.

>> No.6589635
File: 29 KB, 156x194, 1282504553132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah all that stuff with Mystia leading into Rumia didn't happen. And all of those updates that were just about Rumia.

>> No.6589667
File: 756 KB, 900x2100, 121262943415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you. Of course I am sort of cheating since I am a writer myself (even if I don't update anymore.) Not all the writers are like that, thankfully. Still, I saw the trend and it seemed sort of sad.

THP is what it is: amateur hour of Touhou story telling. There is little quality because few of us have a refined skill for writing, but its still fun to see the imaginative and inventive things the writers create and readers do.

>> No.6589668

Those were Taisa's fault. Nobody voted for them. Everyone overwhelmingly went for Flandre every time the option came up. I can name the exact moment when the story derailed, and it wasn't Rumia fans' fault.

Remember after the third Rumia confrontation, when Jin woke up and wasn't sure who was in bed with him? And everyone overwhelmingly voted for Flandre? Then Taisa posted about Rumia routelock? And proceeded to force Rumia on everyone without allowing votes? That's what derailed the story. Taisa did it. All Rumia fans did was spare her life (literally, twice) and vote to comfort her when she was crying.

>> No.6589709


The shitstorms started long before that point. Taisa was looking for an easy way out. Not really defending it, especially since he should have route locked it much earlier when he first brought it up. At this point Rumia wasn't even in the story really and it was all Flandre/Patch/Sakuya fags argueing.

>> No.6589746

I don't think a routelock would have accomplihed much. You guys were firmly on a Flandre route the entire time... yes, there was some arguing, but not much.

>> No.6589906
File: 557 KB, 664x800, 7366331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6590053
File: 401 KB, 786x1098, 14176937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh christ, why are people talking about me on 4chan?

I fully admit I'm a terrible writer who should never have bothered in the first place, and it's entirely my own fault for having botched up my trainwreck of a story.
No sarcasm.

I'm so very, very sorry.

>> No.6590085

Now how could anyone hate you with that awesome picture of highschool Mokou? Its impossible!

>> No.6590113

I can hate him for that terribly placed text on it.

>> No.6590123

I guess there is nothing I can say that will change your mind. Still, I fervently believe you are wrong.

>> No.6590157
File: 37 KB, 336x320, 1235519778929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man I told you how to fix your story, routelock on flan, ease off on the sidequests (mystia, kaguya, etc.) and make time for everything instead of having dilemmas every damn day

just do it already

>> No.6590196
File: 86 KB, 768x1024, 951ef0947d63287f7dba715543f7da76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry. Wasn't me.

Let me force some more highschool Rumia on you to compensate.

>> No.6590221

i have no fucking idea what you just said
wtf is routelock, sounds like something from a VN

>> No.6590302

Well Visual Novels are just like Choose Your Own Adventures, just...more visual.

Route lock means that you like it and you're gonna put a ring on it.

>> No.6590391

Taisa. Get back to writing GH. I miss that story, GO DO SOMETHING YOU USELESS NIGGER.

>> No.6590539

I wish you'd force more Rumia on me. I love your interpretation of her.

but you won't because you hate everyone including yourself

>> No.6590555
File: 716 KB, 756x550, mr big.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not that I visit that site, but there's your problem, guys.

>> No.6590583

Since we're on the subject, are there any other stories with anything even vaguely resembling a Rumia route?

>> No.6590589

What the hell is the story on this picture?

>> No.6590620

Fanfiction can be good, but it's outweighed by the immense shit that comes out of fanfiction specifically from Gaia and, by proxy, 12 year olds with the writing skills of an illegal Mexican immigrant.

>> No.6590654


>> No.6590676

What's your point?

>> No.6590686

did you play Kagetsu Tohya?

>> No.6590690

Just write the Rumia rape scene already. You did it the wrong way around.

>> No.6590699
File: 96 KB, 521x648, 1273207208772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's no good fanfiction IMO and I'm not a Touhou fan. Sorry

>> No.6590726

I'm the one who posted that.
Never expected to see it linked here!

>> No.6590755
File: 363 KB, 800x640, 3614189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are not.

>> No.6590771
File: 121 KB, 690x462, SDM Limited Adventure Style Bath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hungry Youkai, isn't that the guy who wrote SDM:LA? Outside of GM's story, which took a rather uninteresting path later on, it was the best CYOA I read.

>> No.6590781 [DELETED] 

I am. Check the profile page for the author.

>> No.6590802

I seriously am, though.

>> No.6590820

Figures that you'd like SDM:LA.

>> No.6590889 [DELETED] 

Well... that's a good point. I won't lie that a certain lady of the night clouds my judgment.

>> No.6590903

Everyone likes SDM:LA. If you don't enjoy you are likely a faggot that hates everything.

>> No.6590905

Well... I won't lie that a certain lady of the night clouds my judgment.

>> No.6590930

I only hate SDM.

>> No.6590957

You guys liked that? The concept was interesting, but it was ultimately poorly written, with most updates being only a few sentences long. I understand wanting to pump out as many updates as possible as quick as possible on the night you're on, but damn, at least make them a standard 5-sentence paragraph.

>> No.6590964

I can't sleep because I made Taisa feel bad ;_;

>> No.6590997

He suffers from depression. He probably is more sad than you becuase of what you people said.

>> No.6591003

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

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