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So, I was browsing around and saw that someone, at long freaking last, made something that shows the old hag alliance simply standing together nicely lined up and looking friendly in their own clothes. Why did it take so long?

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I've seen at least half a dozen images like that.

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Yukari made me develop a fetish for IRL old hags. But I tried to find some and they're all stupid and boring. What's the deal?

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Silly anon, still trying to connect 2D and 3D?

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I've often wondered how to gauge how old characters are. They bear so little resemblance to humans that I just can't tell.

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yes, it was a mistake.

In return, my favourite Yukarin-related wallpaper.

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They're humans. Not a single one of the Touhou old ladies is human.

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That is not a good lineup. That pic simply shows the five of them. It doesn't show them in a nice manner like the one I posted.

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Needs more EX rogues' gallery.

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Okay, here. Doesn't get much more lined up than this (other Touhous are involved however)

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Look at those boob monsters.


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>tallest character is 5'7
Oh Japan.

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>Yuugi and Kanako barely six feet tall.

Goddamn short Nips.

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They can have whatever height you want them to have since there isn't a official chart about it.