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I would love you more even if Dr.Pepper was the only beverage in the world.

My sweet, sweet shrine maiden...

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...Do your armpits sweat Dr. Pepper? If so, you, Reimu.

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Sorry, it's not that I don't love you.

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I don't even like Dr Pepper and I prefer it over Reimu.

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I feel the same way about Marisa.

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Dr Pepper is the bodybuilder of energy drinks

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dr pepper of course.

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>Dr Pepper
>energy drink

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Yes. Every time you pour Dr Pepper from a fountain, naked Reimu is running on a treadmill behind the machine, overworked and dehydrated as her armpits sweat out Dr Pepper.

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oh god yes

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I like 7up better than Dr. Pepper

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Yuka, or pancakes? Which do you like more?

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Yukari in pancakes.

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I choose Dr. Pepper-tan.

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Yuuka of course I would choose her over anything, even if there wasn't an implicit threat of my untimely demise

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Eat pancakes, smooch with yuka

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Yuuka... or double Yuuka?

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Squirt is better. But Dr. Pepper is still my favorite

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Shit, I have no idea.

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You will never have a cute girl jealously ask you whether you'd prefer a can of soda over her.

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quite unfortunate

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Reimu drinks sake and pisses any soda you want on command, just with alcohol in it. Sort of like Minoriko's pissing berry vodka.

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>Dr. Pepper
Never liked this lolamerican drink. It tastes like chemical-mix and is just awful.

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Chemical mix? Here, it's called cherry. You are now aware that every flavour in existence is derived from a mix of chemicals

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You are now aware that the noun chemical means "artificially created chemical substance".

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You are now aware that the idea that chemicals prepared by industrial processes are different to chemicals prepared by biological or environmental processes is a myth.

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>using the word in the definition

>A common example of a chemical substance is pure water

Doubly wrong~

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You are now aware that bulk chemicals prepared in industrial processes differ from harvested chemicals because of different trace chemicals.

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You are now aware that makes them better due to a lack of trace chemicals.

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You are now aware that this does not constitute an inherent advantage to natural processes, which simply end with different trace chemicals.

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Requesting uninformed Reimu

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>mfw everyone uses chemical to mean "Man made poison shit"

Brb nerdrage.

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Do you know the difference between a noun and an adjective? Because I really think you should check it out.

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I wish I could be so uninformed and carefree

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You are now aware that non-pharmaceutical-grade industrial processes actually end up with quite a lot of trace elements.

You are now aware that humans have co-evolved and adapted alongside many natural trace substances but have no experience with many artificial trace substances.

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You are now aware that alot of those trace substances occur in nature anyways

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You are now aware that artificial chemical production simply involves recreating the conditions in which that chemical would be produced by chance. Only people who do not understand anything about chemistry think of chemicals as some kind of witchery.

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You were already aware that a number of them aren't.

Is taking something stupid and running with it what it's like to post in /b/? I should probably stop.

This... isn't true. The processes utilized by nitrogen-fixing bacteria and the Haber-Bosch process both convert nitrogen into ammonia, but in entirely different ways.

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Okay, I will grant you that, but in the context of food and drink things such as fermentation, and the making of bread, are manipulation of conditions to enable natural processes.

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(i prefere mountian dew)

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Oh god. Now I want to lick her armpits even more.

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you fags are actually arguing about dr pepper

I guess I'm gonna drink this dr.pepper

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I don't think so. I don't think the synthesis process for menthol, for example, actually resembles the synthesis process for natural menthol. When I say "artificial chemical production," I mean in the sense of gigantic factories, not, say, caramelizing onions. (Which I suppose is a process that introduces foreign chemicals to the human body anyway. Oh well.)

I don't really mind artificial food, I like pop tarts as much as anyone else, I'm just pointing some things out.

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Less chemical argumentation, more high-fructose miko syrup, please.

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Dr Pepper, because Reimu is the worst touhou ever.

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What would you do if I stuck my tongue in Reimu's mouth in front of you

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Wonder if that tiny poorly dressed asian women is being raped.

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i´m oke with this.

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Call dibs on the vagina.

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Of course, there's no such thing as consensual interracial sex where Japanese women are involved.

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Jokes on you fags, that leaves me with the armpits.

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You guys are fags. Real men drink coke.

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>Of course, there's no such thing as consensual sex where Japanese women are involved.

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Its not the asian's fault.

It's them damn dirty apes. Though I must say Asian and black togather actually churns out some nice looking girls.

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Please call us fags more <3
cola makes me feel urpy after drinking it

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Are you just not used to burping? Since I have a few friends like that as well.
Cola makes best tingling burps.