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>mtw /jp/ still hasn't kissed a girl let alone gotten to 2nd base

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i fucked; you are mother.

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>my face when I have had sex with over twenty women on three different continents

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Not otaku culture related.

Bringing this "talk about your life" shit to this board creates divides between "Teh NEETs" and "Fucking normalfags bragging about their lives". We don't need that shit, it just creates bad attitudes and enormous shitstorms.

As such, this is now a thread about Marisa's glorious tits, a matter we can be more united on.

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>kissed a 3D girl
>my face when my waifu didn't falsely accuse me of raping her
>or extract favors from me in exchange for my body
>or cheat on me
>or trick me into raising another man's child
>or force me to pay child support
>or say my condoms broke and she's pregnant and I'm the father now when I've had a vasectomy
>or wait until I got a high paying job and divorce me for maximum cash out
>or confess to killing me and telling the police it was suicide on live radio because I refused to pay child support, then get away with it even after the confession because of lack of evidence

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>Touhou Tits
Otaku Culture.
Not otaku culture.

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>>26 years old
>>never kissed a girl
>>don't know what a second base is
>>alpha as fcuk

Deal with it nerd.

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More Tewi When?
Right now.

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What have you done to Marisa?!

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Tewi thread?

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I did when I was 3, no not my mother. But that's not important, Marisa and her rude titties are.

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Tewi Thread.

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You're not missing out on anything. I was kissed once but it wasn't romantic (the girl was drugged) at least you still have a chance to have a special first time that you will be happy to remember for the rest of your life. and each time you think of that moment you will get goosebumps and feel like you're flying. i lost that because i was stupid. don't be like me

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See, I made the ears. I am a Tewi.

Preference is China, but a Tewi thread is a nice compromise.

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First kisses aren't that impressive. Nearly any kiss after you're experienced is better than the first kiss.

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First-time kisser/second-baser here. Paying attention while reading doujinshi and other porn paid off. Maybe kissing isn't really my thing, but she went noodly-limp when I started getting into it.

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>MFW I posted a story earlier about me fucking my girlfriend and my sister walking into my room unannounced and seeing my penis.

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Screw whatever retarded romantic bullshit you may have gotten from be able to 'choose' your first. What you have there anon is a delightfully hilarious story to tell whatever bros you may have. How many guys can say that their very first kiss was with a girl who was tripping on drugs? Not very many. Unless the drug she was on was pot, in which case I know 50 people who have had similar experiences.

'Special' (read: awkward, misguided, and sloppy as fuck) first kisses are something that Twilight reading 12 year old girls fantasize about. And I imagine that, like the rest of /jp/, you are a grown man.

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Fyi, moot's never even gotten to first base, even though he could just step outside his house and get tackled by walls of pussy if he at all cared to lose his virginity. He said he was a virgin not even a month ago, he is not as normalfag-ized as some peolpe think.

Aka I'm using him as an example in saying, that not all of us have sex drives and we just plain old don't give a shit.

In another context, this thread's OP could easily pass as Marisa RP, in which case fuck you Marisa you're a whore.

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Meh. I only ever kissed two girls. My first was some sloppy, horrid affair seeing she was drunk and probably on E. I was terrified because I saw her look at me and start advancing wobbily toward me, but I had nowhere to go. Felt like I got mauled by a wet lion on the mouth, total boner kill. I still shudder when I think about it. Ugh.

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> Felt like I got mauled by a wet lion on the mouth, total boner kill

oh god, I can't breathe
guys, help

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Same here. i have no idea what she was on, must have been some heavy shit if she found me attractive

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> mauled by a wet lion

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Hey I'm attractive enough, but my complete zero in social skills and shyness combine to destroy any hope of having a wife ever. Still debating whether to take the FOREVER ALONE arc to the end or to select a waifu.

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>mfw newfags think Marisa has a bigger bust than Reimu

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If I got kissed in lips by my 22 years old cousin when I was 16 at my grandpa's funeral does it count too? I was surprised and fapped to it for weeks.

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A girl kissed me on the forehead in first grade. That's the furthest I've ever gotten.

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No need, I got this. Thank you for your speedy assistance, but I will take things from here.

Now, you're going to feel a sharp pain for a second, and then you're going to go to sleep...

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I was kissed by one of my former friends' girlfriends back in high school, late at a party after most other people were asleep.

It wasn't a normalfag party either, we were mostly there for a Starcraft LAN, and so it really, really came out of the blue for me. I didn't act on it after that night though, because I didn't want to be a faggot relationship-breaker.

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the farthest i have gotten is maybe a hug
being touched by other ppl or even them being near me make me sick
so i doubt i will get anyfurther then that ever

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never had any trouble getting a one-night joyhole at a bar when i feel like it
but telling you the truth i rarely want one, its just all the damn wooing, paying few drinks which i could spend on myself, condoms breaking, STDs, pregnancies etc that irritate me. i mean come on its just sex whys it gotta be that damn complicated?

im more than satisfied if i end up jerking off instead, at least i dont need to worry about wether my waifu has STDs or not

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Well! If you're going to be like THAT about it...

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I only care about 2D girls.

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I masturbate to touhous in the day and have sex with my girlfriend when she gets home.

Master race reporting.

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my face when I haven't fucked anything alive in 4 years.