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Now this might be hard for everyone...but can we have a Medicine thread?

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why do you all hate her?

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... who?

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She's not Aya or Sanae...

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I like her. I'd do my best to get rid of her melancholic mood.

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I dunno. Are fan characters appropriate Touhou thread material?

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...fan character?

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Yeah. Medicine's a fan character, right?

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She's my favorite Touhou but her threads don't last long and never get any discussion or content.

Isn't it sad?

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Not at all..play PoFV

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Medicine is the tiny fairy controlling that huge doll, right?

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IN style medicine

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Alas. My trolling failed.

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My absolute fav
And no one knows..I say it's the big doll

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uh? i never knew..

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But if you think it's a doll as well, there must be a master somewhere. What does Alice do while the other girls do some flower watching?

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I think Yuka holding Medicine is a new moe mode for me~

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I think Medicine is controlling it completely on accident, or it's also like her, just very underformed.
Also..the flowers are Su-san...not the small doll.

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Considering she's a cursed doll the big one is obviously a doll. Whether she's a lifeless doll being controlled by the tiny fairy or whether the tiny fairy is a companion to a living doll is unknown.

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Maybe the fairy is just a manifestation of Medicine's consciousness. After all, a doll can't support a soul.

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you converted me into a medicine fan, never really payed much attention before
too bad we don't see much of her
gonna play through her route on pofv

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I've really liked Medicine ever since I played Sengoku Gensokyo. Her mini-story-arc was really my first introduction to her character, and it was one of my favorite parts of the game.
Alas, I have no art of her yet, aside from what this thread has given me.

That game / storyline is also part of the reason I'm a Yuuka fan now, too.

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Would you have sexual relations with Medicine?

Would you have sexual relations with Medicine if she wanted you to do things with the doll only?

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sounds like a plan OP

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I went to the doctor and told them about my head feeling like it wants to turn and randomly jerking to the side and they said I had vertigo and gave me something for it. I finished the medicine and there is still no change. I was told that if nothing got better that my other option is a neurologist. I hope I don't have something wrong with my brain.

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I've really warmed up to Medicine lately. She's a cute child with a number of interesting connections (Reisen/Tewi for poison, Yuuka for flowers, Alice for dolls) that everyone else happens to be scared out of their wits of.

I wish to be her friend too... maybe she could show me some of her less deadly poisons.

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No one is scared of Medicine. They just don't like the poison she lives inside of.

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Oh god, I have that too. Neck spasms. You feel like your head wants to turn so you start turning it, then suddenly spasm, and you pull your muscles and your head jerks to the side. I always assumed it was a nutritional/lifestyle thing.

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I'm pretty sleepy since I just took some diphenadryamine or whatever how you spell it. I love this shit, even if it isn't really a real drug and i take less tha needed to trip it just feels really nice being half asleep, loopy, confused, relaxed, muscles soften, body temperature feels good. Mmmm.

The urge to pee sucks though.

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U rollin on them Bennies son? Awww jeah

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For me it's more like an actual slight falling feeling (I guess that's why they diagnosed vertigo) and is really apparent when I try to take a drink out of a cup, or when I'm simply thinking about keeping my head straight. When I'm occupied with doing something else, I don't even notice it. It's only when I stop and don't have anything to do when it really starts going off. I have a hard time sleeping because of it. When this all first started, I immediately began taking daily multivitamins, thinking it was a malnutrition issue like I've had before. I guess it's not though because this has been going on for about a month now. Maybe I really should go to a neurologist.

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Sauce plz

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Inyochuu the animation.

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