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I get that it's almost Winter and there will obviously be a bunch of new images depicting the Touhou characters in winter wear, but why is it mostly Youmu and all of it has her wearing a beanie?

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>and all of it has her wearing a beanie?
50% of your body's heat loss is from the head, so it's important to insulate it.

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Even though I'm an illiterate who cannot into Pixiv, I do happen to spend way too much time on Danbooru and therefore found this:


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almost Winter?

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Because it's obscenely adorable, that's why.

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What I'd like to know is what's the connection between "shimamura" and the knit cap.

Is it some sort of outerwear brand?

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I still don't get it.

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Hm? It explains it fairly clearly, I think.

>For unknown reasons, she (tl. note - the twitter bot) is deeply obsessed with Fashion Center Shimamura, a nationwide apparel store chain in Japan.
>In the twitter icon, she wears a green scarf and beanie ~ Needless to say, she bought these in the Shimamura.

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>it's almost Winter
wat? it's been -10'C degrees for almost a month now. fucking letty

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Hard to notice when you live in a town that has fog all the time.

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I wish Winter would come faster.

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>Fairly clearly
It's not fairly clear to me when I have no idea where you got that data. I was unaware Shimamura was a store chain.

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it's right there in the link of the post you quoted.

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Any other pictures of touhous with this kind of hat? I don't really like Youmu, but the hat is cute.

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youmu seems to be a cosplay magnet for some reason. that's why she gets all the good outfits

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You think I go to danbooru to READ? I just assumed it'd be a bunch of on-topic Youmu pics. I don't even bother to read comments there anymore.

My mistake, I guess.

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Off page fifteen for being nominally on-topic.

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Because beanies are cute.

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Source, please.

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