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Yukari Yakumo Thread. Our best youkai.

Ask nicely and post picture if you want to be gapped to gensokyo!

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you people should start worshipping her as the hakurei god

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Yukari knows how to fight even without gaps and youkai powers.

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Get the fuck out of my youth-only club, you titties sagging hag!

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I hope that she will help me when I will move to gensokyo.
So I often pray to her.

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"They told me I could be anything, so I became a god. But that would have been a lot of work, so I just told my fox to make me a sandwich and took a nap instead."

Also, I feel like Eirin would be the most beautiful Touhou for some reason, but the most glamorous art is all of Yukari.

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(this is just some baka slut pretending to be master Yukari, because Yukari is pure)

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Yukari is my favorite character in the Touhou universe. I really want to get to know her better; She is quite the enigma.

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This is guide.

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Yukari can be cute if she wants to, she is stylish, and strongest youkai.

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She's usually portrayed as having more eyes than that. But I mean what is a gap youkai? what does it mean to be one? How does she see the world? (I know there are fan answers to these questions, but I'm curious what she would really say)

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What a twist

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I wish I could ask her about that when I would be in gensokyo ;_;

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She'd probably make some nonchalant belittling comment and make you feel like a dumbass because you're just a cute little human who wouldn't understand anyway.

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>a youkai that eats youkai that eat other youkai

Truly, a powerful creature.

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make your own gap to gensokyo.jpg

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I want a slower version, fuck it's impossible to read all of those

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Surreal Yukarin is best Yukarin

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here >>6522646 Its strange how you did upload it in the same time. >>6522645 while I had lag when uploading, maybe Yukari is reading our thread?

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Why does this old lady sleep all day? She thinks she can just take it easy because she's a senior?

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It's all the wild sex she had during her youth.Years and years of wild sex. Shit is tiresome.

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Her PMiSS article makes me imagine some guy walking in Gensokyo at night and hearing something, then seeing Yukari and being like "Oh, it's just a human. She'll definitely be friendly to me, a fellow human."

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Im not senior and sleep most of day too ;_;

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I would be more concerned if she were an insomniac. Frankly, reality is a lot safer when Yukari is unconscious.

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I want Yukari to carry my children. I would content with Ran but I want Yukari more.

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the fact you could be 'content' shows your lack of devotion. If you really wanted Yukari you would not even consider anything else on the planet!

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Please save me Yukarin.

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Hey now. Kitsune make fantastic lovers. If I can't have Yukari I would have no problem with getting the second best in Gensokyo.

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Please take me away, Lady Yukari.

Even if just to be your slave and pet.

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heres Yukari!!!

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Yukari please please help me go to gensokyo ;_;

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Gensokyo doesn't want any filthy immigrants stealing their jobs and moon healthcare.

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Please take me, Yukari-sama!

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I bet I can take Yukari! she aint that tough!

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Yukari seems like one of those people who would help you with whatever she found interesting and then screw you over at the last minute just because she can. She either has a motive that nobody can understand or no motives at all and just likes messing with people.

The whole thing about her being able to solve complex equations better than Ran still bothers me since even if she doesn't know the real answer, she can make one up, say it's real, and then the laws of mathematics will change themselves so that she's right. I don't think cheating counts as being smart.

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Purple dress Yukari is best Yukari.

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You're pretty gutsy.

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If Yukari can manipulate boundaries, why doesn't she manipulate the boundary of youth and age so that she can forever be a loli? She can do that, right? Or does she just like being a hag?

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Well.. I did have a few beers. I can take on anyone in a fight if I am drunk enough!

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She looks like a kid in some of the official art. Curiosities of Lotus Asia, specifically. It just depends on her mood.

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She is a loli. The hag shit is fanon because Ran acts like a mommy and mommies always have huge tits and Yukari has to have bigger tits than Ran because she's her master.

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I like mature large tiuhts Yukari...

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She can also make herself a guy.

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All right, but remember!
It'll either end in you having a quick death or participating in a massive orgy.

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She's a hag relative to the other girls. I always think her apparent age is supposed to be 27 or so, which IS old since most characters look to be around 10 years younger with regards to looks. She still looks very good, but when you're about 16 or so you think anyone above the age of 25 is ridiculously old with relation to you.

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She could look seven for all you know.

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Yukari is my favorite of the old guard. I'm sick of seeing most of them, but pic is my face any time she shows up.

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She enjoys appearing as an older woman, that's the point. It's difficult for me to picture her to appear as a little girl.

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Read Curiosities of Lotus Asia, then.

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I'm not trying to combo before anyone asks.

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And that is what I got.

I think one or two are missing though the thread that I got those 404'd before I got them all.

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Oh I forgot there was this one too.

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Translation pls

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"Tonight we shall play board games"

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bump for yukari.

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This reminded me of the ending to this.
It's amazingly edited for still pictures.

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If I get gapped, I'm getting a job at SDM, as nowhere else is hiring.

A man needs to eat.

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So do Remilia and Flandre, you fool. I hereby give you the name "Lunch".

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I'd love to go to Gensokyo. Or at least be somewhere else, the real world is so boring, the only thing worthwhile is video games.

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But, Remilia has a terrible appetite and Flandre is fed otherwise as she can't even feed without destroying a room, not to mention she'd rather play with Marisa.

Sakuya can only do so much.

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Don't most humans get eaten or horribly murdered by Youkai before they even reach a human village?

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Most outsider humans, that is.

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Gensokyo Humans are on average stronger than a grunt Youkai but, we aren't Gensokyo humans.

Might want to pack some skullslackers and practice your silver tongue.

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This fucking image, every time I see this image, I scream KITAAAAAAAAAA!!!, only to realize that Palanon will never come back.