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holy fuck. i just found this on 2ch.
seems like they've got the technology to animate doujins.
why are they so superior than us? ;_;

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That's not really that hard to make. And it looks shitty anyway.

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We had a bunch of threads about the animation thing a while ago.

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I wish I was japan ;_;

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You could do that with MSPaint and enough time. Time is, as always, the key issue here.

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they animating jpgs on gelbooru

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I can see forever, etc, etc.

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>flan 1824.gif

Why don't you post the 1823 previous ones?

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there was a program that lets you do this posted a while ago. I'm pretty sure there's videos on youtube showing how to use it, but I can't remember what it's called

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Source of doujin.

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A bunch of NEETs with time problems?

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That only ever looks good in very few cases.
It's easy enough though to create though, so I guess it could enhance doujin experience a lot. Problem is, it doesn't work on paper.
Also, if you got an animated doujin, you'd expect every page to have a moving part or get disappointed, and it just doesn't work with that many kind of images.

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That's done with a program that's been out for a while, but I forget the name. You can find a lot of 2d titty bouncing on nicovideo made with it.

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Time erodes will. If you can do something, but it will take 3 days of work, you ask yourself if it's really worth doing.

The answer is often no.

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/r/ing more info on this.

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there's a tutorial in niconico about it.

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There's a pool on danbooru purely H-scene gifs.

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Links to more of these please.

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xx-cake 2.5, nice job on being late for the fucking party. Better make something cool with this.


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thanks a lot, works perfectly, my flan doujins have boucing titties now (:

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Derek says it's cool, better all download it right now guys.

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my penis is big

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Sacrilege, I say.

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Anyone knows the original doujin used here btw?

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It's just a single image.

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>go to 2chan
>first thing i find is this

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Haven't laughed like that in a while. Thanks.

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oh what?

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Heh, I remember that program. It was pretty damn shitty back in the day

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I was in a park like that once.
One of those monkeys ripped off our car's left side mirror and ran away. Good times.

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It's a bit more funny for me since those people are Polish.