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Evening, /jp/.

I'm trying to track down information on a particular song. All I know about it is that it came from a somewhat obscure Touhou album. I'm not even sure which melody it's based on.

I've uploaded a low-quality version of it here:


If you have a few minutes to spare, give it a listen. If it sounds familiar, please let me know.

Thanks in advance, folks.

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Why this looks safe

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It's just a .wav file, nothing to worry about. Still, if you'd like me to upload it somewhere else, no problem.

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The file was converted for use as micspam before it was given to me. I'm looking for a title so I can obtain a higher quality recording. (In a more acceptable file type.)

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What's wrong with .wav?
It's a lossless format.

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Acceptable to the gentleman with the image macro, that is. I have no problem with the file type itself, just the low quality of this particular file.

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It also takes up a fuck ton of space that could be easily compressed in a FLAC file which is also lossless. Although I have no problem with WAV files.

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It's massive and easily compressable
But whatever

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Ah, if I have to bring this back to the front page from time to time, I'll do so by sharing some watercolors.

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It's familiar, but I couldn't tell you the name.

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No problem. Thanks for giving it a listen.

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I need to get some rest, that's all for now.

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Polite bump.

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And we're back.

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Hm. Seems like I don't have any more watercolors on this computer. How about some tarot cards instead?

Also, thanks to everyone who's given the song a listen so far.

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Look, you can wait a couple of minutes before bumping with a picture. This is a slow board.

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My apologies. Back in the day, I'd have automated this. But with captcha, I'm just sort of doing it whenever I remember to.

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Don't worry, you are taking a good interval between every picture. I simply looked at the front page and thought you were posting them really fast. I hope someone can find what you are looking for.

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Please don't tell me that Sakuya is World. That would be horrible.

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I think the original melody is Demystify feast, but I'm still not sure.

it's all I could really get out of it and I listened to it 3 times.

actually, I'm beginning to doubt Myself, but, you don't seem to have anything else to go on.

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Every little bit helps. If all else fails, I'll download the lossy music collection and cross-reference the run time... once I have access to a larger hard drive.

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Okay then, I won't tell you~.

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Well, at least it doesn't involve a steamroller. . .

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Doesn't sound like Touhou to me, and it's nothing I recognize even though I've listened through *a lot* of Touhou rearranges.

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The only thing I can say for sure is that it did come from a Touhou album. Not much of a lead, but a lead nonetheless.

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You can still try to google in japanese some bits of the lyrics you recognize.

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Isn't it anything from Halozy?

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Investigating now.

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Discography at 70%. My body is ready.

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No luck. The song wasn't on any of the four albums I could find. (Crescendo planet, starry presto, heartcore forte, ultimate synthesis.) I'll look start looking at individual releases, but things look grim for Halozy.

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Well, back to business as usual, then.

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(Non-wild/horned variant.)

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OP here. I might not be able to keep this off page 15 tonight. Comcast is on the fritz for a good portion of the eastern seaboard, myself included.

So, yeah. Good times.

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I'll give it a shove if I see it trying to escape.

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Go home and be a family man, source thread.

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I live!

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wow srsly for wav
dont recognize any touhou and ive listened to lot
murasa's theme perhaps? long shot
could be original, they have those.

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Head trauma: the post.

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Bump because after watching this all day I want to know what the fucking song is.

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drunk up
i'm shut.

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Go back to bed SA.

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I've been looping for last ten minutes
it's not directly based off touhou
probably original.

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About halfway through the deck, now.

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I have an autistic obsession with Touhou music and I can honestly say I can't think of any game tunes that share more than a fleeting resemblance to this song. I'd say its original.

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Christ, I do hope you're mistaken about that. That's the only information about the damned thing I have.

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Crushing the OP's last vestige of hope beneath our heels for fun and profit thread?

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no touhou, or any anime, other than it reminds me of sumomomoもももももも모모모모mo。

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It could be a really, really loose arrange of Chen's stage theme. But nothing about it is familiar.

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Getting nothing when Googling the lyrics. This is annoying.

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Hm. I'm... not entirely sure where to go from here. If it's not Touhou, it's not Touhou, but when that seemed to be the case, the problem seemed a bit more approachable.

If you don't mind, I'd like to keep this thread around for awhile longer. You folks are probably still my best shot at finding a name, given it's a doujin work... probably.

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You got it stuck in my head, take responsibility.

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I can't download from mediafire for some reason. Care to upload to a different site? Rghost is good for audio.

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As you wish.


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I hate this song so very much.

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Eh, may as well finish up the tarot set and see where things go from there.

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If I ever hear this song again I will murder everyone I have to to silence the source.

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But it clearly states that it loves you. Like, 30 times. There are entire stanzas made up of this assertion.

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Woo, feelin' sleepy again. I'm going to conk out for a few hours. Pleasant dreams, all.

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Posting an earworm like this when we'll never know the source should be a war crime.

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Heads up, dayshift.

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Post it to NND!

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OP here again. That's not a bad idea, but I wouldn't have a clue as to how to upload something there. My moonrune skills are weak.

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This is the last of them, as someone already posted the world.

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Well, I suppose all that's left to do is to delete the file and wait for something equally catchy to clear it out of my head.

Thanks to everyone who gave it a listen, sorry things didn't pan out.

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Giving up is the first step towards a healthier, happier NEETdom.

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