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Touhous are like fine wines. They get better with age.

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I can't decide between Kanako or Eirin. I like them both.

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That's why Remillia is the best.

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Yukari please

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I like grape juice.

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ewww shes so gross

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I love how that artist drew her face, but that image would be much better if it wasn't so lewd.

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How can you call such an adorable child disgusting?

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/jp/ loves older women

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As long as they look like preteen girls.

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Yuuka doesn't belong in that picture.

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/jp/ is looking for a mommy figure

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Older women are the best.

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Of course she does

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Yet also a daughter figure at the same time. Sometimes wife and little sister, too.

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Where is the hag line drawn? I've seen relatively young touhous like Byakuren included, but others like Letty and Keine ignored.

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It is no doubt the full fault of those Ran threads that I've an Oedipus complex now.
I mean, I was always submissive, but Ran made me go too far.

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I want someone to protect. What exactly would that be?

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How is wanting to kill your father and marry your mother submissive?

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A white knight.

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I'll go with child Rumia.

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Come sleep in mommy's bed tonight honey.

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Hm. Sounds close enough. Which Touhou would suit silent guardian types though? I know most of older ones could fend for themselves.

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A stupid and shy one.

Like the little girl who hides in a bucket because she's too scared to see people face-on.
Just a single insult would break her heart completely.

So go protect her and be her knight, you white knight.

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Unnamed little human girls in the village.

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I'd say most likely the fairies.
Lately I seem to have developed a sort of parental affection for Cirno myself.

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A good year.

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Cirno would completely and totally ignore any sort of silent guardian.

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That's kind of the point. It'd be cool, that person that watches over others, keeping them safe even though they don't know it, acting behind the scenes. I do like those fairies, too.

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Most beautiful Goddess.

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Oh you did NOT just let this thread die!

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Disregard my previous post, I suck cocks.

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do touhou's get stretchmarks?

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Suwako doesn't have any, so I don't think so.

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Yes, I know, I'm a terrible person.

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In before "Take it easy Kanako". She's got a happy face on.

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I thought they were like bread, they get moldy and stale?

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Don't they get more diseases as they get older?

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It's about demeanour and powerleve just as much as it is about actual age. ZUN draws all his characters the same physical age (barring Remilia): in order to achieve hag status, they have to look mid-twenties in the minds' eyes of the fans.

Also, if there's anyone who shouldn't be in that picture, it's Ran. Letty and Keine may be oldish, but Letty's a nature spirit and Keine's part-human.

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Yes, old touhous are pretty good touhous.

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so big tits = old?

fags then why is remilia so flat

also sage

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Every Touhou is flat.

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See ZUN's design for Suika and tell me that again.

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Disregard ZUN scribbling.

Acquire breasts.

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Before anybody asks, the thing in her hand is an aphrodisiac. So says the artist.

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Pic unrelated, They're all 17. So young they're practically grapes!

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Loose clothes.

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There is one thing loose about touhous, and it's not clothes.

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Basically if the character is in a mother/daughter relationship (whether fanon or canon) and has the body of a mother then yeah, she's forever 17.

Kanako is in it because she has a mother/daughter relationship with Sanae. Suwako isn't because even though she has the relationship she doesn't have the body.

Eirin's a bit different since she's more like a matron. Yuugi is different because she's more like an Anego (Female form of Aniki, think older biker gang type lady) than anything else.

Yuuka's daughter is wriggle and Yuyuko comes off as a bored Ojou-sama. Letty is Cirno's mom and Byakuren is an old lady desperately trying to be young. ANd by old lady I mean 17 year old being 17.

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is yuugi really that old? are we sure this picture's theme isn't just "titty monsters" ?????

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Titty monsters picture without Komachi? Lol nope.

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Yuugi has canon big tits.

Komachi got the large breasts treatment because of her character description. "Tall, imposing death god."

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Komachi is very imposing.

Just one glance and I can't help but be imposed.

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>Yuugi has canon big tits.

Derp no.

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Derp yes, faggot.

Here is the promotional art. Now shut the fuck up.

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I don't think that can be considered as canon anon.

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...not seeing it.

See >>6508719 for the image.

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Yuugi has deliciously defined abs of hotness.

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Yes she does.

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That is the hottest picture I have ever seen of Yuugi.

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I like my women like I like my wine. 7 years old and contained in a box in the basement.

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That's nice bro, but yukari is a loli.

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I know this isn't the point of the thread but the whole "aging wine is always better" thing is a myth. In fact the vast majority of wines (including red) is best to drink as soon as possible. Only a handful will improve with age, and even those that aren't necessarily able to age forever without a drop in taste quality.

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Yuyuko lovers report in! Yuyuko + Youmu combo is the best Touhou combo.

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Everyone loves her already, it would be redundant.

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The SWR portraits and that SA promo are considered canon portrayals because the images were ZUN-approved.

And qualifying as a hag has a lot to do with the generally agreed upon fanon appearance of a character as well as their age relative to other Touhous. Sanae is usually drawn fairly tall and buxom, but she isn't considered a hag because she's a teenage girl; on the other hand, Suika is referred to as an old-timer in one of her titles, yet she's never considered one because she looks like a loli.

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Fuck I love oni's too.

Oh well, I guess.
On a side note, were there ever any /jp/ vote pool for most popular Touhou? Or 2ch?

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I wonder if the arm over her chest in her SA portrait is because ZUN never had to draw tits on a Touhou before and found out he was really bad at it.

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But the question is, who drinks the most?

Suika or Yuugi?

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I'd guess Suika on account of the bottomless gourd, but who knows.

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Everytime I think of Suika, I just hear in my head
''Sake sake sake sakeee'' just like in the Touhou Doujin Anime - A Summer Day's Dream.

;_; they never made any other episode, shit was so cash.

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Picture 100% related.

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In Bohemian Archive, Suika mentioned that she was last sober centuries ago. So apparently she's been drunk for centuries on end.

Yuugi could also have been drunk for a long time, but, she's probably sobered up at some point from not having an endless gourd. As of current, it appears that no one even comes close to drinking as much as Suika does; the only way she could feasibly be beaten at drunkenness would be via introducing another Oni with a bottomless gourd .

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Thanks anon, answer my question perfectly.

Short long answer, Suika is the boss.

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Her gourd seems like something any oni would love to have, which makes me wonder if it's hers because the other oni respect her ownership of it or because none of the other oni are able to take it from her.

She might be the strongest member of one of the strongest species in the series.

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>one of the strongest species in the series.
You would be surprised, but this is implied in iamp since nobody could defeat her and she only surrender to reimu.

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That, I didn't know.
Suddently Suika bumps next to patchouli as favorites.

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It's also implied when her Touhou profile and supplementary material call her one of the four greatest oni

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She's in the top four, but we haven't seen what the other 3 are capable of.

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I know she's one of the four Deva, I'm just wondering if we can read into her possession of an item that any oni would be very interested in having as an indication of her power relative to other oni.

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The other devas could have some even more oni-rrific items.

Maybe we haven't seen them because ZUN wants them to be stronger than Suika, but cant think of a better oni item.

We haven't seen her fight with much of her potential as we have with Suika.

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Suika being the only oni above ground is also suspicious. Is she unafraid of being tricked and killed, are the other oni incapable of making her behave or did she simply get lost while stumbling around drunkenly?

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I like you Destroyer, you have excellent taste in your Waifus.

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I like my touhou like I like my cake.

Sweet, moist and always delicious.

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I agree OP, too bad there is no grannies.

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Her face is covered with boundaries!

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Is she missing an arm?

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Old touhous, so good.

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Whoops, can't talk about oni without posting this.

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So good

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one more image because it's fucking cute

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Likely gonna get run out of town for this but, source?

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That's all there is.

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artist then?

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Well that's a disappointment, but thanks.

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I suck cocks, I found it.

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I damand more Eirin!

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Oh, might as well post this while I'm here.

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captcha is being douchetastic

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Hello, weaboos...had any pussy recently? of course not.... gehehehehehehh!