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>My face when we might actually stop screwing around and eliminate North Korea.

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Frankly, Damn the Geneva conventions and assassinate the leadership. The whole country shouldn't suffer because they've been locked in a jackass nation for the past 50 years.

The NORKs are the only fuckers crazy enough to actually use a bomb nowadays......

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Fuck that, the US needs to Let Japan form its own military again and let them do it. Reigning old Asian hatreds, think about the anime that would produce.

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>my face when I'm Hachi

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>my face when a retail version of Daifukkatsu BL has been announced and has a BL arrange. It is basically DFK BL with Ketsui scoring. So like, DFK BLxKetsui.

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It has a fucking playable Tiger Schwert in it and A.I doing the Alice torn clothes pose and everything. I'm laughing so hard right now.

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speaking of which...


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Take this shit to /int/.

And stop using shitty /v/ greentext memes.

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You should inform yourself impartial and don´t believe what you´ve watched on loltv - South Korea started the current shitstorm by pulling military maneuvers near NK´s borders. Pyongyang was obviously pissed because of that and demanded from them to stop this shit. But SK denied that demand and started to fire some artyshit into the debatable territory between the 2 countries, which was answered by some NK-artyfire on the island Yeonpyeong (there are some military installations on that island). South Korea fired FIRST + provoked the whole situation in the first place and now they´re like "We´re the poor victim here! NK attacked us out of the blue!" and of course most of the western media continue to spread those biased reportings.

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Protip: it's perfectly reasonable, and permitted from the standpoint of international law, to conduct military exercises when there is a hostile power commanded by an insane fool on your border, assuming you limit said exercises to South Korean territorial or international waters, which the South Korean government did.

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in all seriousness.
all complete seriousness, as in: no more memes or witty comebacks.
all of that shit aside, completely serious right now.
if I had a gun with one bullet, and you were standing in front of me.
but next to you, was Hitler, alive again and ready to kill another 7 million or so Jews.
Honestly, I would shoot you. I really would. Why you're even on /b/ is something I really would like to know. I want to know how you managed to stumble into this place, and who told you about this secret place of the internet.

Honestly, you're the sole reason /b/ is full of fail nowadays. It would give me great pleasure to know that before I left, I could at least convince one idiot to leave this place for those with a positive IQ.

So please, in all seriousness, just leave this place and never return

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We're talking war, who starts it is playground shit. What we need to look at is what side has the most corpses and why.

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...Or Kim Jong Il is trying to show that his fatass son is actually a badass son, which he isn't.

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Should be fucking awesome. My copy of DFK is going to be here in a few days.

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I'm sold right there. Not even 2 seconds in.

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Sk has also conducted this same drill, same time of the year, for years, and like every time before informed NK of what was going on. They never made a shitstorm about it then (besides sitting and pouting), but they decided to do something now.

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Go back to Mizuumi, shitposter. And stop bumping shitty threads.

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