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Which Touhou has the best official art?

Pic possibly related.

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She's one of the few who didnt have a weird face imo.

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Any from Fairy Wars. :3

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No. ZUN art is the best, fuck this shit. Marisa looks awful in this game, i dont even recognize her.

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>weird face
I don't know what you're talking about

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This, a thousand times this.
But seriously, Nue.

Wait, can we include SWR and Hisoutensoku? 'Cause that'd be kinda cheating.

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Shiki or Machi for me.

Or IN Reisen or non-DS Aya.

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Are we going to count non-ZUN images then?

Because then the ones in the fighting games are pretty much all wonderful.

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I guess the point is to choose from ZUN art only

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Still better than whatever I could scribble

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The portraits in PoFV aren't drawn by ZUN, right?

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they look like they could be but i am not sure.

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I always thought Yuugi's was quite good. She looked different and interesting.

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Purple hair Reimu.

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that blush

Rin is also nicely done, well except for the wheelbarrow, I don't know how it would function. It looks like a part of it melted

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Danmaku games only or something?

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Drawn by ZUN, lightly touched up by alphes.

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I was always partial to CHAN

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That's a sheet on top of it.
There are bodies in there, y'know.

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ZUN seems to draw Youmu well after PCB, really cute. I remember there was this one pic that I really liked that he drew outside of the games, but I don't have it anymore.

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Just because the skirt's waist is there doesn't mean her actual waist has to be right there.

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That would mean she's putting her arm on her ribcage and is a weirdo.

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Regardless of what you might think about her outfit, Marisa is just holyshitcute in UFO.

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This. This is the best sprite in Touhou. And you hear this from a Yukarifag.

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>mfw momiji has no official art

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If I weren't on a laptop I could turn with one hand I'd be slapping your shit right about now.

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She has her hand on her second sword, like being in a pseudo-samurai stance.

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i know this feel .... i want to buy a dakimakura of momiji but i don't have the money now .... damn shitty taxes

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Reimu obviously.

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pic related?

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I've always loved that face.

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Even ZUNart Kogasa has killer legs.

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Do PC-98 sprites count?

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Is Remilia a rapper?

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I liked both her and Youmu's art for IN.

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Please, marry me

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Yes, I will, anon. I love you.

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Are you making fun of her elegant fingers?

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sho' nuff

Youmu has crazed eyes in PCB.

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This is one of my favorites.

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I feel like a bad person now.

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ZUN-Style Sanae from UFO is sooooooooooo cute!

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Suddenly realize ZUN is no bad artist at all.

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Are these from an ending in one of the games, or just sketches that he did?

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Yes, the good ending with Reimu B.

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Er, in Subterranean Animism...if Utsuho didn't give it away.

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ZUN-art general

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Whatever the case, I've always thought that his work tends to look 10x better before he colors it in, as long as he didn't mess up the proportions from the get go in which case it's hopeless.

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Is the The Grimoire of Marisa "official" art?

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I second that

In that one interview I saw he showed some uncoloured sketches and they looked really good

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Some of his art is wonderful, and some of it is a train-wreck. I just don't understand it.

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ZUN-Style is the best Style!
I love ZUN's artworks!

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It depends on how drunk he is.

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I love the perspective on the eyes, so it looks like they're flat stickers pasted to the side of the head.

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Wow. That's really creative. I like the film strip trim.

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It all makes sense now.

So more beer he's drunk, the better his drawings?

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Welcome to Touhou.

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Okay, gonna down a bottle of whiskey and try SA extra again.. this better work

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If you can't beat it, just download the complete save file from somewhere and start practicing each level on lunatic(Or hard) until you can beat each of them losing only 1 life or less. Then I'm sure you'd be able to beat it on normal.

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