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Wanna be my shikigami?

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fuck yes anyday

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What are my first orders, sir?

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Don't worry, I can show you where she lives and introduce you to her first.

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That has got to be, bar none, the most wtf thing I have seen in weeks.


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You came in a little late, faggot.

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Quality control will stamp every thread that is within his reach on all pages. Time is not relevant.

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>Sion control will stamp every thread that is within his reach on all pages.


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yes. where to sign docuemtns?

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Not everyone you dislike is Sion, anon.

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QC never appears in Sion threads.


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You don't seem to know what QUALITY threads are. Sion threads should be reported since they are totally unrelated, unlike QUALITY threads.

You are obviously showing how new you are.

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>You don't seem to know what QUALITY threads are

Let me help you out:


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gee, how much people like you tend to suck when you're just arguing and butthurt at the same time?

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Hahaha oh wow. Get out newfriend.

I don't see anyone butt hurt in here.

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Who would rather be invincible Marisa's shikigami instead?

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so rude

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Funny, I used to agree with QC, but he seems like more of a prick these days. Did something change, or am I just more tolerant to shit with how bad /jp/ has been for months?

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You're just gullible. Tripfags are _NEVER_ honest and sincere about their actions, 2/3 of them are low-tier trolls and the remaining 1/3 are pretentious attention whores.

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Too bad he is not a tripfag though.

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I think you are more tolerable towards shit. But his standards got higher as well.

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This thread needs more Suika

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Can I be your shikigami?

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this is what perfect cherry blossom felt like for the yakumo family

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Every thread needs more Suika

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So true.

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>Patchouli smiling the whole time

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She can be seen smiling in a perfect cherry blossom ending.

I think the lifeless depressed patchy is purely fanon; seeing her in EoSD I thought of her as a sharp and willful type who could accomplish anything she wanted to in life.

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I wonder if anyone has asked for her to stay giant so that they can literally go muff diving. If there isn't a doujin about that somewhere then I'll eat my shoe.

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Now I'm having G Akiha flashbacks, you cockfag.

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Anybody want to be my shikigami?

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Marilyn Manson will.

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Good Lord, that boob job went tits up, didn't it?

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Did somebody say shinigami?