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I imagine Ran being the go-to person in Gensokyo for all the touhous who have the urge to be babied. They call Ran and set up an appointment and they come over to Mayohiga while Yukari and Chen are gone and she diapers them and feeds them and rocks them back and forth to sleep.

In the morning, the touhou leaves, waving goodbye to Mama Ran and thanking her for making them feel loved and stress-free for a single night.

The thing is, Ran is actually the one who feels she should be thanking them, as she is barren, and can never have a real child of her own. Ran's babysitting service is the closest she will ever get to feeling the love of a child.

As the client leaves in the morning and waves goodbye, Ran waves back, and sheds a single tear...

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Mama Ran makes the best Thanksgiving dinners

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Ran is the new Cirno.

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Gensokyo Thanksgiving Feast

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I don't like Ran. She's overprotective of Chen.

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Ran is so sexy!

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Fox servant is best servant

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You best be joking. Gensokyo is full of better servants.

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It's true. None of the other servants disobey their masters like Ran does.

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This reminds me my family left for Thanksgiving without me.
Don't ever leave me /jp/ okay?

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Ran should just go to Eirin, she'd be able to do something about that.

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Is that so?

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If I'd ever get to Gensokyo, I'd search for Ran, and befriend her the best I could. I would have nice talks wiht her, and spend time with her, doing whatnot, but it woudl feel oh so much fun. After a whiel I would confess my own emotions, only to be shot down coldly, and after taht she woudl proceed to tel me that I should never approach her again.

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She's a mother/maid/waifu/cook/bodyguard/pillow/tailtacle monster all-in one.

Also, personal transportation.

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>inb4 banned

>She's a mother/maid/waifu/cook/bodyguard/pillow/tailtacle monster all-in one.

>Also, personal transportation.

Swiss Army Touhou? Do fucking want.

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There aren't a lot of mother figures in Gensokyo anyway.

It must be a popular service.

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Kanako is much more motherly.

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They're all just great long as they have nice booooobiiiiiies \(^p^)/

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> \(^p^)/

Get the fuck out, right now.

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Service demonstration attracting new customer.

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>she is barren, and can never have a real child of her own.

You sound certain...

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inb4 ranisaslutbeforeshebecameahumanoid and ranisnotaslutnevervisitsdescendentsormatesontheoutsideviayukari'sgaps-doesn'tvisitthematyuyuko'splac

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Eirin would probably just keep Ran around to play with Reisen.

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Actually the whole point is that foxes are excellent mothers.

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Do we have to have this thread reposted every single month?

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but that would make Ran the worst mother ever by not having her visit her real kids. Instead she'd be denying their existence by adopting a child with her latest partner.

No, let Ran be somewhat pure for the ones who love her..as pure as you can be when you're with Yukari.

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That was 900-something years ago, though. Quite a long time for a fox that usually only lives for 10 years or so.

There's nothing improper or tarnishing about it. It's just the way things are.

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Like that would matter to /jp/

Rin from Type Moon in the original F/SN game is a lesbian in one route, virgin in another and bisexual in the the third.


Not letting that happen here.

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I understand your concern, but I'm not seeing the common element here.

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Where did the crowslut meme come from, where did the Sanae is a slut come from? It doesn't take much to ruin a character here and it's damn persistent years later.

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oh yeah. Alice leaks poop.

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Their increased appearances in Touhou games. Also, ZUN dressed up like Aya, sort of.

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Just hope Ran won't become a playable character instead of Sakuya

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Jealous Sakuyafags.

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Still not seeing what connection you're trying to make, but I see something here upsets you and that isn't and never was my intention.

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Don't think that I don't like that there are more Ran fans or that I want to stop all discussion about her past.

It's just that every time we have a nice "if Ran was my mother, wife, pillow...etc" threads you personally come in and start pushing it towards Ran is a slut by nature. I don't want to have to think about it because it's not pleasant when she's one of my favorite characters.

But you keep showing up in the Ran/General threads and saying it over and over. I ignored it for quite awhile and even let it through a bunch of times without a challenge because I think even posting against it like this just reeks of desperation and denial.

However, it seems to me that rationalizing how your line of thinking makes her into the worst mother ever should've been enough of a clue to get you to stop a long time ago if you cared.

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>pushing it towards Ran is a slut by nature.

>your line of thinking makes her into the worst mother ever

Okay, now I'm awfully confused here.
How exactly did you ever come to that conclusion?

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repeat ad infinitum.

We've been through this before on the other threads. I don't think it's that great of a theory myself. It's just the closest thing that could possibly counter your logic and appeal to you as a foxy lady lover to stop insisting on it.

I'm going back to posting pictures now. If you want to join me in this, you're more than welcome.

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trying to post sexy/cute pics of ran nobody has seen before but there isn't much that isnt always posted

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Black Hat Stripper

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All I can say is I've really had no intention to offend and I'm sorry if it's come across to you that way, because I'm still not sure how you've come to understand anything today or earlier as tarnishing or degrading her character.

But I agree, it's not worth lingering on. Especially not when in the end, it just comes down to that we still both like the same character.

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This makes me fell all warm and toasty.

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Ran is the best mommy.

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Great reverse trap too.

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Not quite certain what is going on here.

Looks like she's going about some kind of hocus pocus involving a leek...

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melon and peach smuggling

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Fox smuggling watermelon.

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Christmas is coming, and these pictures are relevant again.

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...and the other one that made it into my year long --- folder.

High cuts... oh god.

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I'll just leave this here

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True gifts from kitsune tend to include wisdom, long life, protection, success and other intangibles...

Best Christmas ever.

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tails are detachable

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Not nearly enough pics of Ran doing what she does better than anyone else... except perhaps Grace Murray Hopper.

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Either that, or the miracle of shapeshifting.

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Plotting the beginning/end of all creation.

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Sounds risky. Let's start with the relation between electronic communication and grains of pepper, and work up from there.

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Miku and ran? Best pairing ever.

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Seemingly the blessings of great and mighty Inari include being able to eat something ice cold without metaphorically having your head explode.

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The tails are just really long danmaku.

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Whoever said overprotective mama Ran was always a bad thing?

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>I'm okay with this.

then again, crack pairings are always fun.

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If Omachi can knock down a grown man with her tails, so can Ran.

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mother fucker.. that isn't cool man

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Even without Chen I'd imagine Yukari to be a handful to look after.

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Love is always beautiful... but then again beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

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I miss SUPPATENKO. How come we never see it in fan works anymore? Or does being a good being a good mommy mean that she's no longer prone to the bouts of public nudity that we know and love her for?

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Dumping what little Ran I have and what's not already here.

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I do think Yukari is older than Ran, but I think Ran should be the taller one.

It'd be silly to carry Yukari around if she were smaller.

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Chen's got it good.

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You're kidding right? What do you think usually starts these threads off nowadays?

>>6502660 is a suppa tenko right there, it's just that it seems quite random when the meido starts the cleanup of the non-worksafe suppa tenko images.

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Afraid I know no source besides Anon's ancient musings, but supposedly Ran is slightly shorter than Sakuya, who is in turn slightly shorter than Yukari.

Does asking for the origin of a bit of information count as asking for source?

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A playing card. No clue where from.

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Everyone is bound to know how this turned out by now...

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Dunno. I think I heard the same thing too as being said by Zun, but that was back when Sakuya was a playable character...

Likewise, if Zun didn't change things around then Yukari would be asleep during the day and hibernate throughout winter. Instead she's been there as an assist or playable character ever since IaMP due to popularity.


Either way, doesn't look like Sakuya beats out Yukari or Ran in height to the fanbase.

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Tend to put Ran and Sakuya in the same bracket - at most half a decimeter below Yukari, Kanako and Eirin occupying the 1,70-1,80 bracket.

Just a personal thought, though. Probably not very close to the truth.

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I consider Ran to be around China/Komachi in height but not as tall as Yuugi or Kanako.

I wouldn't mind saying that Ran and Yukari have the same height, since sprite comparison compensated for angles from Iamp shows they're about the same.

But just how much shorter can Ran be and still carry a bigger person in her tails comfortably? Sure it's not canon, but doesn't it feel right?

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Hibernation daily chores. Changing Yukari's clothes/sheets/panties.

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Could say that Yukari is at the bottom of her bracket, while Ran is at the top of hers?

That would be on average of course, since Ran might be able to adjust her height by shapeshifting.

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Could be, otherwise this would be what we see more often in fanart of Ran-sportation.

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You're gonna carry that wei---GAPPED---

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you're just not looking in the right spots.

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... and that marks the thus far second time I've seen pantyliners depicted in any form of art.

Need to rest, but never going to be able to sleep contemplating whether or how gap youkai get discharges or wet spots.

Goodnight, /jp/.

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Where is that picture of Ran getting off with Chen's guts when you need it