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/jp/ meetup

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I don't understand how Remilia managed to invite so many people. Even Wriggle is there. Didn't Wriggle want to kidnap Remilia in IN?

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Deja vu.....

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All defeated enemies must attend tea parties of their foe

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Who are the people up the left corner? I think that's Kaguya and then Tenshi from the right but who's the third person? Komachi?


>Kaguya and Mokou not fighting
>Cirno and Letty chatting
>Alice and Medicine chatting
>Chen and Suika are fucking tall

These kind of mass-scenes are among my favorite things in the official Touhou manga.

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Yuuka sure looks bored.

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It's because no one wants to talk to her because they're afraid ;_;
She just wants to have friends ;_;
Why does everyone run away ;_;

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Chen is fucking tall!

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Hina seems lonely too. Maybe they can be friends?

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hahaha good joke, there are no guys sitting in the corner with a glass of alcohol....yeah it should be me...

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The fairy Mystia is talking too... Is that Lily Black? What, but I though Lily Black was just Lily White with a different color-scheme. So it's canon that they're not one and the same?

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where is suika? i only see keine talking with erin

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Hey, you're right.
But the gourd. That's Keine for sure with those sleeves, but it looks like she's got Suika's gourd. Also no Suika when there's alcohol? That makes no sense, yet I can't see her anywhere. Maybe she's drunk under a table or something.

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Hina x Yuuka best friendship ever

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Just for the record none of that is canon. The characters gathering like that is just something the artist came up with. She's an IOSYS fan.

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Tall Chen is tall

Although really, she never was portrayed as a tiny kitten in ZUNart, fanart just warped her that way. She's Ran's shikigami because she's too simple minded to be powerful on her own, after all at root she is just a really fucking old cat.

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i am twelve and wat is dis

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Even if it is Lily Black I would reeeeally hesitate to call that canon proof.

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Rumia and Wriggle, BFFs forever

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You say that under the following assumptions:
1. ZUN told the artist to draw her at that height.
2. The artist cared enough to draw her properly.

Also, heights in Touhou are canon. ZUN responded to an email and said there are different heights in Touhou. Reimu is average, Yukari is tall, and Remilia is really short.

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No need to be so bashful. Everyone here knows that the artists working on the official manga are allowed some freedom, but that doesn't change the fact that ZUN overlooks their work and has accepted them as canon, more or less.

I do think it's an interesting slip-up though, if that really is Lily Black.

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So Shiki really is tall, and it's just fanon being fucking retarded as usual by portraying her as a tiny loli.

That's all for the better, I prefer sex legs.

While we're on this, does anyone know if ZUN has ever cleared up any questions over bust size? Because Yukari's never actually been drawn with much (of any) chest by him, and yet fanon would say that she has the biggest tits in Gensokyo.

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been a while

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I'm not sure if it's explicitly canon.. it sort of BECOMES canon when it's in there, but I get the sense that ZUN doesn't care nearly as much as we do, so the details are sometimes unimportant.

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>ZUN overlooks their work
Did you say that with a straight face on or am I being trolled?

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Why is this not called blacktewi.jpg? Who the hell do you think you are?

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ZUN doesn't even overlook his own work let alone the work of others.

This. ZUN doesn't care half as much as us. When asked about PC-98 characters ZUN said he prefers to not talk/think about his earlier projects.

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because she's brown, not black.

and this is little brown tewi.jpg

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I don't understand why some hates this. It's more or less true.

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>I get the sense that ZUN doesn't care nearly as much as we do, so the details are sometimes unimportant.

You will have achieved enlightenment when you realize that this is true for each and every part of Touhou setting and story.

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Reimu is average in terms of 'Japanese high school girl' height. That means Yukari is probably the height of a medium-sized white woman while Remilia is full blown loli mode.

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>Implying by 'black' he meant the color black.

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>talking about stuff Aki Eda draws

the artist can't draw for shit and you know it

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I think of black when I see black. because Rumia

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I'm a little girl you idiot.

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There's a difference between seeing black and not seeing anything at all.

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Hina is forever alone mode wallflowering off to the side, Yuuka is cruising around looking for good prey to take home that night.

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This picture is canon. Also, ZUN wrote about Yukari's supernatural beauty. She has the type of sharp eyes that one can tell she's not human. I'm paraphrasing it terribly.

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I'd love to know what the deal is with Tanuki Marisa.

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Thank you I am now imagining date-rape Yuuka smirking ominously while trying to pick up oblivious little girls.

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OSP chapter 11. It's not Marisa, it's an actual tanuki.

I guess that means we technically have a new Touhou, even if we don't know how she looks like.

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>So Shiki really is tall, and it's just fanon being fucking retarded as usual by portraying her as a tiny loli.

She looks pretty big in PoFV. It's just retarded fanon nonsense. iamthelaw.jpg excepted.

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Oh my god I'm so excited

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I'd like Alice and Medicine more if Alice didn't give off vibes that she's going to strap Medicine to a table and dissect her or something. Creepy dollmaker.

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But Alice being creepy is like the essence of Alice.

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I don't like that Alice! Sarcastic biting Alice is better.

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If you ask me it seems more likely for Medicine to be hostile towards Alice, since Alice is actually "enslaving her people". Doll Freedom movement etc

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It's hard to tell with Touhous, but I get a definite sense of "not loli sized" from that.

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Yeah, but once Alice mentions that she wants to make dolls sentient I figure Medicine would become her ally. ... Not that she'd be much help.

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What now?

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But Alice's dolls are just dolls. Maybe if Alice achieved her goal of making a living doll there'd be problems.

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I've always though of Eiki as not tall but not short either. Most fan-artists make her a bit on the shorter side, but she's usually taller than Reimu, which is definitely not loli. I don't understand where people get the idea that fans always/often portray her as super small, because excluding some cases in parodical/comical works she's usually about the same; mid-heigh/size.

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Shiki can change her height at will and chooses loli size just to fuck with people. She switches to normal when she wants to intimidate. Problem solved.

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Everyone looks loli in those, it's like how the CoLA artist makes everyone look 9 years old, even Yukari and Sakuya.

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They keep mixing her up with the baby King of Hell from Yu Yu Hakusho.

The Shiki-baby-pacifier pictures nail it.

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Finally found it.

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How can you say you respect authority if you only respect authority when it doesn't look cute?

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>Shiki's heigh discussion
I am just glad no-one calls her Sikieiki no more.

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It's like they don't even realize that her name is Shiki Eiki!

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I'd prefer people call her Eiki, though, just like with other Touhous.

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Well, that's just little black Tewi at work. Choose your favourite version.

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Who is Mystia talking to?

>Cirno and Letty chatting
Would it be that strange? Better than talking to that spring fairy.
Does seem more like someone to converse with Yuyuko or maybe Yuka.

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Some people say Eiki, others say Shiki. Some say Byakuren, others say Hijiri.

And everyone just say Murasa, despite that being her last/family name.

In this case I personally I prefer Eiki, even if only because I think it's the prettier name.

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>And everyone just say Murasa, despite that being her last/family name.

It's because Minamitsu is a way crappier name.

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Some people just really, really like drawing lolis..

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It's not good to be too informal with the more imposing Touhous.

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Lily black, the alternate version of Lily white.

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>And everyone just say Murasa

Point taken. We can fault her theme's title for that, I guess.

>Who is Mystia talking to?

"that spring fairy"

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You are entitled to them. I actually like Minamitsu better. But it's kinda long and Murasa has been Murasa for so long and it's kinda hard to change a habit.

Maybe I should just start saying Capt'n.

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Most people don't call Murasa anything at all. So forgettable.

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That'd make sense, but black isnt a separate character, and still has blonde hair.

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She's not really doing that bad, actually, last time I checked.

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Maybe it's some other generic fairy then. Aki Eda should have filled that scene with a dozen original characters that never get named or mentioned again.

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>Aki Eda should have filled that scene with a dozen original characters that never get named or mentioned again

The fandom would have a ball naming and coming up with powers for all of them.

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Oh come on, you're talking about a Touhou there.

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And some of them are utterly forgettable.


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>A land of forgotten people and relics
Maybe he was going for the irony aspect of it.

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Maybe to you, but most Touhous, even the most unpopular ones, have steady groups of devoted fans. And Murasa isn't really a good example of an unpopular Touhou.

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Name a forgettable Touhou. You can't, can you? My point!

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Even the most "forgettable" Touhous have more fanart and memorabilia than most of entire anime series.


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Really? She's pretty damn unpopular. Only muslim girl has a hope of competing for the spot of least popular UFO character.

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Even Shou is more popular than her? Really? Because besides from a few casual mix ups with Nazrin, Shou might as well not even exist as far as fanart I've seen.

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What are you comparing them with? Least popular character(s) in a game in the main series might not be very popular by Touhou standards, seeing as some of them are highly identifiable pop-culture icons, but like others have said before me, there's still more active fandom for these "unpopular" characters than there are for some entire series.

Have you ever been to pixiv or Niconico Douga? All Touhous have some sort of mini-movement. I was browsing pixiv this weekend for hours doing nothing but looking at pictures of mostly UFO characters, and there's plenty of love for all of them, including Murasa and Ichirin. In fact, I'm surprised there's so much. It makes me very happy.

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ESPECIALLY Shou. I'm not biased at all.

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Inuzuka-ball. Delivered.

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That's [Memoria] Ningyou Kakumei.

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Not technically, no.

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who is that

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That'll be Ruukoto.

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It's kinda hard to say at this point. I'd say fanart-wise Shou gets more quality fanart but Murasa gets more overall. Oh, and Shou gets a lot of fanart together with Nazrin because when Nazrin got more popular her primary pairing also got more popular. So Nazrin's popularity technically boosted Shou's, which make it hard to say which is the more popular between her and Murasa.

The most popular UFO Touhous seem to currently be Nazrin, Byakuren and Kogasa, in that order give-or-take. The rest seem pretty even, even if Ichirin is kinda sagging behind. Makes me sad, because I like her.

Overall, if you go by time/popularity and take into consideration that UFO is soon a year and a half old, I'd say they're all doing pretty well.

Tl;dr; it's kinda hard to say anything for sure, really.

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96 pics on Pixiv. Better than I thought, actually.

>> No.6499505

I love how UFO finally has a strong 1-2 lineup. Strongest since EoSD, and relative to the rest of the cast probably strongest ever.

The sad thing is it's probably only because latter bosses weren't overpowered enough.

>> No.6499541

I'd say we don't need that many more ridiculously overpowered Touhous.

>> No.6499556

>it's probably only because latter bosses weren't overpowered enough
I really hope you're talking about canonically, not ingame... Especially on Hard. Oh my goodness.

>> No.6499561

Shou is ridiculously overpowered if you take a loose interpretation of her power. Yukarifags have been doing that for years, turnabout is fair play.

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Hm? How's that? I can't really see any way attracting treasure would be particularly useful in battle.

>> No.6499584

I've always found it fun to do that with Komachi.
Like manipulating the distance between her fist and your face. Or conversely your fist and her face if she wanted to dodge.
She could be sicknasty overpowered.

>> No.6499586

What, you're talking about how to interpret the word "treasure"? She's Remilia-tier at best, but still probably below that, since she can't control anything, she simply has the "the power to attract" implying she herself can't decide on or control anything. It just happens, disregarding of her will.

She's like a magnet. Suddenly, a huge treasure chest comes flying, and hits her opponent on it's way to her.

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Treasures simply showing up whenever she needs them? RNG manipulation is a wonderful thing. Not to mention the possibility of attracting treasured people or objects that wouldn't normally be considered shinygold treasure.

I also like the idea of Murasa sinking relationships. Take that, shipfags!

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Are you trying to use Remilia-tier as an insult? She's got one of the strongest powers, if not the strongest.

>> No.6499637

Not really as an insult, no. She's a low-high I guess? She's no Yukari, but she still has a very hax power, even if it's fairly limited and doesn't work instantly.

But I really said at best, meaning if you took the word "treasure" and threw it around in whatever way you wanted. Which would only be confusing since anything "treasured" could become "a treasure" meaning Shou wouldn't be able to move from all the shit piling up around her.

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Piling up is easily solved. Make it at-will instead of unconscious.

Though unconscious fits the fanon ditz personality she's got going. I don't really like that interpretation very much.

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Rumia isn't standing like the saint was crucified on the cross.

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Her arms aren't stuck that way.

>> No.6499674

I'm not sure if I'm ready accept that her powers are at will. That would be too ridiculous, it's not like treasures would go poof and appear before her. It makes more sense that she's just tends to find valuable things a lot more often than the regular person.

Although to varying degrees, I do have to say I like her fanon portrayal. I don't know if I'd call it her being ditzy though, more like she's an unlucky all-too-kind person. I like that, it suits her.

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She only does that when she is flying.

>> No.6499684

That makes no sense, citation needed.

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I was looking for this, found it right after I posted.

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This is Touhou. We don't need fucking citations.

>> No.6499714

If you were a young girl you would make that gesture when you are flying, too. It's fun.

>> No.6499725

Rumia likes birds.

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Taking both and the OP and more recent discussion in this thread into consideration I was quite shocked when I spotted Nazrin and Shou in the second Wild and Horned Hermit chapter. I'm not sure why, but I really wasn't expecting that. UFO characters with speaking roles in official manga would be so rad.

>> No.6499798

Chapter 2 needs to get translated already. I need my not-Shiki fix.