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85 MBs of Aya Hirano photos

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is dis sum cp?

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Sage for Hirano.

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age for Hirano!

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sorry, can't download now, I've arranged to have my balls run over by a truck.

Frankly I think I've got the best deal.

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not a trojan?

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If you're thick enough to run an .exe from a picture compilation rar, you're a moron who deserves everything he gets.

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>85 MBs

fucking die

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I'm hoping for you that that archive holds just an executable file which, upon clicked, will fuck up my computer to hell and back.
I don't want any more Aya Hirano pics etched on my hard disk.

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Aya sucks

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Thank you OP :)

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>>649748 :)

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Look, you made Aya-chan cry. :(

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Hirano can die in a fire.
ITT the one Aya!

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she cut her hair?

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>>649776 :(

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I really just don't get it. She looks like an average Japanese girl. Slightly less attractive than average, thanks to her ugly short hair.

I don't see what's so special about her, besides her voice acting work.

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>She looks like an average Japanese girl.
4/10, I raged a bit.

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Oh god Aya-sama is hot

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So, could someone tell me how many unprotected cocks have entered her so far?

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in b4 this "How to fuck Aya Hirano" copypasta

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None, because Aya-sama is still a virgin.

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How dare you...!

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Enough of all this rape talk. One DOES NOT rape Hirano Aya.

You approach her softly, take her dinner, make her feel special...because she is.

When it comes time for you two to part ways, don't be greedy, kiss her gently but once on her supple pink lips.

And if by some grace of God, Aya wants to partake in the physical act of love with you, don't rush things. Take your time, you have all night together.

And when that moment comes for the climax of your evening, you had better not even think of arriving until you bring her screaming into orgasm followed by the gentle panting of her come down.

Even in the afterglow of your love making, you continue to hold her, caress her, comfort her until she drifts into a content slumber.

Admire that sleeping beauty you hold in your arms, and thank whatever deity residing above you that they could create a woman so perfect, let alone bring her to you.

Can you do that, Anonymous? Are you man enough to accomplish this task set before you? If you can't answer this question positively, then you sir do not deserve Hirano Aya!

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Of COURSE I'm man enough to accomplish this task! I'm a man and a half!

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>a woman so perfect

Sluts are a dime a dozen, what's so perfect about them?

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Why can't my feelings reach her? ;_;

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Because you are not Japanese.

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85 MB of FAIL

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Did you come twice as well?

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This girl = everything I want in a girl.

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No Anon, you are wrong. One day, I will meet Aya-sama, and I will tell her how much I love her. That is my final task in life.

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Shoko Nakagawa > Eri Tomizawa > Aya Hirano

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