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Its little chart to decide which touhou are you closest to (or you could get similiar power when portaling to gensokyo)

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i don't know my blood type
because i am not japanese

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Whenever I come across something like this I ask my mother what my blood type is but I always forget...

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Whenever I come across something like this I ask my mother what my blood type is and even she doesn't know...

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I'm close to Chen,Hina,Orin and Medicine.
At first I was disappointed cos I won't be close to Koishi.
But then I realized my awesome ability if my blood type is 0

Ability to be Koishi's pet

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well, i'm kanako. looks like i'll become a god just like i wanted to. awesome.

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Kanako. I feel somewhat disappointed.

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Is there a playthrough guide for this? Apologies if this belongs more in /v/ or /a/.

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I'm fine with it.

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Flandre here.
Also my favorite touhoe.

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Tenshi. Usually it's somebody I don't like.

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I wish I was Komachi. Then the distance between me and my ambitions would be zero, and I could be the lazy fuck that actually accomplishes things instead of just the lazy fuck.

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Boooobiiiiies \(^p^)/

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All I knew was "Type O" until I looked through some files. I... I am very okay with my outcome. Picture very related.

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Glorious Komachi

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I don't know what my blood type is, but if it's AB, then waifu GET. Even if it isn't, I am still fairly fond of the other three.

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No problems here.

It's the same as now except I'd study magic instead of computer science!

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Shikieiki, who just happened to already be mai waifu.

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I get Sanae's powers? Fuck yes, I'm a living Shinto deity. Time to cleave and smite evil. I need a yorishiro though, for after my death. Maybe a tree, those are standard for most deities (It's either that or rocks, and rocks are boring. ) Yeah, a sandbox tree would be awesome. Those can shoot their fruits for about a hundred meters, the desiccated seeds spreading like a shotgun blast. If my tree doesn't get enough worship, I'll fucking blast those villagers with exploding seeds.

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>I don't know what my blood type is
Must be nice to never have set foot in a hospital....

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Well that's disappointing.

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yeaaaaah waifu get!

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lightning is cool and all but i'd rather have almost anything esle.

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the downside is you will have an insatiable appetite for dicks

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Too late.

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What are Yuka's powers again?

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How is that a downside?

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Well, if I can pull off getting fertility as my portfolio instead of wind, my annual festival will have all worshippers sticking their dicks to the ground and watering my tree with their cum. You know how they say cherry petals are red because the trees soak up blood of the bodies buried underneath? Sandbox trees normally blossom red, but my blossoms will be pure white, because my roots will drain all my worshippers' cum and my flowers will be colored by their semen.

If they please me with the taste of their thick, warm cum; I'll reward them with good harvests and virility, otherwise they'll be punished with ruined crops and shotgun fruit. Of course, I'll have an avatar in form of a young girl too (with sperm-white hair, most likely), but she will remain pure and untouched by dicks because fertility deity or not, cute girls should only form relationships with other cute girls.

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If only I was born a month earlier. But well, Hina is allright.

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I got Reimu, so what power do I get besides being a big bitch?

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I'm fine with this.

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>being a big bitch
That is your power.

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I'm ok with this. I would get to be taken care of by dat onee-sama and dat meido.

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No type B?

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How is this chart read. AB crap is blood, what is the number

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Take a closer look.

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Gee, I wonder.

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Utsuho. Score.

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I got Eiki. Dunno if I would want that though. I already judge myself pretty harshly.

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I'm okay with this.

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Kanako... fuck yeah!

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Reimu? What the balls man.

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..... how ironic

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This chart is creepy. Last time I was praying to Yukari so she would take me to gensokyo and after it I checked /jp/ as always and page was filled with Sikieiki pictures and since then I always get her pictures when I enter 4chan or other touhou imageboards... on touhou wiki random page is always Sikieiki related. Creepy.

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I don't want to be Aya.

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Seems like the majority of /jp/ is type O.

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holy shit im new here, how do i know which girl is which give me a chart with names

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Aha. Ahahaha. Ahahahahahahahaha.

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which tou hoe is the loliest...

>> No.6489056

err .... what means the numbers ?

>> No.6489057

The majority of people are type O.

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Flandre? Maaaaaaan.

At least my girlfriend is Nitori. <33333

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How fitting.

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First of all...what's touhou...

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I don't even know what to say.

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I'm not sure on my blood type, but I think I'm Alice.

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I meant to say my girlfriend pairs up with Nitori.

Or is it something else in this sentence that's entirely unbelievable?

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i think we need a medic to know what this shit mean

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Wait, what do the numbers mean?

>> No.6489099


did you get your answer ?

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Looking rather fat there Mokou

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Day of birth, I'm guessing. It's on m/d format.

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It's fitting.

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I'm the motherfucking Yukari. I'm more than ok with this.

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Astrological signs

>> No.6489119

yay Tenshi!

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Why does it use m/d? It's annoying.
Also, I'm Aya.

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ooook thank you

Aya get

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I have never wished to be AB blood type along with being born in August to September birthday then now.

>> No.6489136

I could potentially be Youmu

>> No.6489137

guess i'm a touhou noob; who is that to the right of yamame? (10/24-AB)

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I wonder who originally created this chart and what the justifications were (if any) for putting these girls in their respective slots.

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This tread again? I still get Alice

>> No.6489145


Satorin Komeiji, Stage 4 SA boss

>> No.6489148

You have got to be kidding me.

>> No.6489155


knew i'd get some crap for that. never played SA.

>> No.6489160

Why no Hatate.

>> No.6489163

I think I'm Hina, but I might be Chen.

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No offense, but it's Satori.... you also must not have been on /jp/ much too.

>> No.6489191

I'm probably Mystia, which kinda sucks (hence the previous question).

>> No.6489194

I guess I'm okay with getting Alice.

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Damn! Why is Mokou so fucking hot?

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I think I am Sakuya, but I'm not too sure of my Blood Type.

>> No.6489221

>venture to /jp/ for regular visitation
>see this thread

"Oh, this looks interesting. Haven't played much Touhou, but I like it well enough. Let's see..."

>figure out character parallel is Fujiwara Mokou

"Don't know that character, let's Google her..."

>discover powers are immortality and fire control


>> No.6489239


The power to kick your ass with ching chong fu and fall asleep guarding gates? Meh.

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Aya chan <3

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Chart is messed up. Why isnt Cirno on a winter month? Would Mokou not fit best in a summer season? Suika not in October??

>> No.6489277

How do people not know their own blood type?
No disrespect, but that's bizarre.

>> No.6489293


Strange, innit? In the U.S., the easiest way to find out is to go donate at a blood drive (I've never been to one so I'm pretty much in the dark, but I remember 'A' being mentioned at some point in a doctor's office).

>> No.6489295

Personally, the last time I visited a hospital was when I was born. Dentist, pediatrician, local doctors, etc. yeah, but the blood type thing has never come up.

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Aaaaaaaand I have no idea who the touhou left of eirin is.

>> No.6489304


I remember the letter. But I don't remember if it was positive or negative so eh.

>> No.6489307

It's Kanako. It always takes me time to recognize her without her round bread.

>> No.6489309


Kanako Yasaka, MoF Stage 6 boss.

>> No.6489310


Astrologically-speaking, the period Mokou is in is Aries, the cardinal sign of Fire. Cardinals are usually rather intensive, from what I remember, so Mokou's placement is fitting.

As for Cirno... I have no clue, but she's so ⑨ that she might've gotten lost on the chart.

>> No.6489338

Thanks. I'm dissapointed in myself for not recognizing her.

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Awesome, my favorite Touhou!

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Motherfucking Mystia, WHY!?
She's propably the worst touhou.

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Awesome, I love Okuu.

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If you don't know your blood type, go donate some. They'll let you know afterwards.

>> No.6489538

Eirin?!? Fuck this hornses ass up the bone buldge, shes the WORST kind of old hag ever. Ruined my day, thanks.

>> No.6489544

I'll trade you.

>> No.6489591

i got that letters are blood types but what do numbers stand for?

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I'm totally fine with this.

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I went to donate blood but my blood was lacking iron so they sent me home without telling me my bloodtype

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What are those numbers on the left? someone explain it please.

>> No.6489625

but what does that stand for? day when you were born?

>> No.6489629

You are Unbreakable

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MMDD 2 Digit Month, 2 Digit Day
MMDD Maximum Modified Dry Density
MMDD Misma Mierda Distinto Día
MMDD Multi-Media Domain Development
MMDD Medical Manuals and Documents Division


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thanks /jp/ it was just little unclear becouse it didn't start from 1/1

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I don't know why people keep complaining about how shitty /jp/ is. the comments sure are a lot better than the last time we had this thread.

>> No.6489653


I don't think it means month and day.

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Ever heard of zodiac signs?

>> No.6489746

Yeah, that's why.

>> No.6489778

The level of stupid in this thread is painful. I really want to believe it's one or two trolls.

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I'm fine with this thread, and the soul-crushing revelation of learning MAI WAIFU is truly unobtainable.

And it's raining today, too... gloomy as fuck time for that to happen.

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File: 31 KB, 300x449, 651138-sikieiki_yamaxanadu_default_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck, it had to be the only touhou char I hate, and a dude on top of that!

>> No.6489959

I land squarely on Hong Meiling... which is weird because I main her in Hisoutensoku. An interesting coincidence.

>> No.6489964

You did NOT just call Yamaxanadu a man.

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Butt kicking, for goodness !

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>Oh god I hope it's one of my waifus

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>one of my waifus

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Fujiwara no Mokou,eh?

Well, at least IN is my favorite game

and I own Keine

>> No.6490016

You're crazy. I'd let her judge me any day.

>> No.6490030

Deal with it, nerd.

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>> No.6490044

tripfag cancer

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You guys clearly aren't dealing with it.

>> No.6490223

You're not very nice...

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I get her powers? Hm... I think I can work with this. Yes, yes... this will do just fine.

>> No.6490479

I asked my friend her blood type, and apparently she is Ibuki Suika. Which suits her very well. She loves to drink.
>Kindhoro recated
Related because a kind Horo likes her booze.

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My, oh my. How unfortunate.

>> No.6490707

Hey, who is the touhou at the bottom-right of the picture?

>> No.6490758

Satorin, wow.

>> No.6490828


I might be a newfag at touhou, but that's not it

>> No.6490846

It's Shanghai. She's a doll.

>> No.6490849

I wasn't even replying to you.

>> No.6490871



>> No.6490873

Medicine Melancholy.

I don't get what Chen and Orin have to do with Pisces traits.

>> No.6490874

Ahahahaha, no, that's not going to happen.

>> No.6490886

Ran. I'm okay with this.

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Aww yeah.

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