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No Keine you're doing it wrong.

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Keine cannot into fever.

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2 prong?

I'm sorry but until you replace your plugs I have to deem your house unfit to live in.

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That's not how you grill a steak!

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after this i think i have seen it all

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welcome to half of japan bro

captcha: analmen LIx

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If the Great and Wise Hakutaku wills it, the house will be fit and will always have been fit.

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Was Keine shrunk, or did she find a giant electrical outlet?

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For Keine that is easily solved, although people are bound to start wondering what the hell happened between 1969 and 1980.

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It was at that precise moment that I was distracted by Keine's milkIt comes in bags[/spoilers].

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Keine is stuck. Please assist!

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... that's awkward.
On the good side, think she's going to get out by herself just fine. In a while.

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How does cow know what state laws regulating safe power is?
Bags? Fucking Canada.

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Don't talk shit about Canada.

Actually, do talk shit about Canada, if you please. They have those -horrible- French people there.

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Do Tetra Pak count as bags?


Whether she knows or not, others will know.

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Wouldn't say that. The only French Canadians I know seem both fairly willing and capable to mount a good old fashioned medieval siege should the need arise.

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Keine is stuck. Please assist!

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It is for that reason that I would build my mead-hall a good distance from them, lest French stones and French arrows bring it to the ground.

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French Canadian. France on their hand got a barely deserved reputation for not being so great in that department.

Maybe that's how things started going downhill for France warwise. All the good barbarian genes up and left and founded Canada.

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