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How would different touhou act when drunk?

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All of them are drunk constantly. They spike their tea with whiskey. It's why they fight so much.

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I mean, say you get transported to gensokyo and open a bar, having knowledge of far different drinks than they would know you could probably get all the touhous pretty drunk.

How would they act?

I would imagine Sakuya would get herself into a lot of trouble by complaining about everything she has to do.

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I would pay to see drunked danmaku battles.

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Sanae would pay for her drinks with her body.
But she would forget the drinks.

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Sanae is a good girl.

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of course she is, she wouldn't forget to drink it, she would never drink alcohol.

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>having knowledge of far different drinks than they would know you could probably get all the touhous pretty drunk

They'd get drunk on their own, just give them the alcohol.

Then they'd just act like they normally do.

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none of this
have we forgotten the true enemy

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And who would that be?

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Erin would get wrecked on WKD or some shitty pop.

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We already have a well, it should be canon source on what Touhous are like when they're drunk.

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Picture possibly related.

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Well that's enough to make me interested. Off to /rs/ I go.

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That would be entertaining, but now I want to watch 2 drunk guys shooting a gun at each other.
During a rave.
With UNTZ music.

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They would act like this:


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