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Does it hurt?

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No it's fun!

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What's the name of that artist anyway?

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Not sure.

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It's 柳

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Do you wish to be caved?

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Thanks you two

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OP, are you saying I'm butthurt?

Oh wait. Never explain the joke!

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So wait you're actually saying you didn't get the joke?

The age old caved joke?

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Still waiting on those Ex-Keine pegging doujins.

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Don't get it. Please explain.

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I love full-beast keine. What's her name anyway? I only know moko-moko's

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I'm not up to date on the finer details of that terminology...

Is it still pegging if she's using a part of her own body?

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No, mainly that Shou is not a dude.

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Explain Anon's


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Pretty sure the term is more for girl on dude while the girl is wearing a strap on.

Girl with the tackle to accomplish such a thing ain't a girl.

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this is fucking hot
any more?
preferebly with the horns?

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Isn't that called "Sukusuku Hakutaku"?

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We're not talking about 3D. In 2D anything can be true.

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That's fine since Keine isn't a girl.
She's a woman.

In either case, guess somewhere there's a very disappointed Anon since the possibility of EX-Keine pegging just dropped.

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Pegging is a too impractical word to use when it comes to the 2D world anyway, due to the existence of futa. And the word sounds stupid, I hate whoever came up with that. Reverse anal is a superior expression.

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It is, but reverse anal is nonsensical too. I will opt for explicitly spelling out the act next time. One day a circle will come through for me.

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Your terminology is beautiful and elegant.


Not sure there's more. Depends how specific you want to be.
If you want "Keine raping Shou as equaling hakutaku (mistaken as cow) raping tiger as a metaphor for the change from year of the Ox to year of the Tiger" specifically, pretty sure there's no more.

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Dan Savage of Savage Love fame came up with the term, so direct your hate at him.

Reverse anal isn't any better though. It sounds like some kind of sex act with a horrible ending.

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Yeah it makes me imagine going through the mouth and coming out the ass. Which I think I have seen before.

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Made me think of rectal prolapse.
"reverse" anal, you know. Like the thing comes for you and chomps on your dick.

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being unable of bringing your voluptuous and warm body against me?

hurts like a motherfucker.

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The fluffiest~
Makes me all warm inside.

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Well to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing that too.

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Mokou after having been made all warm inside.

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Role reversal isn't possible with the normal non-hakutaku Keine? I'm more of the fan of the Keine that loves "teaching" children, just like Yuugi loves to "eat" them.

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There are many things that aren't possible, but the powers of the Great and Wise Hakutaku are great indeed.

Not even the sky is the limit.

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And the feast begins Helen. Keine should be awarded for her efforts to bring humans and youkai together and most of all for the stiffness in my pants.

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Read it.
Read it twice.
Read it again.
Read it one more time.
Still wondering where the tail went.

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I want to have sex with Keine's voice.
Or at least I'd her lemon.

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If it's a really fluffy tail like you say wouldn't it be a bonus to have it happily brush your face as you use and I quote you "the only position between a man and a woman"? Here's your desired tail version.

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All is well. The limititation only applies to wolf tengu.

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I can't decide if I like this thread or not.

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History awaits your decision to be written in stone for all time to come.

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The bushiest tail would feel so nice.

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Oh yeah Helen. Can you post Keine's rocket? I forgot to save it that one time. Here's more of Keine's tail for your enjoyment.

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Cooked up in the distant past after a particularly vivid discussion with Arc about what actually happened in 1969.

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>threads discussing VNs are deleted
>unspoilered porn remains

Fine janitor doing a fine job.

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Thank you. Here's Mokou's Mt. Fuji.

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What? Censoring with Saturn rockets isn't enough for you?

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which vn discussion was deleted?

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For some reason, I always saw Keine as a girl with equipment, even though I don't have many pictures like that.

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Contains the best kind of orgy, which is a Touhou orgry. This could only get better if there was some straight shota action. However that one Yuugi doujin completely covers that part for me.

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>straight shota

I'm interested. Could you post a link for that too?

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Is one of my favorites. The Mountain Queen picking through young boys for the sake of her "drink". I bet Helen could tell you more about how it went down in those times. Pedophilia isn't the same nowadays...

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There isn't much to elaborate on. When you're the Mountain Queen, you do what you like and take what you want.

It's kind of like being Rosa Gigantea, except with brawn and booze.

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>Touhou orgy
Bleh. Not so good.

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Then what kind of mythical Oni could take the Mountain Queen? I'd really want to see Yuugi happily submitting to someone.

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Don't even have to look outside canon. Suika probably could.

As for the mythical ones... probably not a lot.

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You must be Born Again to see The Kingdom of the Mountain Queen. This Oni lover is going to bed.

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As am I, you magnificent guardian of gates.

Goodnight, /jp/. Watch out for the full moon.

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I love green Suika threads.

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