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Me on the right.

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You're the come?

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Me in the rear

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You're the fist?

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>shooting right through panties

Impressive. Most I've shot through was 3 layers of toilet paper.

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I don't think it works like that.

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what's with japan and balloon-like cavities in that region

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This game was pretty hot.
Childhood friend > Loli > Mom, is what I thought. The childhood friend route was really hot though in my opinion. She starts a shy deredere-ish drunk heroine, and when he wants to break with her up due to 'he can't come due to not being too excited about normal sexlife' she dwelves into S in a cool way.

It's a real shame that the sequel was plagued with an abundance of Scat, and the new heroine was not good too. They kept the mom character there, but only for a few scene. Oh well, hopefully msize's next game will be something cool again.

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Shes actually squeezing his prostate, just look at the hand.

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