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Anyone saved the translated/untranslated comics?

Also, hurricanes.

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So, this is RF3 thread, right? Right?
How do I make a cheap bracelet?

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Oh god don't drink 99 wines in one night, you'll wake up the next morning in the town bathroom as a woolie with patches of wool missing and an unconscious Karina next to you.

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>I'll bite you!




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Cheap Bracelet: Iron + Cheap Cloth

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some anon posted an untranslated pixiv pack
and here's the translated 4koma ones:
for all the rest you'll have to look up the archive for Blick Winkel's text translations.

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You rock, anon. Thanks.

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Sophia just asked me to "Catch" 3 birds.

How do I do this, /jp/? I don't have to TAME them, do I? She gives me like 3 hours for this request.

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You can pick up birds in the town as if they were an item. I've done it a few times by accident.

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Hold R to walk.

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Does anyone have a good undub of this game? I've been trying to find a patch or a rom of it, but they all seem to be using the wrong audio files at the wrong time.

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Good lord, instead of talking to her again and learning about >>6463752 , you prefer writing a post on /jp/ and going throught captcha ?

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I've gotten a bit interested in this game.

Do I need to have played the previous games to understand what's going on in the 3rd one?

Is the English translation good?

Is there an Undub?

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So, is there anything to do after getting married besides going into the labyrinth?

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I'm assuming [Rune Factory 3 (U-J).rar] is the undub?

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Wait for your son and daughter to be born, after that they just add to the village population and that's it.

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When Pia explained why she eats squid, I was on the bus and I think everyone around me heard me going 'HNNNNNNGGGGGGGG'.

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Hey guys, can I ship the potions I get from Wi-Fi that level me up or give stat bonuses to be able to buy more later?

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Yes, just rename it or it won't work on emulators.

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Hey, I did talk to her again but all she said was some useless shit about bird saliva and that's it.

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